KidZania Manila opening at the Bonifacio Global City with Community of Partner Brands

I am super excited that KidZania is opening in Manila at the Bonifacio Global City. My kids love role playing so we are definitely looking forward to checking it out- The anticipated open date is sometime in Summer 2015. I will keep you posted. 

Here is an overview of what to expect...

10,000 square meters of indoor space and 2-level Cityscape for a creative play space for leisure and learning

With more than 100 role playing activities, KidZania Manila empowers children to explore, discover, and choose whatever roles they want. Here, children get to experience how a community works, earn and manage their money, as well as cooperate and work with others. Each experience is completely hands-on and helps develop teamwork, independence, self-esteem, and valuable life skills – equipping kids to create a better world in the future.

At KidZania Manila, kids not only get to explore the adult world but also experience it – in a safe and independent environment. They can open their own bank accounts, attend classes in the university, file their taxes, shop for necessities at the supermarket, and even drive their own car!
The activities at KidZania Manila also feature establishments and careers that are popular among kids across the different KidZania locations all over the globe. 

Kids can be anything they want to be—from firefighters out to save the world, pilots off to adventures, detectives with the Crime Scene Investigation team, or the star of their own TV show.

A city where kids rule—where they can imagine and actually get to experience what they want to be when they grow up—this is KidZania Manila!

Unique exciting features like Tiangge and Farm House incorporating local designs and locations into KidZania Manila establishments 
KidZania Manila Tiangge
KidZania Manila Farm House
Know Your KidZania RightZkeepers 
Bache (Entrusted with the Right to Play)
Urbano (Entrusted with the Right to Know)
Beebop (Entrusted with the Right to Create)
Vita (Entrusted with the Right to Care)
Chika (Entrusted with the Right to Create)

They are the guardians assigned to protect children’s rights—the right to be, the right to know, to care, to create, to share, to play and the most important one of all, the right to be a child.  

The global leader in children’s educational entertainment, KidZania, is bringing the ultimate role playing experience to the Philippines this 2015. Helping bring this indoor play city to life are over 40 of the country’s most respected brands, all of whom who have signed up as Industry Partners working towards the common goal of helping kids learn how to build a better world.
KidZania Manila introduced and paid tribute to its Industry Partners during a presentation held at the Hotel Intercontinental Manila. 

Over 100 officials representing the different Industry Partners, along with members of the media and other guests, were in attendance, as they celebrated the wonderful play experience in store for Filipino kids.

Kidzania Manila Official List of Industry Partners:

  • A1 Driving — DMV
  • O Shopping — Home Shopping
  • ABS-CBN — TV Studio, Music Studio, Acting Academy, Theater, Publishing, Stadium, Mobile Shop
  • Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) — Bank
  • Champion Detergent and Powder — Laundromat
  • Cebu Pacific — Aviation Academy
  • Centro Escolar University — University
  • Coca-cola & Powerade — Bottling Plant and Fitness Lab
  • Cream-O — Cookie Factory
  • Department of Tourism — Kidzania “Kai Saya” Experience
  • First Gen — Clean Energy Center
  • Goldilocks — Bakery
  • Green Cross — Emergency Room
  • Healthy Options — Supermarket
  • Holiday Inn & Suites — Hotel
  • Honda — Car Assembly, Car Design & Dealership
  • Jack ‘N Jill — Snack Factory
  • Johnson’s Baby — Baby Care Center
  • Lady’s Choice — Cooking School
  • LBC — Courier
  • Magnolia Ice Cream — Ice Cream Factory
  • McDonalds — Burger Shop
  • Mercury Drug — Pharmacy
  • Mini Stop — Convenience Store
  • National Book Store — Book Store
  • Nestle Chuckie & MILO — Tour Bus and Stadium
  • Oishi — Creative Hub
  • Pascual Laboratory — Product Lab
  • Pet Express – Vet Express
  • Penshoppe — Fashion Boutique
  • Philippine Daily Inquirer — Newspaper
  • Pioneer Insurance — Fire Station
  • Purefoods — Research & Development Center
  • Shell — Gas Station
  • Sky Cable — Parent’s Lounge and Climbing Building
  • Toy Kingdom — RightZKeepers House
  • Yellow Cab — Pizza Shop

Immersive, interactive role play rooted in real-life activities and establishments is at the core of the KidZania experience. And that is where Industry Partners support the experience:  with their expertise in their respective industries, Industry Partners help bring realism to the kid-sized city, providing children with truly engaging activities and skills that they can use in real life.
“We want kids to imagine, to play and have fun, enjoying the amazing role play experiences at KidZania Manila. They will learn, as they play, about the varied, interesting roles and establishments that collaborate and serve to create a good community.  Our Industry Partners contribute significantly to make the KidZania Manila experience as authentic and meaningful as possible for the children who will visit our play city,” said Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas, State Governor for KidZania Philippines. “With their years of knowledge and expertise, they help enrich the educational entertainment value of the KidZania concept.”
As KidZania Industry Partners, companies will have a real opportunity to become indispensable parts of the story as KidZania Manila incorporates each real-world brand into various establishments. As a result, the experience sparks the imagination, ignites their minds, nurtures creativity and inspires real-world exploration.
“What makes the KidZania experience unique is immersive, authentic role play, so it is important to incorporate realistic places and recognizable brands that make up a city,” said Cecille L. Mariño, KidZania Manila Industry Partners Director.

KidZania Manila is opening this 2015 at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

We hope to Z-U at KidZania Manila when it opens this 2015!

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Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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    This is a very interesting venue! My kids will surely love this place! Can't wait to go there with the chikitings! :D

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