Fun Halloween Themed Cheez Whiz Sandwiches

My kids are fond of sweet foods so they like peanut butter or chocolate spread as their palaman for their sandwich and that’s what I’ve been always buying for them.

I’ve always wanted them to try Cheez Whiz but never bought it, I don’t know if my kids would like the taste. Although, Cheez Whiz is nutritious and will be good for my kids because of the Calci Milk Goodness with milky taste & nutrients found in milk, Calcium, Vitamin D, Phosphorus, Vitamin A and Iodine.

I want the best for my kids to keep them healthy. I prepare them merienda and also try something new for them to enjoy. I wanted to do a Japanese style bento box but I have never been the creative type. However, I think having a fun little box with Cheez Whiz sandwich inside will entice them to at least try something new.

Since its October, I decided to do a Halloween theme and I think its fun to make themed bento boxes for my kids. 
I made a Jack-o-lantern sandwich then fill it with Cheez Whiz to make it look like it’s glowing from a candle inside.
I also made tomb-shaped sandwiches and on the side bread pan dipped in Cheez Whiz, I then put some Nori on the tip to make it look like it’s a finger. 

Finally my planned work, they enjoyed eating their fun and cool sandwiches and said that they like the creamy and milky taste of Cheez Whiz. Not too salty and just the right amount of sweet.

I love that Cheez Whiz can now be enjoyed all throughout the season with creative recipes and merienda solutions to try! Your kids will be delighted once you add Cheez Whiz as a part of their lunch box.

I hope this Japanese bento culture and technique will improve your children’s eating habit to stay healthy and make everyone’s merienda, or baon, more fun! 

Fun up merienda with Cheez Whiz!

Cheez Whiz is available in three great varieties:
Cheez Whiz Original

Cheez Whiz Pimiento 
And the New sweet-Cheez Whiz Milky Delight

I found more great ideas and recipes to make using Cheez Whiz and registered at and I love that I can also share my own recipes and ideas. 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. I'd soo love the milky delight.. Winner the taste..^^

  2. I love this post! I wish I get to join those kind of activities but my twins are babies pa. And I am a fan of cheez whiz!


  3. I love the original cheez wiz ever since. And when I've tried the milky delight, oh my, I definitely fall in love with it. Haha. Super cute ng sandwiches! Kahit ako as an adult, I would definitely be enticed with those. Kaso, matagal kong kakainin kasi sayang ang cuteness. :)

  4. oh so Cheez Whiz! we do love this product, almost always we hardly run out of this, simply because it sooo yummy, one of our fave palaman in town! it's a good source of vitamins too, so nutritious, i do incorporate this in some recipes, and too good for the way you sculptured your bread, perfect for the coming Undas....


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