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Fujidenzo and Whirlpool Philippines showcase two of their latest home appliances that will prove to be a welcome addition to any home.

When it comes to choosing items for one’s home, it takes great design, impressive features, a trusted brand name, and affordability to totally convince consumers on which items to get, especially with today’s highly-competitive market.

To keep up with its target market’s changing needs, Fujidenzo and Whirlpool are two well-known brands who have made it a point to consistently come out with exciting products that are always on point when it comes to addressing every homemaker’s need.

Take for example Fujidenzo’s Table Sterilizers and Whirlpool’s Neo iChill Refrigerator, which are two of the more innovative appliances that these two brands have recently come out with for the home.

Fujidenzo Table Sterilizers
It’s a must for anyone to keep their home in tip, top, shape, especially when there are small children around. Everything must be neat and orderly to avoid any home mishaps. Aside from keeping everything in its proper place, one’s home should also be clean – especially tableware, which are use for eating. As such, Fujidenzo’s Table Sterilizers are perfect to keep every homemaker at ease, as they are assured that their tableware are always safe and clean to use even by their youngest children or guests. It is very ideal for families with babies, elderly people, sick patients, and all health-conscious individuals.
Designed as a storage unit, to help keep tableware organized as well, Fujidenzo’s Table Sterilizers are built to last for a long time with 3,000 hours of Far Infrared Lamp Light or 180,000 minutes of usage – normal sterilizers only offer 1,000 hours of life. It kills 99.9 percent of bacteria, virus, and germs in just 20 minutes, making it perfect for sterilizing kitchen utensils, plates, spoons, and forks. Another highlight is its durability, thanks to its heavy-duty design and anti-deformation structure which has been equipped with a tempered glass door for an elegant finish.

Prices range from P4500 to P17,000 depending on the size.

For more on Fujidenzo, you may “like” them on Facebook through /FujidenzoAppliances or add them through their YouTube channel at Fujidenzo Appliances.

Whirlpool Neo iCHILL Refrigerator

Showcasing the evolution of one of the most basic home appliances, the refrigerator, Whirlpool is proud to come out with its Neo iCHILL Frost Free range of refrigerators, which impressively cuts cooling time by half – even with frequent door opening; making it 50 percent faster compared to other brands. This was made possible through the Neo iCHILL’s 6th Sense Tower Cooling Technology (Inverter Equivalent).

The Neo iCHILL also has “Intelligent” sensors detect temperature changes and make adjustments accordingly to restore the set cooling conditions to preserve the freshness of your food. Unlike ordinary refrigerators which cool continuously, 6th sense models save energy by only cooling when needed thus energy is consumed wisely. Energy savings are equivalent to that of inverter refrigerators.

Deep Freeze Technology
The deep freeze technology of this refrigerator renders enhanced cooling by controlling the air movement inside the fridge. A powerful fan increases the speed and full circulation of cold air that results in up to 40% faster cooling and 50% quicker ice-making, while the specially designed freezer greatly minimizes cold air leakage even when the door is frequently opened and closed.

Thickest Door in the Market
Not all doors are created equal. Whirlpool has the thickest door among all refrigerators in the market today. Because of this feature, there is minimal loss of cold air inside the ref and freezer section ensuring consistent cooling and improved energy efficiency. It also adds structural stability to the refrigerator allowing you to load more items in the door.

Retains Cooling During Power Cuts
The deep freezer traps cold air and locks it allowing you to enjoy up to 3x longer cooling retention during power shortages or blackouts with the industry’s first twin chilling gel that is directly built inside the freezer.

Aside from the introduction of these new technologies and prime features, Neo iCHILL also comes with an elegant, contemporary design that is perfect for today’s modern home. 

Price ranges from P22,998 to P35,998 depending on size and finish, available in Stainless Steel and Titanium Silver finish.

For more on Whirlpool, please visit, 
Twitter: @WhirlpoolPH
Youtube Channel: Whirlpool Philippines.

The two brands recently showcased these two great products at a blogger event, wherein invited guests were able to get a chance to check out Fujidenzo and Whirlpool products up close, giving them a better gauge of the quality and technology that the two brands are best known for. 

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  1. I think fujidenzo is one of a good brand..I am contemplating to buy washing machine of fujidenzo brand.

  2. if i am to replace our refrigerator, i would pick the Whirlpool’s Neo iChill Refrigerator, that is if i have a budget for that, kinda pricey.......if you have a big family with lots of kids around, that sterilizer is a must and convenient......

  3. ohh! i want to have buy that Fujidenzo table sterilizer..

  4. Do you actually have this in your own or is this just an advertisement?

  5. I cant find anyone to come out to Imus Cavite to repair my Fujidenzo stove, model Gr6312rs. It needs an oven control valve. Extratech does not seem interested in doing the work

    Steve, Imus Cavite

  6. My inverter equivalent whirlpool ref died. called up the service center, they cant accomodate immediately with the reason all units same as mine died also together.... when pushed for the urgency they came. but they made estimate charge of repair intially 6k even the unit is still UNDER WARRANTY, then later 10k with pull out of unit.

    VEry poor service!!!! The ref is not yet done paID from the 24mos zero interest card promo! it only served us for 16 monthS, leaving US 8 months more ref-less and burdened to pay the balance ---- DONT BUY WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTS---- I regret trying this brand for the first time with a very losing experience financially at my end. AND THE INCONVENIENCE is PRICELESS!!!


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