DMC presents Handcrafted Arts & Craft Day!

I got really nostalgic when I received an invitation from DMC with a cross stitch with my first name’s initial. It brings so much memories of my first love. Believe it or not this is one of the reasons why I fell in love with, my then boyfriend who is now, my husband, Euryd. I remember when he gave me a cross stitch of my favorite character Hello Kitty. It was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received because of the time, effort and love spent on that gift.

The invitation was for Early Bird Breakfast Club. It was an arts and crafts event that was held by DMC for bloggers like me.
The event itself wasn’t really a crafting class, instead there were 7 inspiring women that stood up and told us their stories on how arts and crafts have affected their lives. 
Alessandra Lanot

Alessa is designer, a crafter and an owner of various organic and vegetarian restaurants around Metro Manila. In her website, Life After Breakfast, she writes about her crafts and adventures with fellow crafters. She facilitates workshops for other crafts, not just Needlecraft.

Advice: Take something ordinary, pair it with something unexpected to create something extraordinary.

Facebook:      LifeAfterBreakfastph
Instagram:     lifeafterbreakfastph

Michelle Karla Sumulong

Mikko took up journalism. She used to practice Human Resources in a company in the States. Now, she is a full time crafter. She makes and writes about crafts. She grew up crafting with her mother. In her website, I Try DIY, she posts tutorials, and blogs about new discoveries.

Advice: Never be afraid to make mistakes.

Facebook:      itrydiy
Instagram:     itrydiy

Karla Quimsing

Karla is based in Cebu. She used to be a teacher. She is now a copy writer for Life At Caresharing. She also owns Damgo, which in Bisaya means dream, an online store where she sells her dreamcatchers. She’s a mother to 2 adorable kids – Isla and Kanta.

Advice: Go for it. Be Adventurous. Create something that you love.

Facebook:      Damgocebu
Instagram:     damgocebu; klalalay

Trey Ajusto

Trey is an entrepreneur. She sells her own line of crochet yarn and craft supplies called Gantsilyo Guru. She’s also a full time crafter. She takes her tools of trade (her handy case of crochet hooks and yarns), everywhere she goes.  She usually writes about her travels, discoveries and crafting.

Advice:  Know the basics. Don’t be limited by the misconceptions about the craft.

Facebook:      Gantsilyoguru
Instagram:     @yarnsph

Marielle Nadal-Reyes

Marielle is the founder of CraftMNL, a studio in Makati where crafters meet and do workshops together. They also organize small craft fairs for others to sell the own handcrafted items.  Marielle also owns Yellow Bug Love, an online store where she sells hand crafted wedding decors.

Advice: See the potential in things.

Facebook:      Yellowbuglove
Instagram:     yellowbuglove
 Candy Reyes-Alipio
Candy is a production designer. On the side, she enjoys knitting. She is the creative mind behind Knitting Expedition which aims to make knitted products by locals of Mt. Pulag. She also works with Ricefield Collective which is a group of women farmers from Uhaj, Banaue. 

Advice: Don’t be afraid to try something new. You can make anything with your hands as long as you put your mind to it.

Facebook:      Knitting Expedition
Instagram:     candyvreyes
 Lenora Cabili

Len owns the fashion line called Filip+Inna, where her clothes are designed with traditional Filipino patterns from indigenous tribes which are cross stitched onto the clothes. Her brand gained global recognition as featured in Elle magazine and worn by Tory Burch and Amanda Hearts. Recently, she collaborated with Bayo, another clothing brand, and her collection was exhibited in Ayala Museum as part of indigenous textiles exhibition, "Art and the Order of Nature".

Advice:  Start small. Don’t go for big projects and you discouraged halfway through cause it’s taking so long.

Facebook:      Filip Inna
Instagram:     filipinna

 TENUI FILO MAGNUM TEXITUR OPUS "From one fine thread a work of art is born"
It’s a challenge, to think outside the box and start building and making something. For people to start stepping out of their comfort zone and make something unique with the power of their own hands. DMC wants crafting to be a part of people’s lives.

Honestly, I came out of this event excited. DMC has taken an initiative for a person who likes to tinker with crafts that doesn't really have the know-how and the ones who are already into crafting. 

They are launching a 3-day weekend craft fair event on January 30 to February 1 at Century City Mall Event Center. The partner crafters will be there as well, to hold workshops for those who want to learn new skills. If you’re the type of person that just wants to buy a handmade product you can do so at the venue as well.
Anybody can do crafts. There are a lot options. There’s embroidery, knotting, dreamcatchers, string art, knitting, crochet and cross-stitch among others.

Here it is, the flyer for the event! Get ready to be drawn into the world of crafting, brought to you by DMC! 
A 3-day weekend pack of arts and crafts to satisfy your crafting cravings.
Drop by the event and get to learn new skills from the Craft Partners. Free workshops are available at limited slots but craft partners will be at the whole fair to teach you anytime.
Arts and crafts are not your cup of tea? Stop by for the live entertainment at night.
Remember, anyone and everyone can do crafts, so bring family and friends along. Mark your calendars for January 30 to February 1, 2015.

Happy Crafting!

Thank you so much DMC for inviting me to your Handcrafted Bloggers Arts & Crafts Event and for the awesome craft goodies.

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Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. oh! how I wish i could join this event. I am a newbie in doing cross-stitch and I know I will be able to learn alot here. just start doing cross-stitch last week.

  2. i like it, it is very simple and the design of it is beautiful :)

  3. I remember when I was a kid our maid is dong cross-stitch, kaya lang hindi ko nagawa kasi bata pa ko baka masugatan hehe! Now I want to learn again crafting. I used to learn crochet and knitting when I was in my teenage years!

  4. I love doing DIY especially when I'm inspired.

  5. Wonderful designsNaalala ko dito yung pinsan ko,she love doing cross stich at pinamimigay nya sa amin lahat ng ginawa nya,ang cute kc kakaiba mga stich nya...

  6. cross- stitch is my fave since high school, i remember doing one for my classmates project, it excites me so much that made me do it overnight over kerosene lamp! when i got married i started to create my own, i finished 3, two of them we're framed one of which is my daughter's name done in an abstract's fun doing it, but it's back aching hobby.....just last year i finished my daughters project for MSEP......i'll check the blog of these women.....thanks for this Mam!

  7. I always wanted to handcraft something but I don't have any idea and I don't know where to start. Thanks by sharing this and for introducing us to these wonderful women, I can apply their advice and I hope I can start doing something. I really wanna do some dream catchers and now I know where I should start thanks.

  8. me i really love doing handcraft,and i have done a lot of cross stitch in our home..

  9. This is a good blog of handicrafts products in home & life style thanks for its blogs


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