A Cozy Afternoon at J.CO Donuts and Coffee

Donuts and coffee have always been a great combination!
Just one bite into a fresh and delicious donut is all it takes you to have you reaching for a slow sip of fresh hot coffee. 

I remember the excitement and anticipation surrounded with the opening of the first J.CO Donuts & Coffee store last March 2012. I was one the people who lined-up just to get a taste of its delicious, mouth-watering and cleverly named donuts. 

 I love their donuts because it is bursting with flavor yet they are not too heavy, has the right amount of sweetness and its very soft that is super-addictive that makes me crave for more. I've been buying them so many times that I think I've tried all the flavors already! My favorites are the avocado and alcapone. 
Recently, I was delighted to witness the biggest industry revelation from Indonesia's leading cafe at J.CO Donuts & Coffee in Glorietta 2 branch. Maxene Magalona, the newest ambassador of J.CO also graced the event.  

Maxene shares that coffee is a part of her everyday life and that her favorite drink is the best-selling Cafe Avocado
J.CO also brews up cups of delicious coffee, as well in the form of its "J COFFEE" hand-crafted beverages.
I also learned that in its home base of Indonesia, J.CO is known as a lifestyle cafe that serves a mean cup of the best-tasting coffee that goes perfectly with their delectable donuts. 
Fresh shots of espresso pulled from J.CO's special blend of Italian-roast coffee beans form the base for J.COFFEE's steaming cups. 
While locally-grown and distinct Arabica beans from Sumatra and Sulawesi which are internationally-acclaimed coffee-producing regions are sure to be found in every cup of fresh J.COFFEE making each sip more special.

In the side of the world where coffee production is less than the other half of the world, the Indonesian regions of Sumatra and Sulawesi stand out for their unique coffee bean characteristics. 

Sumatra coffee beans are picked by hand and processed using the wet-hull method, which removes the outer skin of the coffee cherries mechanically, and storing it up for a day, which results to reduced acidity and increased body, making the caffeine rustic and strong. 

Sulawesi, on the other hand, is a southeastern highland where multi-dimensional coffees are grown and could be distinguished by their expansive flavor with full-bodied richness. 

Similar to Sumatran coffees, the cup profile of Sulawesi has been called deep and brooding, with muted fruit notes and often an overpowering spicy quality. While the Sumatra and Sulawesi coffees highlight the J.COFFEE cups, 

J.CO’s special blend used in its espresso shots offers a full-bodied, medium acidity profile with a bitter-sweet citrus note which makes for a perfect base for hot, steaming cups of coffee especially when sipped in the form of their signature JCoccino, J.CO’s very own version of the cappuccino served warm. 

Besides their high-quality coffee beans, J.CO takes pride in the skill and creativity of their baristas who are aptly named Coffee Experts. 
Supported by their Coffee Specialist counter-parts from J.CO International in Indonesia, these Coffee Experts are equipped to prepare J.CO’s unique coffee blends and create not only palate-perfect but also visually beautiful coffee beverages in the form of craft latte art.
The best part of the event was the fun games for the guests to try cafe latte art. 
During the event I also get to try for the first time their Cheezy Rich Donut Sandwich that is like ensaymada but cheesier and creamier. It was perfect with their signature JCOccino. 
Yogurt with kiwi, strawberries and blueberry toppings. 
I also tried their Cafe Avocado. It tastes so yummy! It was a mild tasting coffee drink with a boasts of a deliciously rich avocado taste in every sip. No wonder Maxene calls this her favorite drink
So on your next visit to J.CO Donuts & Coffee, have one of the delicious J.COFFEE creations with your favorite donut. Soon, you’ll find yourself wandering over to their newest cafĂ© concept store at Forbes Town Center craving for a fresh hand-crafted J.COFFEE to make your day.

What's more, you get a FREE Glazy donut for every purchase of J.COFFEE. 

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  1. I haven't tried their coffee but their donuts are all yummy!! I wish I could try it! They say that their coffee is more of a flavoured and sweet rather than bold and strong. :)

  2. I will try that Cafe Avocado soon :) loved that cafe latte art game ♥

  3. so far isa man sa coffee nila di ko pa natitikman, fave ko ang avocado- soo good when frozen with cream, and now avocado cofffee? i want to taste!

  4. wow ms.rochelle that is so drooling.. !!

  5. Nakikita ko pa lang yung coffee, mukhang masarap na. I hope di siya gaanong strong or may choice na bawasan ang espresso. :) Medyo mababa na kasi tolerance ko sa caffeine. Anyway, I hope I can learn latte art too! Super cool and cute. I love J. Co donuts. Right amount of sweetness and cute presentation. Favorite ko din yung alcapone! Naintriga naman tuloy ako sa Cafe Avocado

  6. wow ms. rochelle that is so drooling!!!yum yum!!

  7. wow that is so drooling ms rochelle yum yum!!

  8. Haven't tried yet the Cafe Avocado, but, reading your reviews... can't wait to taste it!

  9. That sign behind you is absolutely right, Ms. Rochelle! I LOOOOOVE the smell of coffee! The aroma alone is a great pick-me-up. Ready to try the Cheezy Rich Donut Sandwich with a hot cup of JCOccino!


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