PRODUCT REVIEW: Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Bars

I am naturally fair skinned but with the radiating sun, I turn dark. I was 13 years old when I first started using whitening soap products. Nowadays, there are so many whitening products available in the market. I've tried a few other brands, which cause me to experience a lot of unwanted side effects, such as, irritations, dry and rough skin and also that tingling/burning sensation that drives everyone crazy. I’m sure a lot of my readers will agree that fair skin is preferred, mostly here in the Philippines.

Since I got back from my previous trip to Korea, I have been using Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness bar soaps. Since then, it gave me a natural and healthy skin. It features a Triple Whitening System that exfoliates, making my skin smooth, brightens and evens skin tone.  It’s an all-in-one fairness making my skin best beautiful.

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No wonder Olay is the World's #1 Facial Skincare brand. It is an internationally renowned and premium skin care brand that is trusted by millions of women worldwide. It's also #1 in the Philippines! 

Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness bars- available in two versions:
Vitamin C
Papaya extract 


Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness bar both with Vitamin C and Papaya extract maintains the fairness of the skin. It helps reveal your skin’s natural radiance and glow. 
Let me give you a breakdown of my experience. I have been using this product daily for more than a month now. I’ve been showering daily, twice a day, one in the morning and one before I go to sleep. In the morning I use the Vitamin C and the Papaya Extract at night. So far it’s been making my skin feel soft and smooth to touch. Just like when using other whitening soaps, make sure to apply moisturizing lotion after use. The Olay soap lathers well and easy to rinse off but at the same time it doesn’t easily disintegrate when left in the shower. I love the mild fresh and clean scent, but not overpowering. It made my skin feel squeaky clean after shower. 

Overall, just after a little more than a week of use, I can see that my skin is starting to look healthy and restoring the fairness. I didn’t feel any irritations, peeling, tingling, or burning sensation.

I would definitely purchase both this products again and will use it daily. It’s affordable and available anywhere. It has effective whitening effect and I think with constant usage it will even out the dark tones on my skin.

1. Use Olay Natural White soap in the shower twice a day-in the morning and in the evening before you sleep. 
2. While in shower, lather liberally especially in areas that require extra attention (areas that are rougher, a bit darker in skin tone, or are subjected to friction from clothes or other fabric.) Use a puff for a more indulgent feel. This will also enhance the effect of the exfoliation. 
3. Treat your skin with care. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel after shower. Make sure you don't scrub your skin to avoid friction which causes skin irritation.

Make sure to take 8-10 glasses of water. If you are more active, make sure to take extra liquids. 

Stay indoors and protected from the sun from 10am-3pm. The sun is one of the major causes of skin aging and melanin production which causes skin complexion to get dark.

Eat lots of citrus fruits and green and leafy vegetables. These have anti-oxidants that keep your skin healthy.

For best results, also use Olay Natural White Moisturizing Cream for an extraordinary pinkish glow. 
Olay Natural White cleanser for gentle cleansing your face.  

Olay Natural White Body Bars are available in variety of sizes in leading supermarkets, drug stores and sari-sari stores, starting at P15. 

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For more information on Olay products, check out their official website

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. i've seen you na in person, mam, ang puti at ang kinis mo, parang you don't need this na, lol! it's really good on skin, mild lang sya, and you can see the difference sa first wash pa lang, still, need pa rin ng proper diet and more water to get that youthful glow.......

  2. I'm using the Olay with papaya. It really brings back my fairness whenever I get dark because of swimming or an out-of-town trip. It's super bango pa and affordable so you won't mind using it a lot of times within the day. :)

  3. I haven't tried this but it looks promising! For only 15php napaka-affordable!

  4. ive been using olay din ever since .. super soft ng skin after every bath unlike any other bar soaps.

  5. my husband use olay cream before sleep (perks of having vain husband? he use my unused creams even toner haha) i think he will like the bar soap, gona try one

  6. Can you use this soap on face?

  7. HI Ate, Ano po ginagawa nyo pag nagkakabreakouts?? ang kinis po kc ng skin nyo <3 <3

  8. Bakit po kaya wala na akong mabilan ng olay natural white bar soap ☹ kung saan saan napo ako naghanap. Super ganda po kasi ng effect sakin nyan kaya nakakalungkot wala nakong mabilan ng ganyan .


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