I have to admit that its been a long while since I hit any gym. I did have my own gym membership three years ago and tried out ZUMBA in between but I never stuck to anything on a regular basis. This is mainly because I've been busy and did not have a fixed routine to upkeep. But now that I'm in my early 30s and my belly, buttocks and thighs are bulging, it's probably not a good enough excuse to avoid exercise anymore. 

In this day and age, having a fit and fabulous body is hard to maintain, let alone achieve. Busy schedules and fast-paced lifestyles make it difficult for people to eat healthy and find time to exercise.

Fitness First, however, stands by the fact that exercise is essential to one's health and that having a hectic lifestyle is no excuse not to get fit. That is why Fitness First created freestyle areas in their clubs which allow you to exercise and move with purpose. They focus on dynamic movement, training, movements that will challenge one's muscles in multiple directions, combining as many muscle groups as possible to challenge you and get you moving in the way nature intended. 
I just got home from an event organized by Fitness First at the Bonifacio High Street Activity Center in Global City Taguig entitled Push Your Limits

The objective was to show how exercise can be incorporated in everyday tasks and without the need for exercise machines.
With my Gorgeous Friends Mi chelle, Jenny, Sheree, Kaye and Kath  
I experienced how fitness can be fun as Fitness First push my limits in four different fitness areas set-up to test our strength, endurance, flexibility, and speed in a very fun and engaging way.
For the first time in a long time I felt the exhaustive exhilaration of pushing myself to my limits but at the same I feel strong, completely refreshed and full of energy. I was able to flip the 80kg tire for 11 times in one minute. 

The entire body needs to be engaged when you flip the tire, which is perfect for improving over-all strength and conditioning.

It was a totally new experience for me. I sweat profusely. Standing, seated and lying poses were taught. I was able to perform a series of progressive Vinyasa poses and hold each pose for 30 seconds. Once you accomplish this, the satisfaction of being able to do this is immense! 

Vinyasa has both mental and physical benefits, synchronized breathing relaxes the mind and the movements significantly improve flexibility. 

To test my speed, I did the T-test using the agility ladder and was able to finished it within 25 seconds.

This is the most effective tool for training speed and improving footwork.

For endurance, I was asked to lift shopping bags progressively being filled with Gatorade after every round and was able to do it until 18 bottles.

This type of weight training workout improves your ability to do everyday chores such as carrying a bag of groceries or lifting your young child.

All these challenges were performed under the expert guidance of Fitness First Fitness Instructors. 

For every fitness challenge completed, each participant received a raffle entry for a chance to win free 3-month memberships.
Free health checks were made available to all guests.

At one point in time you pushed beyond your limits to accomplish something great, but when is the last time you physically or mentally pushed yourself so hard you felt those incredible feelings of pain, exhaustion, joy and success?

When you're facing your limits and you feel that resistance, it can seem hard to overcome. But just by pushing your limits, you can really accomplish some great things. Don't limits stop you from doing anything.  
It was more than just participating in the challenges, Fitness First encouraged me to push my limits, to try and exceed what my bodies could normally endure. I came to realize the importance of including exercise as part of my regular routine and that exercise can be fun and can be done anytime without the need for exercise machines.
What’s more, the challenges could be completed without the need to be in workout clothes because who says you can't workout and look fashionable and beautiful at the same time?
with my beautiful friends Kath, Mi Chelle, Kaye, Jenny and Henry  

Thank you so much Fitness First and CAPRI Campaigns PR, Inc. for inviting me. 
You may visit any Fitness First branch to learn more about Freestyle or go to their website at

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Wow! super kitang kita na nag enjoy kayo lahat sa challenge,and active ka talaga sa mga event Ms.Rochelle ;)

  2. I hope that would be open to other people too. Gusto ko rin matry muna bago magenroll. :)

  3. honestly, it would have been better if you wore a perfect gear... for that event.... mam, kita ung effort mo... as in pinawisa ka talaga.... lovely ladies, hoping to see you again Mam....

  4. Gusto ko din makajoin sa mga ganitong event. Push na push ang limits niyo nila mommy Michelle :) Galing! :)

  5. Push na push ...the evidence ...pawis na pawis ..can see it in your nice green topeven if you ...Ganda pa rin in all angles..even if you're in the fitness challenge...

  6. Fitness first is actually my gym way back last year. But I have to stop due to financial problems. I still exercise pero di tulad ng dati na mas determined ako na ma-maintain yung body built ko hehe! I think I should go back so that I can maintain again my late figure! :P


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