Nick Jr.’s global phenomenon, Dora embarks on her greatest expedition yet, with new animated pre-school series Dora and Friends: Into the City! Premiering in Asia on Monday, March 30 at 11:30AM on Nickelodeon, and March 23 at 11:35AM on Nick Jr., the half-hour series centers around Dora and her new group of friends living in a city, attending school and setting out on new adventures that service the community.

Developed with the support of educational experts, the show is based on a new, interactive curriculum that focuses on community service, problem solving, emotional skills, language and culture. Created by original Dora the Explorer creators, Chris Gifford and Valerie Walsh Valdes (Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go!), Dora and Friends: Into the City! will air weekdays at 11:30AM on Nickelodeon, and 10:15AM on Nick Jr. after the premiere. The Dora the Explorer series, which after 15 years remains one of the most-watched shows on Nick Jr., will also continue to air on the channel.

Dora and Friends: Into the City! expands on Dora’s legacy of being a compassionate leader, friend and role model, in a setting where she can have dynamic peer relationships and experience the world around her in new and exciting ways,” said Teri Weiss, Executive Vice President, Nickelodeon Pre-school. “Pre-schoolers will explore with their favorite pal Dora and her new friends while developing interpersonal skills and a sense of community that will help them navigate new social situations like starting school and making friends. And, of course, learning Spanish along the way.”

Dora is all set to take on the big city with her new friends—artistic and book-loving Kate, intellectual Naiya, accomplished musician Emma, confident and athletic Alana, and smart, playful, and athletic Pablo.

Set in the fictional city of Playa Verde, Dora and her friends set off on magical and real-life adventures. During each expedition, Dora uses Map App on her smartphone and her magical charm bracelet to navigate the city and overcome obstacles. Dora continues to be a good friend, leader, and problem-solver with a group of new friends who share her passion for learning and exploring.

Dora’s pals include dramatic, artistic and avid reader Kate; intellectual Naiya, who excels at maths and science; Emma, an accomplished musician with a drive to be the best; Alana, an athletic, confident soccer player and animal lover; and Pablo – a smart, playful, energetic athlete and explorer.

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  1. The first time I saw Dora with a more stylish, slightly older look, I thought that it was an interesting move by the creators. We almost never see cartoon characters growing up.

    My 7-year-old niece sometimes says "Gracias" instead of "Thank you" or "Salamat." I have Dora to thank for her newfound interest in a foreign language. :)

  2. My niece loves Dora! Glad that they have new season now! :)

  3. my six year old niece likes to watch this character, she's very fond of her so much that she keeps on watching it over and over again, now with these new series and quite a new Dora? a must wait and see for her reaction....

  4. It's pretty interesting to see Dora grow up! I watched Dora when I was young and I really enjoyed it. :) Ngayon naman mga pamangkin ko naman nanonood. Not sure thought if they've seen the grownup version already. The show really looks great and more informative


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