Mix 'N Shake Up your Summer with Jollibee Reese's Mix-Ins and Cookies & Cream Shake

Are you ready for summer? We are! 

 With its clear blue skies, golden sun, gentle breeze and warm weather that are just perfect for outdoor fun, summer is surely one season that everyone looks forward to. And since it happens only once a year, you can make the most of summer by taking on adventures that are not only exciting but also refreshing, especially with Jollibee’s latest dessert treats.
If you're a fan of Reese's chocolate like me, you will surely find a new favorite in Jollibee's Reese's Mix-Ins. It brings vanilla creamy soft serve ice cream and the  #1 chocolate peanut butter cup in the world in one luscious cup of pure summer delight. 

Another sweet offering is the Cookies & Cream Shake, which offers a delicious combination of creamy vanilla soft-serve, milk and crushed cookies for a truly indulging, rich and satisfying treat. 
At only P45 each, Jollibee Reese's Mix-ins and Cookies & Cream Shake are definitely summer's most refreshing and affordable dessert treats. The Reese's Mix-Ins is available as an add-on to your favorite langhap-sarap Value Meals for only P35. While the Cookies & Cream Shake is available as a Value Meal upgrade for only P25. 

Make everyday summer adventures exciting and satisfying with the delightful dessert creaminess of the new Jollibee Reese's Mix-Ins and Cookies & Cream Shake.

Available for a limited time only!

Hurry go to your nearest Jollibee! 

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Ms. Laureen Uy with The key people to success of Jollibee's exciting and refreshing latest dessert treats  

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  1. I need this in my life hehe! Thanks for this Ms. Rochelle! :)

  2. Wow.. Chocolate. chocolates and Shake.. just Wow!! Summer is almost there.. ^^

  3. Another new yummy desserts from Jollibee. Kids would loved this. Thank you for sharing this Ms. Rochelle. Mistakenly commented using my husband's account the other comment.

  4. Yes! I am ready for summer and I can't wait to try those delightful dessert from Jollibee.

  5. Jollybee Reese's Mix-ins and Cookies & Cream Shake a shoothing cool treat this hot summers day and at a very affordable price of only 45 pesos

  6. I always look forward to their mix-ins because they are so yummy! I super love their kisses and kitkat versions. And now they have Reese's! Super affordable pa and widely available.

    Missed commenting on your blog!

  7. always naman pag me bago takbo agad sa Jollibee! Super sarappp!

  8. Waaa..im cravin na sa mix in shake ng Jolibee,super sarap tlga pag mainit ang panahon ...

  9. I'm not a big fan of shakes but I like Reese's and Cookies & Cream, so this must be worth a try. :)


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