Nestle Chuckie Limited Edition Flavors

I got these package from Nestle Chuckie a while back. My kids LOVE CHOCOLATE MILK and they were very enthusiastic trying new yummy flavors. 

It contains New Limited Edition Flavors Nestle Chuckie Choco Strawberry Burst and White Chocolate Burst Chocolate Milk Drink a cute Chuckie Power Bank. 
Sweet White Chocolate that has delightful taste! My kids can't get enough of this new flavor. 
It is no secret that strawberries and chocolate are fantastic together. Try them in this deliciously Choco Strawberry burst milk drink. This is my favorite! Please Chuckie have this available forever. 

Don't miss the chance to try the New Limited Edition White Chocolate Burst and Choco Strawberry Burst variants before it runs out! Try it now!  

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Thank you so much Nestle Chuckie! 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Wow didnt notice sa grocery before. My baby love chuckie gotta try this out for sure she will love this. Thabnks for sharing Ms. Rochelle

  2. I love chuckie and it was my all-time favorite chocolate milk until now (yes, I'm 25!) Can't wait to try the new flavors! Hopefully makita ko siya sa supermarket!

  3. an additional kick of flavor, sure na sure hit eto sa kids, but i am more interested sa cute na power bank, ayiiii! sana hindi limited edition, forever na dapat.....

  4. Never tried any of those flavors yet but i would love to try the White chocolate burst! ^_^

  5. once I saw the new flavors of chuckie I grabbed both 2 flavor for mt daughter to try and she love both :) I do prefer the white chocolate though

  6. Bata pa lang ako fave ko na itong Chuckie! :)) ngayun,may kids na ako cla naman ang binibilan ko,nagustuhan nila yung fave fruit ko din yung with choco strawberry! yummy daw :))

  7. I like naman the one na hindi sa box nakalagay. Mas masarap siya, reminds me of my childhood days.


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