My Black and White Chanel Theme Birthday Dinner

Last September 15, I celebrated my birthday by having dinner with my friends at Krazy Garlik in Resorts World Manila. 
My birthday dinner was a Chanel black and white theme and it would have been like a black and white photography without my friends who celebrated with me so with their presence, it became a color photo finished with a textured shiny effect. 

It was just a simple dinner but everything felt super special and extravagant that night because I received lots of blessings on my birthday. There was beautiful gifts, beautiful moments with the presence of beautiful people.

My Birthday Cake 
My cake is a Rouge gelato from Cara Mia that is loaded with blueberry, strawberry and vanilla gelato on a crust of crushed graham. Yum! 

My Birthday Dinner Menu 
Krazy Garlik Nachos 
 Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad 
Tuna Belly
 Garlicky Krispy Pata
Korean Style Garlik Sesame Beef 

My Giveaways 
 Chanel Theme Cupcakes made by Minnie Reyes

I wanted my party favor for everyone to be really charming. But compared to the charm you added to my birthday party with your presence, my party favor stands nowhere. ♥ You charming friends are the best! 

I hope everyone also enjoyed their raffle prizes ♥ 

My Super Friends/ Beautiful People 
I was pretty sure that you would all come to my birthday party even if the city was washed away with floods, destroyed by earthquake or conquered by aliens because I know I am very special to you. Seriously, Thank you everyone for coming despite of the bad weather you were still able to make it and celebrate with me. I also appreciate the thoughtful gifts you all gave me. 

My birthday party was beautiful, cool, awesome and sexy only because it was attended by beautiful, cool, awesome and sexy people like you. 
Thanks for making my birthday beautiful Ana, MarcieJing, Jigo, Jennifer, Kokoy, Michelle, Maia, Kaye, Noel, Keisha, Myka, King, Erica, Anthony, Karen, Borgy, Rafa, DashaRootchie, Jonathan, Ninang Amy, Bong, Catherine, Charisma, Melinda, Mommy, Daddy Chief Ostonal, Brenda my super ate of my kids, My husband, My kids Niko, Ethan, and Elijah

My Birthday Outfit
Jessica Maxi Dress from Apartment 8 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. I love your dress, it matched your cupcakes. :) I love your cake as well, it looks so yummy. As well as the food, oh my, I love krazy garlik. I love their food and their concept. :) Your party looked happy and successful. Love your hair as well. :)

  2. I love everything! Form the theme! Ganyan din sana birthday ko next year hehe!

  3. I love the theme, the cake, the giveaways and your white dress so much! Belated happy bday! xx

  4. from the cake down to the sumptuous menu with matching signature cupcakes and a bunch of beautiful guest.... perfect celebration!......

  5. Your dress were so pretty.. The giveaways are so adorbs, birthdays really become so special when we are surrounded by our so-called and true friends. Belated Happy Birthday.Wish you more blessings and more birthdays to come ^_^

  6. Love your design and white,& terno pa talaga sa fabolous maxi dress mo Ms.Rochelle,Nkakatuwa lng icipin ko na kapag ma meet kita someday at magpa picture po sa inyo,ano kya magiging itsura ko :))..nkakahiya kc you so very Pretty! ^_^


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