Unilever launches Surf Labahan Station in Mayorga, Leyte

Surf Philippines has turned-over a sustainable and environment-friendly laundry facility in Barangay Union Coastal, Mayorga, Leyte that recycles water for reuse in washing clothes.

The number one laundry brand in the Philippines created the Surf Labahan Station, featuring a water filtration system that can clean and recycle up to 6000 liters of laundry water every day. The facility’s flooring is composed of pavers made from recycled Surf sachets, and the area can accommodate up to 20 people.

Surf strengthens its commitment to give a brighter future to Filipino communities by providing a sustainable water source through the first Surf Labahan station, inaugurated in Mayorga, Leyte. The solar-powered station boasts of a unique filtration system which cleans water previously used for laundry. In photo are Vic Ferrer, Operation Compassion Field Operations Officer; Lavin Gonzaga, Unilever Sustainable Business & Communications Assistant Manager; Kagawad Lucia Mundala, Barangay Union Coastal, Mayorga, Leyte; Mayor Alex De Paz, Mayorga, Leyte; Cha Francisco, Surf Brand Assistant Manager; Maui Velasco from Unilever PR, and Rick Valenzuela, Operation Compassion Livelihood Officer. 

“This Surf Labahan Station is our way of contributing to water sustainability and conservation, especially in an area that is still suffering from the effects of typhoon Yolanda,” said Lavin Gonzaga, Unilever’s Sustainable Business and Communications Assistant Manager. “In line with Unilever’s Sustainable Living Program that aims to bring a brighter future to one billion people worldwide, we want to provide a sustainable source of clean water through this facility.”

Gonzaga said that like in most rural areas nationwide, residents in the Mayorga community still get water from deep-well pumps for their household needs, including laundry. “While deep-well pumps provide water to address the community’s short term needs, these sources are not sustainable and are not environment-friendly. Water is oftentimes dirty and contains oil, so it’s not ideal for washing clothes.”

For her part, Surf Assistant Brand Manager, Cha Francisco, said the Surf Labahan Station’s water recycling facility makes it an ideal learning tool on sustainable water management that can benefit both the community and the environment. “Through our partnership with non-government organization Operation Compassion, volunteers will teach the community about the importance of water conservation, how water filtration works and how to properly use the Surf Labahan Station.”
Volunteers from Operation Compassion will stay in the community and help in the sustainability and maintenance of the Surf Labahan Station. They will also help in rehabilitating the community and teaching residents how to plant vegetables and fruits as a form of livelihood and a way to maximize the water recycling system.

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  1. one nice move in making a difference, good thing they come up with this project, water is very important in human society.... i just hope they could launch more of this to other areas.....

  2. Water is really important in our everyday lives that is why we should promote ways on how to conserve it! This will help people at Leyte on how to maximize their water recycling system! Hopefully they'll also launch this to other areas other than Leyte! :)


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