Why settle for less or “pwede na” when you can get the optimum care and the fastest treatment from two trusted brands?

Pambatang Solmux 200mg has always excelled in promulgating events that my kids really enjoy but most importantly, it has been the best in taking good care of their health. I have been using it throughout the years and not once did it disappoint. It has stood by my side and never backed down in a war with cough. My kids never have to miss out on school and awesome activities because of it. Pambatang Solmux 200mg has helped us in making worth of our while. 

Even better, Pambatang Solmux 200mg partnered with Allerkid and, together, they hosted an exclusive event to bring moms and kids together to have some fun at Kidzania last September 12. I was very excited to see the winners of the Expert Sa Galing, The Best Sa Saya Promo.
 I and my youngest, Elijah, had a wonderful time and ultimate bonding experience. As I have anticipated, Kidzania helped us create happy memories. I’m sure the other guests would raise their two thumbs up in agreement with me. Indeed, Pambatang Solmux 200mg is an expert sa galing while Kidzania is the best sa saya. 
This Mercury Drug store is all set with meds and pharmacists.

Just like what I talked about in my previous post, why settle for less or “pwede na” when you can get the optimum care and the fastest treatment from two trusted brands? I used to believe that I and my kids can never get away from cough and allergies. That may be true, however, I was wrong in thinking that it would be very challenging to stop them. Pambatang Solmux 200mg and Allerkid are the best tandem to make us, mothers, worry-free. They truly make me feel secured about my kids’ health. You can never go wrong. #SiguradoKa that it is safe and effective. With these two products, my kids are unstoppable. It really makes me contented seeing them well and having the best time of their lives. These are the moments I would never trade for the world.


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  1. Thanks sa review na ito ma'am. I'm a certified pambatang solmux mom din ako. Simula 2 years old pa lang ang son ko till now 9 years old na siya Solmux parin pinainum ko sa kanya tuwing may ubo siya.

  2. Oh, i also wanna be secured mom, I am first time mom with my 3 month old little melan. I Wanna give her a healthy and lovely life. I brestfeed her and shes taking s26 when our expressed stock is done (I am a working mom). to secure quality milk for her. When she grows up I will surely give her pambatangsolmux and allerkid. :) blessings miss rochelle

  3. yan din po gamot na pinapainom ko sa mga pamangkin ko! mabilis po epekto niyan! magaling po tlga kaya why settle nga po for less or pwede na kung meron namang trusted Products na Solmux!!


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