Safeguard Pure White Body Wash: Germ-free, Worry-free Life

Having three kids is already a challenge, but them being all boys is an extra work for me as a mom. Taking care of their health is always at the top of everything I do. Being a meticulous mother, I have always been conscious, obsessed even, in making decisions to ensure that it will be nothing but the best. They are my life’s assignment that I want to ace at the end of the day. Besides, I am also their number one fan who would scream and cheer at the top of my lungs whenever they reach each milestone from being an infant to growing up as fine men.

I wouldn’t deny that raising them is like a walk in the park. Call me crazy, I have always been worried, panicky, excited and proud in everything they do. Sometimes I even get emotional thinking that there will come a time that all of them will have to leave me and have their own families. That’s why, as much as possible, I give them all the love and pampering they need to prepare and equip them in facing the world and the future on their own.

Because I can’t be with them 24x7, I need a partner to rely on in caring for them. Even if they say that I’m a supermom, my powers are not enough to shield them from the smallest foe. During these times, I only trust Safeguard, the #1 brand trusted by moms and health experts for 50 years now. Now, there’s more reason to enjoy the shower time and growing up with the new Safeguard Pure White Body Wash.

It provides the superior germ protection that our kids can see, smell and feel. Its formula is also dermatologically tested to ensure that it keeps skin soft. Not only it removes germs, but also prevents the regrowth of germs keeping them from getting sick easily. I’m assured that my children are safe from disease-causing germs anywhere round-the-clock with #SafeguardBigProtection.

“Imagine. Discover. Experiment.” Located at SM Mall of Asia, the Exploreum is definitely the best place to celebrate the launch of Safeguard Body Wash. It houses 10 interactive and eye-opening galleries featuring different science wonders and awe-inspiring life on Earth. To spark the imagination of every guest, there are 3D holograms, realistic wax models, virtual reality simulations, optical illusions, detailed replicas, entertaining games, audiovisual presentations, and more. We enjoyed the total experience, especially how the kids are being immersed to stimulate their learning process while having fun. As a mom, I believe that as the kids grow up, it’s best to allow them discover things and enrich their knowledge by exposing them to the world.

Safeguard Pure White Body Wash is absolutely the gold standard and is suitable for the entire family. It is as gentle as water and keeps my kids’ skin moisturized, which serves as a shield from germs. I tried using it, too, and my skin felt so soft and smooth. I recommend it for better shower experience because it has a non-sticky formula and the fresh scent stays for a long time. It is also economical since a small squeeze will already result to rich lather.

Safeguard Pure White Body Wash is available in 720ml (PhP 219), 400ml (PhP 145) and 200ml (PhP 85).
Now, I can watch my kids grow up worry-free and they can enjoy every milestone in their life with #SafeguardBigProtection.

*This post is sponsored by Safeguard. All reviews are 100% my opinion. 

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  1. Our family trusted safeguard for our skin protection. As a mom also, I always want the best for my child (all mothers actually). There are times that I cannot buy things for myself because I always put first my son. I know we are protected and germ free round the clock with the help of Safeguard.

  2. I have been using Safeguard for years already and sobtang kasundo ng skin namin. Ramdam mo talagang fresh ka after bath. But I haven't tried this one. Less than a hundred peso lang pala yung 200 ml. Safe po kaya sya for babies? Tingnan ko n din siguro pag naggrocery ako. 😊

  3. When i was a kid. My mom taught me to be neat as always. Before we eat, she always check me if I already wash my hands. And then she told me to use safeguard always to wash off the dirt and germs. And until now, that I am an adult i never forget to use SAFEGUARD. <3 I love reading this review. Makes me aware to use Safeguard always. :)


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