Barbizon Don’t Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle


A housewife, a mother, a leader – no matter what role Filipinas play, they do it with pride, confidence, and strength. Through time, women’s role has changed, only allowing them to shine even more.
Barbizon believes in the power innate in every woman and is evident in its campaign this holiday season aptly called ‘Don’t Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle.’ Through this campaign, the Filipino undergarment company hopes to further encourage the ladies to let their light shine through.

Barbizon, a Filipino brand of intimate apparel, witnessed the evolution of the Filipino women. Through its 40 years in the industry and with over 30 million undergarments sold, the company that started as a brand of ladies' underwear, grew together with its market and has fortified the business with the three attributes that Filipinas need, particularly for their undergarments.

“Comfort is our utmost priority and we make sure our products are durable.  We understand that women play different roles in their lives and we want to help our customers shine with ease as she goes through her daily routine,” said Pamela Cristina D. Cortes, Barbizon Brand Manager. “We also recognize that women are more practical so our products are priced reasonably.  Our promise is to provide every day wear for our customers with the best quality possible at a reasonable price.”

As it celebrates four decades of providing women with high-quality, comfortable, and fashionable underwear, Barbizon introduces its Jewel Tone Collection.  This latest collection embodies the company’s belief in Filipino women and encourages them to continue shining and sparkling like jewels. 
The Barbizon Jewel Tone Collection is inspired by precious stones like Cherry Sunstone, Amethyst, Ruby, and Pearl.  The designs are highlighted by the layers of different color tones created once light touches the stone.  To further enhance the elegance, the designs are accentuated with lace fabric. 

“We recognize that women have different style preferences and needs.  That’s why, the new Jewel Tone collection comes in different varieties to make sure women have something to choose from, depending on their taste and needs,” explains Gertie G Hermanos, Barbizon Creative Head.

The Jewel Tone collection is available in colors black, beige, red, dark pink and pink. 

Aim high and sparkle with Barbizon Jewel Tone Collection.  

Visit Barbizon at the leading department stores nationwide.  

For more information about the brand, visit 

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  1. cute undergarments, soft fabric and comfy, tried to like their fb page, kaya lng ayaw na,( temporarily blocked from receiving new likes ) baka na reach na ang maximum .....

  2. I honestly didn't know about this brand until now. Glad to have a local undergarment company. Must check this out in stores soon. :)


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