Maia's 7th Rainbow Dash Party

We attended Maia's 7th Rainbow Dash party at One Cafe last month. 

It was a fun afternoon filled with lots of games, magic, goodies and lots of surprises.

It was a Rainbow Dash themed party and I'm giving a major shoutout to the dressed up venue and Maia's super cute colorful birthday dress.

The party was full of sweet treats from Made in Candy. My kids loved the sweet assorted candies and the flavors are seriously yummy! Our favorite flavors are Watermelon ad Rainbow Rock! This makes a really great giveaway option for kiddie parties, weddings, debuts, anniversary parties, etc. Just look how colorful and yummy looking they are.
 Rainbow Dash Candy Table 
I was extremely impressed with the beautiful Carousel Rainbow Dash Cake. 
The kids loved the magic and puppet show. The kids were giggling and laughing the whole time. They're mesmerized by the magic show, even I was like ooooh ahhhh. Their facial expression was priceless.
The guests loved the lively host and performers from JIve led by CHubi del Rosario. The kids danced with them like there's no tomorrow.

These days, no party is complete without a photo booth.
The kids received loot bags and wonderful My Little Pony pillows!
Thank you so much R0ckstarm0mma for inviting us! We’re really glad we attended the party and my kids had a real blast at Maia's birthday bash. We definitely had a grand time!

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Wow! super cute naman ng gown ni Maia,bagay sa age nya na 7th,very colorful,at ang Party bongga talaga..

  2. What a striking dress! The delightful colors really made Maia stand out!
    Ms. Rochelle, is that Chubi del Rosario, the former teen star, in the picture? I don't recognize him anymore but I remember how cute he was.

  3. Wow! It was really a fun-filled birthday! Belated Happy Birthday to Maia! The prizes were awesome for the kids! The theme was so cool as well! Filled with unocorns! Kahit matanda na ako, I love unicorns beacuse I found them cute! :)

  4. cute little lady, and the gown? ang ganda, superb,.....hmmm, pwede gayahin? soossy naman ng loots a giveaway, lucky girl, i noticed parang konti lang visitors.....

  5. Super grand event! I'll make sure that my daughter's birthday would be grand too. Well pag nagkaanak na ako. :) I super love the theme, bagay na bagay sa bata. It is so colorful na kahit sinong bata eh matutuwa. Pati loot bags and all ang ganda! Of course exceptional ang dress and cake. :) So pretty. Gusto ko din yung made in candy! Hindi sobrang tigas for kids to eat. :)

  6. hi where did you order the pillows?


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