BonChon. Change is Delicious.

안녕하세요 Annyeonghaseyo!

Last March 10, I was invited to BonChon Greenhills to try the the new chicken flavor with the launching of its new quality campaign, Change is Delicious

Most people prefer to stick to their comfort zone instead of venturing out to try the unknown. Let BonChon make it its mission to be that agent of "delicious changes" to your life. 

So what does BonChon mean? 
BonChon, meaning "my hometown" in Korean. 

Every bite is a burst of unique American-Korean fusion of flavors. Each chicken piece is individually hand-brushed with BonChon's unique and delicious glazes. 

With flavors like Soy Garlic, Sweet and Spicy, and Honey Citrus, and BonChon's New Crunchy Garlic Flavora sweet and salty zest glaze with garlic chips sprinkled on top. It has a touch of sweetness for a long lasting, mouth-watering sensation over the tongue.
Seoul Fried Rice is a great combination for the Crunchy Garlic flavor. 
Craving for Crispy Chicken? Look no more. BonChon chicken will definitely leave you craving for more. 
Definitely a must try! Just look at that yummy garlic chips. Yum yum! 
With the onset of the Lenten season, Crunchy Garlic is also available in fish meals. Served here was Crispy Fish rice
Calamari for appetizer 
For dessert I ordered BANOFFEE PIE Kõ-Yõ
Scott Tan
Owner/Manager Director 
Thank you BonChon and Mr. Scott Tan for having me to your event  
Thank you so much Celine  

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  1. Hi sis! Yes, I do agree with you. Bonchon have the unique taste of chicken that you will want to eat again and again. The calamares is unforgettable.

  2. My children loves Bonchon honey citrus chicken and their sweet potato side dish. Surely this new crunchy garlic flavor is a hit.

  3. Super yummy and tasty Chicken of Bonchon...last week lang visits namin dito,:))..and fave ko yung chrunchy garlic chips! :)) for sure uulit ulitin ko dito :))

  4. Ngayon ko lang nalaman BonChon means "My Hometown."
    My sister and I love BonChon. Most of our sisterly date ay sa BonChon ang punta! That was good news, bagong sauce! We're very excited to try this! Can't wait for our sisterly date again! :)

  5. i think we'll give it a try, for almost two weeks i did'nt eat chicken for fear na lumala ung rashes ko, so far my allergies have subsided and im ready to bite again, i wana try the fish rice....

  6. looks so yummy. will try it with my family next malling namin =)

  7. I super love Bon Chon chicken! Dati hesitant pa ko itry kasi nga, unsual from the typical chicken that we order. But when I got to try it, wow, I've been craving for it every now and then. :) Recently, I haven't been to Bon Chon kasi we're trying out different restaurants. But now that they got new flavors, might as well try it soon. :)

  8. What a mouthwatering post! I miss BonChon! Looking forward to trying Seoul Fried Rice, Crispy Fish, and the Banoffee dessert.


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