Sneak Peek of the New shu uemura Flagship store at the Powerplant Mall

World-renowned Japanese make-up brand, SHU UEMURA, recently opened the doors of its newest flagship store at the Powerplant Mall.
We were invited to an exclusive walk-through of the new store to take a sneak peek into what the new shu is all about. 

Are you ready for the new shu?
Shu’s new retail concept is inspired by Tokyo, a city known for its cutting-edge fashion, creativity and cool trends, and the birthplace of the SHU UEMURA brand.
The store’s new look is vibrant, sensorial and alive, with neon lights, quirky chairs and live-moving screens that take customers on a unique journey that is in itself reminiscent of the glimmering city.

The color expression of SHU UEMURA also comes alive in the new flagship store, with color bars and bays that showcase the brand’s full range of make-up products. This elevates the vision of Mr. Shu Uemura himself to create an ‘open atelier’ environment that allow customers to explore, try, and find their perfect look. 

Once you enter the store, you will be able to feel the heartbeat of SHU UEMURA, the dynamism, and the Tokyo Edge vibe in which the brand is based,” shares Dyan Warren, SHU UEMURA Group Product Manager.We believe our new store will become a special place, where customers can always find something new and exciting every time they visit.”

We were also joined by esteemed shuMASTERS Ej Mallorca, Patrick Alcober and Riza de Guzman

These experts carry the brand’s artistic make-up vision and mastery of make-up technique – and they were present to walk us through the six key sections of the new flagship store:   

shuATELIER: Right at the heart of the new retail space is the shuATELIER, a consultation and display area that showcases all of SHU UEMURA’s make-up products—from foundation to drawing pencils, and eye shadows to lipsticks. 
The profusion of products here enhances the ‘touch and feel’ vision of the brand’s founder and provides a fun & playful make-up experience.
shuSKIN: Following the principle of Mr. Uemura  that “beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin”, shuSKIN is a key area that highlights the skincare expertise of the brand. shuSKIN houses shu’s best-selling cleansing oils and other skincare products.
shuLASH: The shuLASH station allows customers to discover the iconic collection of SHU UEMURA eyelashes. Shu’s Beauty Stylists also interact with customers in this area to help them discover and enhance their look through different kinds of eyelashes that the brand has to offer.
On this station they can also do shuBROW for you. 
shuLIVE: Brand excitement comes to life at the new shuLIVE station, where customers can watch behind-the-scenes videos and make-up demos of International Artistic Director Kakuyasu Uchiide and the rest of the shu elite team.
shuBEST: A special area called shuBEST is also part of shu’s new customer journey, featuring the brand’s best-sellers and product must-haves.

shuGIFT: Collector’s items, limited editions, and new collections are featured at the shuGIFT section, making it easier for you to find the perfect presents for any occasion.
Visit this new make-up wonderland destination at the 2F Powerplant Mall and experience the full-range of color, the unique character, and the fun Tokyo vibe that the new SHU has to offer.

Arigato gozaimashita shu uemura for inviting me and for this lovely gifts. The Bear Qee Bear USB is just so kawaii and I'm so excited to try your shuBEST-selling rouge unlimited lipstick and silk cushion cheek blusher.  

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  1. I super love shu uemura products but have a hard time getting them as I order them online pa. Now that they have a store na, it would be easy for me to buy their products. Mr. Patrick Alcober showed a demo of how to create different looks using their products at the BDJ Camp Gorgeous. He's really awesome. I love how they created stations on their store, especially the shuGIFT area. I 'm planning to buy their new eye liners as I was amazed by Mr. Patrick's demo. Haha. I'm looking forward to more stores soon, maybe in Megamall.

  2. a new hub for cosmetics fanatics! though i don't wear makeup, i do fancy taking a closer look on a new product, something i could learn from wherein i could past the idea to my eldest sister who just can't leave the house without putting makeup....the shop is very welcoming, their line of products simply sits on an appropriate stands, neatly arranged and easy to locate, that colorful light above immensely captured my attentions, it absolutely defines the aura of the store and it's origin,....


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