To all my teachers... Thank you!

Life is very ironic.

Just the other day while I was driving, I was reminiscing about my days at school. Those long days of studying and research, and I could have not done it without the help of my fellow classmates, friends and family. I am always thankful of the support that they have provided me. They were there through thick and thin. I often forget to thank one more person, the person who stands in front of the class, and the one that provides guidance, knowledge and wisdom. The one that is often called, the “enemy”, or the “villain”, for giving us homework on a long weekend, and is hated on a daily basis. Yes, I am talking about teachers. Imagine your life without them. At first you will say, I could’ve survived, but think about it, one way or another, that person that's been standing in front of you have taught you some valuable lesson in life that could not have been found anywhere else. Whether it is in a sense of curriculum or an advice that got you through life. They were there for us.

I then saw a commercial on TV. It was a boy waiting to go to school. Then his mother carried him, which I thought was just to give him a hug, but it was to pass him to a, I thought was a, stranger. It turns out, that it was his teachers. The commercial then finished off as the boy growing up to be a doctor. It was very touching.

See it for yourself here:

Being a teacher is a thankless job and the salary is not that great, but they do it because they care about the future of this country. I know I wouldn't be here without their guidance. 

Especially Ms. Tesorero. She was scary. She was my adviser when I was in high school. After graduating, I thought I was done with her, I was wrong. She was my Anatomy and Physiology teacher in college as well. Those were two of the hardest class I have been to. Ms. Tesorero was even called Ms. “Terror”-o by my other classmates because she has the reputation of failing students. I, however, have a different perspective. She changed my life. She helped me out on every problem that I have come across. From the Integumentary to the Skeletal System, she was the one that gave me guidance and helped me study for our tests. The pressure that the others don't want was my motivation to be a better nursing student. She is the most memorable teacher I have ever had.

I will take this minute to properly thank her. Ms. Tesorero, if you are reading this, or maybe you’re a subscriber to my blog *wink*, I want you to know that all your hard work, especially with me, did not go to waste. I am thankful for all the help and advice that you have given me. Thank you; from the bottom of my heart, you are greatly appreciated.

Now, now, as for my other teachers don’t get mad. You all made an impact in my life. As for special mentions, in no specific order, Dra. Villanueva, Dra. Halog, Sir Barlahan, Sir Carrido, Mrs. Guipit, Mrs. Lugtu, Dra. Vinluan, and Mrs. Fernandez. You have all been an inspiration and have been excellent in all that you do. Thank you! Keep it up. You are all making a change in this world, one student at a time.

Thanks to PLDT and their #GabayGuro program I have been reminded how special teachers are. PLDT is also changing the lives of those who changed ours. For more information about #GabayGuro check them out at

If you haven’t done so, make sure that you show your appreciation and thanks to your teachers.

Who is your most memorable teacher? Share them in the comment section.

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. I definitely agree with you, teachers really became a big part of who we are today. If not for them, we would not have the learnings that we now know. I have a memorable mentor, she have not been my teacher but she's our principal. She's a terror for everyone. She's super strict and all. But she taught me why she's like that. She showed discipline and that's what I idolize her for. She's so supportive to us when we joined quiz bees. SHe really didn't let us down. I would never forget her. :)

  2. you look the same ms rochelle! parang you never did grow older? i miss my highschool days and after reading this namiss ko yung highschool life na walang katulad

  3. Best teachers ever yung nasa special mention! :D Haha, 2 thumbs up, Ate!

  4. they're our second parent who never stop guiding us in every step of the way.....and i do admire those who do their job well for us to learn, and i prefer strict one because for me they're the ones who's very mindful of their task, when i was in high school, 4 teachers got my highest respect, though one of them made me shiver for the entire week.....

  5. I feel you Ms. Rochelle.. I think almost all students experienced that.. homework on weekends, long quizzes, and terror teacher.. but all these helped us. without them, we are not what or where we we are today. without them, there will be no professionals. we will always be thankful to our teachers. I just miss school. :')


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