3:15PM Milk Tea Philippines Gift Box ♥

It makes me so happy whenever I received a gift box, Well who doesn't like receiving gifts? 

I am so thankful for 3:15PM Philippines for giving a gift of my favorite. This is perfect for gift giving. 
Have you heard about 3:15PM Milk Tea, well it's about time that you do. ♥ 
Did you know that? 3:15 Milk Tea is the only brand that makes milk tea from natural tea bags in the world. 

These amazing little tea bags allow one to create different flavors by altering the infusion time. 

3:15PM Milk Tea bags ensure an enjoyable and safe experience with the 3 guarantees:
  1. The product is ISO certified.
  2. It does not contain artificial flavorings. 
  3. Free from pesticide residues.
Made in Taiwan ♥ 

5 Yummy Flavors Available:
Original Milk Tea ♥ 
Roasted Milk Tea ♥ 

Roasted Milk Tea contains fine Taiwan black tea leaves that have been roasted after the fashion of Japanese Houji-Cha, giving them a smokey depth of flavor that goes particularly well with dinner. 
The dry aroma is slightly sweet, but toasty ♥ 
It offers an intense roasted, nutty flavor that will make you want to savor each sip.
Rose Fruity Milk Tea ♥ 
A delightful dessert or afternoon tea,
The first flavor I tried is Rose Fruity Milk Tea since its my favorite color and I love Rose and anything Fruity sweet. ♥ 
Each box contains 6 teabags individually-sealed in packets that have instructions on them. This makes them convenient to carry with you to work, or when travelling. It also ensures optimum freshness. ♥ 
The Rose Fruity Milk Tea contains black tea, rose "fruit" (rosehips) and aroma, non-dairy creamer and sugar in perfect proportion. ♥ 
"It was so good that I was actually sipping the tea bag." 
The taste and aroma is exactly what you'd expect from the name: fruity, rosy, sweet and creamy. The black tea leaves are mild, yet not overwhelmed by the other flavors. ♥ 
 The oversized teabag makes an 8 oz cup of delicious comfort drink. ♥ 
It can be drunk hot, or you can make it using 5 ounces of hot water and 3-4 ice cubes and have a cold drink unlike any other. ♥  
After a cup of rose fruity milk tea, even the dreariest day looks beautiful. It's delicious iced. too. ♥ 
Earl Grey Milk Tea ♥ 

Fine Taiwan black tea, prepared English Style with natural Bergamot essential oil.
Lavender Oolong Tea in a cute tin can included in the gift box ♥ 
Directions for HOT milk tea:
  1. Pour 180cc or 7 oz. of boiling water into a cup, leave the tea bag for 3 minutes to have milky and sweet flavor/ for 5 minutes to have less sweet but strong tea flavor.
  2. If the taste is too sweet, leave the tea bag longer in the cup.

Directions for COLD milk tea: 
  1. Pour hot water into 1/3 of the container then leave the tea bag in it; Steeping the tea for 5-10 minutes then add some ice cubes to serve the drink. 
  2. Or you can Pour 200 cc or 8 oz. of hot water into the container then leave the tea bag for 3-5 minutes, cool the container down then leave it in the refrigerator to serve the drink. 
  • If you want it sweeter, add less water (Filipinos have a sweeter taste buds).
  • It is also important to slightly press the tea bag with teaspoon while steeping so that the flavors would really come out. 
  • A tea bag can be re-steeped twice or more, you can add some sugar or cream to regain the first steep flavor.

AVAILABLE in these Supermarkets:
Robinson's Supermarket (Ermita, Otis, Galleria, Pioneer, Magnolia, Tagaytay, Nuvali and Eastwood.)
Cash and Carry
Makati Supermarket 

Packaging Size: 20 grams per sachet
6 tea bags in a box
Suggested Retail Price per box Php120

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Enjoy your Milk Tea anytime, anywhere!

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Hi Rochelle, I agree with you, the packaging is indeed lovely! But I finished mine in no time because they are so good :)


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