TupperClean SWIPE Multi-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate


Why need tons of cleaners and disinfectants when you can use one versatile solution to clean all mess? TupperClean SWIPE Multi-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate, an all-around home cleaning solution from Tupperware Brands Philippines, offers a quick and convenient way to clean filth around the house.

TupperClean SWIPE is tough on stains, greases, grimes, and dirts. Its antiseptic solution kills up to 99.99% of common household germs, including viruses, bacteria and fungi while leaving a fresh fragrance on surfaces.

Each 250 mL bottle of TupperClean SWIPE is equivalent to 8 liters of cleaning solution. All-purpose and heavy-duty, it effectively cleans ventilation fans, cooker hoods, stoves, basins, kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, aluminum frames, bathtubs, toilets, tiles, vinyl floors, carpets, sports shoes, watch brands, tyre wheels, plasticware, and many more! With tons of home devices and furnishing items that TupperClean SWIPE can clean, you won’t have to spend more money on a variety of cleansers again!
Disinfecting with Tupperclean SWIPE is also easy. Just spray the solution on surfaces, leave it for a few minutes, and wipe clean. For grease, mold and mildew, simply apply the solution to the pre-cleaned surface then allow it to air dry. Quick and painless, you will save a lot of time and energy from cleaning. Now, that means more quality time for you and your family!

With its advanced dirt-eliminating and germ-busting ingredients, together with money, time and energy-saving advantages, TupperClean SWIPE Multi-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate is simply the best cleaning solution at home.

Make your home clean and germ-free and protect your loved ones from diseases every day. Swipe away with the heavy-duty, all-purpose TupperClean SWIPE now!

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  1. I haven't tried anything from Tupperware. But maybe this one is good. :)

  2. im a tupperware dealer and i do agree their household product works great

  3. maybe i'll give it a try, but first i need to find someone whom i can get this, ngstop na kasi yung fren ko na kinukuhanan ko before.....

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  5. Well done! Nice post! This really helps me to find the answers to my question. Hoping, that you will continue posting articles having lots of useful information. Thanks a lot! surface disinfectant

  6. I've tried this once, Ok naman yung experience ko sa kanya nakaka linis talaga sya kahit mga stains at dust ganun. Nung inorder ko sya sa goods.ph (https://www.goods.ph/tupper-clean-surface-disinfectant-250ml-5162.html), bulk ko sya kinuha kasi balak kong mag benta nito kasi tried and tested naman yung product na nakaka linis talaga. Yun ngalang underrated sya saka mas mura sya compared sa ibang multipurpose cleaner.


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