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They say high school is the happiest moment in your life and I agree with that statement. There were kilig moments, happy, exciting, sad, scary and many more experiences. A part of my memory was using Eskinol after washing my face and I love how it removes dirt that causes pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, that soap and water leave behind. Their products never failed me to always look fresh and beautiful.  

I got so excited when I found out that Eskinol, the no.1 deep cleanser brand, partners with the country's premier teen online community Wattpad to bring the first-ever Eskinol-exclusive Wattpad online story. Dubbed as "Face the Day", the story follows the life of Patricia, a plain jane new student who, with the help of Eskinol, was able to find her way in her new environment-discovering new friends and a love interest in the persona of Kurt, the campus crush. The story brings back great memories of my time in high school. 

Watch the very first webisode of #FaceTheDay and see how Patricia overcomes the struggles of her teenage life. 

I can't wait to watch the other 2 episodes that will be launched on November 21 and December 5.  

The webisodes also features Eskinol celebrity endorser, Julia Montes, as Patricia's guardian angel who will introduce to her the benefit of using Eskinol- deeply cleaning the skin to make it pimple-free, a benefit she will not get by using soap alone. 
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Wattpad is the world's largest community of readers and writers, with over 75 million stories available online. It is storytelling redefined as it is a social platform that connects people through words, regardless of their borders, languages, and interests. With thousands of free stories added each day, there's always something exciting for people to read. The more read stories such as Diary ng Panget and She's Dating the Gangster have now become box office movies with huge fan bases. 

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  1. my mother introduced me in using this and until now i still use it =) i love their new variants (cucumber and kalamansi) i love the cool feeling after using this and it was really budget friendly i tried using other brands but i keep coming back to this

  2. Wattpad is gaining popularity na talaga. :) Eskinol really reached out to teens when they used Wattpas as a medium of advertisement. :)

  3. i'm using this product before, ok naman sya, but then i've switched to another brand para masubukan ko naman if it works for me, this kind of ad is very encouraging mostly sa mga teens....they do have something to cheer up for....


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