Say YES to Confidence with #TeenWeekPH2016

Being a teen can be challenging. Pimples, crushes, and high school drama often come with the program. But that doesn’t mean you should allow these challenges to stop you from doing your best. After all, being a teen also comes with friendship, growth, and self-discovery! 

And, here to help teens make the most out of their teen years by saying yes to confidence is #TeenWeekPH2016. On its 4th year, #TeenWeekPH2016 aims to reach 1 million teens around GMA/NCR, Central Luzon and Calabarzon.

TeenWeek PH is reaching out to more teens in a way that is both educational and entertaining through the TeenWeek Series, a series of edutainment videos hosted on TeenWeek PH’s YouTube channel. 
The series features the lives of 4 teens that are facing common struggles that teens go through today. It stars Mika Reyes as Vicky, a hopeless romantic; Martin Padilla as Bon, a teen who loves to dance; and Jaffnah Garcia as Vicky, an aspiring singer.

The TeenWeek PH edutainment videos aims to teach the importance of personal grooming to improve hygiene, health and self-esteem through stories about family, friendship and love that will encourage teens to say yes to confidence! 

The TeenWeek Series recently premiered via Facebook Live and was hosted by TeenWeek Squad members, Jaz Reyes and Nikko Ramos. They were joined by Sam Concepcion and Alexa Ilacad who spoke about their struggles during their teen years. 

Spread the word and help other teens say yes to confidence by inviting them to view the TeenWeek Series on TeenWeekPH’s YouTube channel (, and by liking the TeenWeek PH Facebook page (, and by following @TeenWeekPH on Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. I remember when i was a teen, I have a high school barkadas and we used to do crazy things like cutting classes, oopps! (but still I graduated, thank God!) Being a teen was the happiest part for me, exploring things and enjoying it because when you get older, things got be serious like you had to work hard for you and your family. Great Blog! =) #RochelleRiveraBLOG

  2. Lack of confidence has been an issue to me when I was on my teenage years. I felt like I was an outcast before kasi I don't look good, srsly. I don't have a good-looking face and a fair complexion as well. But growing up and as I face the real world, I realized that I can do something para mabago ang pagtingin ko sa mundo. I started putting make-up, doing an exercise every morning and wearing my own style. So ngayon, eto ako, nalagpasan ko yung phase ng pagiging isang teenager and na-boost ko yung confidence ko. And I am now ready to accept new challenges na darating. I hope marami kayong mainspire na kabataan by doing this kind of activity. More power. 😊


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