The New Generation of Palmolive Naturals

I admit that I am sucker for good packaging. I've been known to buy products and never open it, a beautiful package only to stare at it on the bathroom counter. When I received these beautiful package from Palmolive Naturals Philippines it took me awhile to open it! They're just so gorgeous to look at, It is the Palmolive Naturals we've always loved that has made even better. 

Its formula contains 100% natural extracts combined with Palmolive Naturals’ latest technology. Palmolive Naturals Shampoo works best when used with Palmolive Naturals Conditioner. Now in its new best-ever formula, Palmolive Naturals Conditioner formulation is infused with 100% natural extracts and micro-moisturizers and gets deep into hair for long-lasting softness.
Palmolive Naturals comes in a range of variants that provide solutions for women's many hair concerns. 

With 10 variants to choose from, there is a Palmolive Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner variant for every hair care need. 

 Palmolive Naturals Shampoo
 Palmolive Naturals Conditioner
 Healthy & Smooth 
For hair you can finger comb into place 
 Intensive Moisture 
For touchably soft hair 
 Brilliant Shine 
For hair that shines like a diamond
 Silky Straight 
For 2x straighter hair 
Beautifully Long 
For beautifully long hair

This is my go-to product because you get so much at such an affordable price! I love the sweet fruity scent that makes my bathroom smells absolutely divine. The smells lasts that everyone likes sniffing my hair when I use this.

With regular use, Palmolive Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner helps you get soft, smooth and beautiful hair.
Have a Great Hair Day!

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  1. Ganun din ako. Kapag magnda ang packaging hindi ko siya binubuksan. It took a while for me na buksan siya! I don't use palmolive but I like the variety of their shampoo and conditioner lalo na sa filipina! Just perfect for everyone! :)

  2. I got this package too!! :) I personally like the Brilliant shine because it smells reallllyyy good :D

  3. enclosed in lovely round shelf..... my daughter and i are using that Silky Straight, so smooth sa hair.......

  4. The packaging have improved a lot through the years. By the way, i am currently using the orange one.

  5. I almost tried all the variants except for the Beautifully Long. I like the smell of the Silky Straight sna meron din sila for bouncy hair :)

  6. Fave kong product ng palmolive yung Brilliant Shine diamond shampoo,super lambot sa hair at makintab talaga sya,lalo na sa hair ng daughter ko,looks so healthy..

  7. i love to use palmolive shampoo.. specially the brilliant shine..


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