Birthday Gifts 2014

It's been a very busy birthday month. So today, I am taking a break to take the time to say, Thank you so much for all the thoughtful birthday gifts. I really love it! 

 Michie, You always pick the perfect gift! Thanks a lot for the beautiful hello kitty leopard wallet. I really love that it matches my favorite Hello Kitty leopard bag. 
Mischka Derma Secret, It was really very sweet of you to give me your best selling body scrubs for my birthday.  Your products are truly effective. Thank you so much! 
ZIN Melinda, Thanks a lot for taking out time for my birthday dinner. I love the gift you gave me. I am very excited to wear it on your Zumba session. Thanks a lot! 
Cherry May, I missed you on my birthday but it was very sweet of you for sending me an amazing gift that smells so good and I love that the packaging is my favorite color. Thank you for being so generous and thoughtful! 

Rootchie, Thank you for this lovely necklace and bracelet. I really like the design, it is simply gorgeous. What a great taste you have!  

Erica, Thank you so much for this cute and lovely bag. It really brightened my day! 
Marcie, You really know my taste in clothes. The white blouse you got for my birthday is very me. It's so comfortable and versatile, I can wear it anywhere. I love pampering myself with body scrubs and your gift will be very useful for me. Thank you for your thoughtful gift. 
Myka, I appreciate your thoughtfulness with the birthday gift you gave me. 

Jing, Thank you for your wonderful gifts,  It was thoughtful of you to give me power whitening body scrub and shower hand spray that I can use in my favorite daily routine. 
Thanks for picking up on all the hints I've been dropping on Facebook. You got me exactly what I wanted for my birthday. Yey! I love body scrubs and The Body Shop products are perfect. I love pampering myself with body scrubs. Thank you so much Kaye, Duday & Kharen, Maia, and Chelle.  
Ms. Ana, You made me feel special on my birthday with all the gifts you sent me. I really love these Celesty Flora Deodorant Body Scrub that smells so good! Thank you for making my birthday awesome. 
Ms. A, You surprise me with these lovely cake and more awesome things. I really like the gifts that you have given me for my birthday. Thanks a lot! 
Twnx, it was really very sweet of you to make me Chanel design cupcakes for my birthday. Too bad I did not have the chance to see it in person and taste your yummy creations but thank you so much! I do understand why you weren't able to make it on my birthday dinner. I hope everything is okay now :-) God Bless.
Mommy, I feel very fortunate to have you in my life. Thank you for everything and for the amazing birthday gifts. (Too many to mention... Sto. Nino, Trip to Korea, Shopping money, Ogawa EZ tone set and so much more) The best is that you are the one who given me my life and more reasons to love my life even more each year. My wish for my birthday is that all the very best for you, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! I love you so much! 

Thank you to all my wonderful readers for the support and taking your time to visit my blog ♥ 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. Wow, you really are so blessed. So much gifts that really matched you personality and well-being. I'm so happy for you, and I would always be a loyal reader of your blog. More power and belated Happy Birthday. :)

  2. gorgeous gifts.....among those i do fancy those scrubs, they're good on skin, that mishka? so many good feedbacks sa insta, well, you deserve these, it's not only the physical gifts that i think makes you happy, it's the thought from those who love you that really matters the most, more power!....

  3. Wow! So many gifts I like the body shop body scrub, the most! I'm sorry I don't have a gift! Maybe next time I'll give one for you hehe!

  4. it's raining body!! those are really nice gifts..


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