This month, Jollibee is celebrating National Kids Month. I took my son Elijah, my nieces and nephew for a fun filled day. Jollibee brought to life one of the most loved kiddie shows of all time with Jollitown. The event was held at SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.
The day was filled with exciting activities that were aimed towards kids’ entertainment.  

The Big Fun Event was exclusive for Jollibee Kids Club Members. For the low amount of Php 65, you get a loot bag, meal stub, and unlimited fun at Jollitown. For those who were not a member, there was an on-site registration booth. They were able to register for Php 100. 
Upon entering, we were given our passports and bracelets for all access to Jollitown.
The passport served as a dual purpose, it was also a map of Jollitown. There were checkpoints for kids to explore.
With every checkpoint, kids can get different kinds of Jollibee toys
We followed the path that was drawn on the map. First, we visited the Hat's Entertainment. This booth offers hats that resembles the different mascots from Jollitown! 
My son Elijah wearing his Jollibee hat :-) 
Then our next stop was the Jollibee Bob House. The kids had so much fun jumping around and sliding.
The Bouncer Balls was another hit with the kids. They had a great time playing basketball in an oversized court that allows them to jump high enough to reach the basketball ring. 
The Dome of Bubbles is where they can go inside and blow lots of bubbles.
Watch It n Dance It! is where they got to test their dancing skills and learned the Jollibee dances at the coolest cinema in town! 
Wish, Wait, and Whoa!  Is a booth where they can make a wish and wait for something magical to happen that will make them say “whoa!”  
He loved the magical surprise!  
Kids playfully unleash their creativity and nurture their imagination in the Art Wall
The wall encouraged Elijah to draw, color and write.
Master the Burger Station where they learn to make a Yum w/TLC the fun way!  
Elijah ready to make your favorite Yum burger! 
After all the walking, jumping, sliding, drawing, and being a mom, we were famished. So, we claimed our meal stub with our favorite langhap-sarap Jollibee Yum at the Foodville
Kids enjoyed eating their favorite Yum!  
Then after a satisfying breaktime we then proceed to the next booth which was the Ding Dang Dong Clingers 
Elijah climbed as high as he could in the wall climbing area
Then he wanted to do the velcro wall but the line was super long. So we just watched the kids with their velcro suit and bounce up to cling to the wall. I think it would have been a very cute photo op for the kids to experience something wacky. 
The Jollitown gang; Hetty, Popo, Yum, Twirlie and everyone's favorite friend, Jollibee brought guests on their feet with their special dance numbers. The show was so much fun to watch. After the show there was a meet and greet session with the gang.  
Supermom Christine Bersola-Babao also treated the Jolly Kids Club Members to an animated storytelling sessions with two of her books titled Superhero Nio and Basura Monster, bringing to life the stories and imparting life lessons to kids. 
Another kid’s favorite was the Rainbow Slide where they were given 5 minutes of unlimited sliding. 
The last stop was a chat with the tree of questions and answers! 
Also a great photo spot with the smart Pipoy Puno 
We all wished that these were real Langhap-sarap Chicken joy, Yum, twirls, drinks and fries. We would have been eating for days. Lol!  

Thank you so much for inviting my family and I, to Jollitown Big Fun Event  It was truly a memorable and fun experience for all of us. :-) 

Sign up to become a Jollibee Kids Club member now at to join other exciting year-round activities and enjoy the perks and rewards from Jollibee. 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. Wow, so much fun activities. Kung bata lang ako, super pupunta ako dyan. :) Super worth it ng reg fee. I bet super nagenjoy si Elijah. :) I was really really amazed by the event. I thought at first, it was just the usual kiddie playground but I was wrong. I would definitely encourage me friends to bring their kids to that event next time. :)

  2. an enjoyable event for all the kids....with all those humungous dummy foods come to life...i myself too would love to hold and touch it.....

  3. wow there are many fun activities for the kids! my little one loves jollibee too =) she's only three and i think when she turns older i can take her to this kind of activities =)


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