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Are you always dieting? For the overweight among us, this may sound an all-too familiar predicament: successfully losing weight by dieting for a few days only to be side-tracked by cravings and old eating habits like stress eating. 

Many of us may already know what not to eat to avoid weight gain, but still find it hard to resist temptations. What usually goes wrong? Why is it hard to lose weight and keep it off? When it comes to eating, the expression “the spirit is strong but the flesh is weak” becomes so true. But isn’t willpower enough? And does the mind have something to do with losing weight and keeping it off?

According to Ms. Barbara Young, a Life Coach and a Certified Hypnotherapist, our ability to succeed in losing weight and keeping the weight off long term requires not only the knowledge of proper nutrition but also having the right relationship with and mindset about food.

“A part of our mind control emotions associated with cravings and urges to eat even when we are not physically hungry. This behavior is usually programmed in our subconscious minds so we get pulled to old eating patterns easily. Unfortunately, when it comes to eating habits, emotions are more dominant than logic that is why sometimes willpower or knowledge of proper nutrition is not enough to stop us from sabotaging our own weight loss journey,” explained Ms. Young, who will be headlining the Mind Your Body Workshop launched by the Cohen’s Lifestyle Center as support program for its clients.

How eating habits are formed
Often, Ms. Young explains, people try to lose weight with very little understanding of how they came to gain why they gained the flab in the first place, or how they usually behave in relation to food.

“We learn our eating habits from the time that we were born. When we were still young babies, we were fed with milk when we cry even if the reason for crying was not due to hunger,” she shared.

Growing up, Ms. Young adds, we got rewarded with food for behaving well, or were always told to finish the food on the table. These behaviors then become ‘programmed habits’ that we carry through our adult life subconsciously, such as emotional eating and mindless eating.

“Emotional eating is the habit of eating to feed our emotions and to feel good, when we are not physically hungry,” she explained. Mindless eating, on the other hand, is the habit of eating quickly before the brain picks up the signal that ‘we’ve had enough.’

Hypnotherapy and weight loss
Key to winning the battle against the bulge, is addressing the roots of one’s obesity, especially one’s eating habits, at both the conscious and subconscious levels. One way to accomplish this is through hypnotherapy, a scientifically verified and effective technique that can promote accelerated change in thoughts, feelings or behavior.

Self-hypnosis, a self-induced hypnosis, as taught at the Mind Your Body Workshop, will complement the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program, a rapid weight loss and wellness solution through nutrition based on a person’s unique blood profile.

The workshop will help individuals whose weight loss progress or weight maintenance is getting sabotaged by cravings, stress and emotional eating by teaching them how to practice self-hypnosis. In addition, they will learn how to distinguish emotional from physical hunger.

The Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre is committed to helping Filipinos not just lose weight but keep it off by adapting a sustainable healthy lifestyle.  At the workshop, Ms. Young explains, “we teach our clients how to create their own weight loss mental script to reprogram their old thoughts, feelings and eating behaviors to address their personal situation.”

The workshops are now regularly conducted at the Manila centre for the Luzon-based clients, and at the Cebu centre for the Visayas- and Mindanao-based clients.

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  1. These are perfect for people who sees diet as not eating anything. I actually don't have a problem with weight as I have a fast metabolism. I don't gain much weight, yet I'm not malnourished. :) My parents do eat healthy and they passed that on to us. It's sometimes okay to eat oily foods as long as we do something to flush it afterwards. :) Besides, temptation is harder to resist if it piles up on us

  2. life becomes boring if you don't enjoy the food that you eat, and when you say diet it means the right amount and proper intake of food, though, some mistakenly understood it as something to stay away from food!....with all the mouth watering recipes and tempting presentation, one would really find it as a big guilt not to indulge,....i think one of the key to stay abreast to one's goal is discipline and the will to make it happen....this program would really mean a lot to those who really need this, it'll serve as an encouragement and guide to make their everyday living better without the feeling of being left out......


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