Anne Curtis for Lactacyd plus win an Asian Cruise Trip for Two!

Recently, I went on an event that highlighted personal and intimate journeys. It was a complete fun experience with boarding pass, passport and full range of feminine care that suits the different types of women.
Anne Curtis who has been loyal Lactacyd’s endorser since 2012 joined us and discuss her amazing journey. 
I'm a fan of Anne Curtis because she is talented, glamorous, funny and smart. 
Like Anne, each woman has her own beautiful personal journey: whether as a doting mother, a high-flying career woman, or a young achiever, 
beauty queens

Lactacyd’s new feminine care range celebrates the joys and gentle spirit of femininity that is unique and wonderful in every woman with five variants to choose from: 
1. Protecting - the classic variant that keeps itching, irritation and odor away via its delicate and  caring properties.
2. Revitalize - the feminine wash with Vitamin E and collagen ingredients to enhance skin softness, suppleness and firmness.
3. White Intimate – a natural and safe lightening feminine wash that lightens the bikini area within 4 weeks.
4. All-Day Care - formerly known as Lactacyd Fresh Radiance, for everyday protection and freshness.
5. Cool and Fresh - which promotes cooling and longer-lasting freshness against heat and feeling of stickiness in the intimate area.

Made from natural and mild milk-based ingredients (lactoserum and lactic acid) the latest range of Lactacyd feminine products now offers more choices with distinct beneficial enhancers that match the various personalities, lifestyles and hygienic care needs of today’s contemporary women.

We were taken to five dream destinations where each variant of Lactacyd feminine wash was designated and with our passport on hand, gorgeous friends to enjoyed it with, and fun imagination we got to experience a journey with different stories.
 Lactacyd Revitalizing for Bali
 Lactacyd Cool and Fresh for Tokyo
 Lactacyd Classic variant for London
Lactacyd Intimate White for Maldives 
Lactacyd All-Day Care for New York

A woman needs a constant care partner to keep her fresh and clean all throughout so she can go with her everyday activities worry-free. Take Lactacyd to your next journey. You know what's best for you.

The latest Lactacyd intimate care range is now available in leading drugstores, supermarkets and beauty shops nationwide. 

Win an Asian Cruise Trip for Two! 
Post your selfie photos on Instagram in any travel or journey you've taken with hashtag #WomanTalks and tag @womantalks for a chance to win an Asian Cruise Trip for Two! Good Luck ♥ 

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  1. My mom and I are using Lactacyd ever since because it's not harsh to the skin. We tried the white intimate but I didn't know if it really worked. We're now using the cool and fresh variant and I love it. It leaves a minty cool feeling afterwards. It helps us stay fresh for long. We would definitely try the other variants from their line. :) Such a nice offering from Lactacyd. I'll join and hope to win. :)

  2. no doubt about it, every variant is so mild, you only need to try and choose which one best fits you, love the pictorial, lol! bagay nga kay Anne ang endorsement nito coz she's fun n bubbly


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