Trip to Korea Day 3

We are going back to Seoul and will be taking the Korea Train eXpress (KTX).  

First, we had lunch at Busan Station 

Check out these cute Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake 
I had a scoop of Baskin' Robbins ice cream for dessert at Busan Station before taking the KTX going to Seoul. 
View from our room

It took us 2 and half hours from Busan to Seoul then we took the taxi going to Yongsan to checked in at Dragon Hill Lodge inside the military base. 
We went shopping in Myeong-dong, one of the busiest places in Seoul and is among Korea's premier shopping destinations. Myeong-dong is a stunning shopping district with countless shops and restaurants. 
Etude House are everywhere.
Hoarded some cute bottle of Etude House Hello Kitty Perfume. Too bad it was only available in Tender Powder that smells like baby powder. I wish it was also available in other two variants which is the Cutie Tropical (Color Yellow) and Sweet Fresh (Color Pink). 
Bought some Chanel and Tory Burch hair accessories. 
After shopping, We tried MeetFresh delicious, healthy and fresh desserts. 
Super Mango Ice Cream Dessert 
It has a large serving that is good to share up to four people to attack this massive delicious dessert. It is a shaved ice with mango syrup and sour ripe mangoes with a creamy vanilla ice cream on top, combined them together when you put it on your mouth and it is a very satisfying treat. 

We also tried the Handmade Ice Taro Ball Series. Yummy! 
Soft, fragrant and chewy taro balls with pearls, red beans and yams. The combination of all these 4 ingredients gives satisfaction and its quite filling too.  I am putting this on my list of my favorite dessert. 

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  1. SO much food again. Haha. I'm feeling hungry. I like your hello kitty suitcase. It's so cute. I love the hello kitty perfume(?) as well. Not the usual pink hello kitty, but it's still cute. How's the experience in Etude House Korea? Is it more glamorous there? Haha. Lastly, your desserts are too enticing. It has a lot in terms of servings and it looks yummy and sweet. :) I hope there would be a restaurant that would serve something like that in here. :)

  2. if i could have those cake in my fridge, i guess it'll always be a sweet moment every second.....i have'nt tried nor smell any scent of hello kitty, but that powder scent you've mentioned captured my attention, it means light at di nakakasawa.....Handmade Ice Taro Ball Series- is it their version of our so called ginataang halo halo?


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