Anniversary Dinner at Spiral Buffet Restaurant at Sofitel ♥

We had the best Anniversary Dinner Buffet so far at Spiral Buffet Restaurant in Sofitel ♥ It was my first time but definitely not my last. ♥ 

Spiral is a multi-cuisine restaurant with the biggest buffet in town. It has several live cooking stations and boasts the widest array of dishes. At the center of the restaurant is the spiral staircase connected to the main lobby, accented by the spiral art centerpiece. ♥ 

Since we came late and they will be closing in an hour and half so I really did not have the time to take pictures of everything and just got busy enjoying our food but I tried my best to do live post on my instagram in between bites to rest and I did still took photos to share ♥  

I wish we came in an early as the dinner buffet starts at 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

They had 21 dining ateliers:
  1. Salad and Appetizer
  2. L'Ecailler
  3. Sushi Sashimi
  4. L'Epicerie
  5. Hot Japanese
  6. French Stove
  7. Rotisserie
  8. Wood fired Oven
  9. Churrasco
  10. North Indian
  11. Asian Noodles
  12. Peking Duck Oven
  13. Steam Baskets
  14. Chinese Wok
  15. Filipino
  16. Thai
  17. Korean
  18. La Boulangerie
  19. La Patisserie
  20. Chocolaterie
  21. Creamery

Feels like Food Heaven ♥ 
Different flavors of Fondue also known as the La Patisserie ♥ 
Inside the Cheese and Cold Cuts Room ♥ 
Meat and Cheese Lovers Room also known as L'Epicerie ♥ 
If you love meat and cheese, it surely make you feel like in heaven in this room where one could feast from a wide variety of premium aged hams, charcuterie, smoked fish, artisanal cheese from France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland creamery products. The Cheese Room is the most-raved about feature of the new Spiral. ♥ 
Looking so beautifully healthy salad bar ♥ 
Best to combine the cheese and cold cuts with your choice of salads. ♥ 
Breads ♥ 
The Bread Ritual ♥ 
and More Breads ♥ Freshly baked breads with a wide variety of home-made spreads ♥ 
Make your own Pasta ♥ Have them cooked and prepared it for you ♥ 
You can choose what to put in your pasta ♥ 
Pasta Lovers unleashed ♥ 

Filipino Desserts Favorites ♥ They also had halo-halo bibingka and puto bumbong ♥ 
Fruits. ♥ It was almost all gone. 
Pineapple, Watermelon, Dragon Fruit and Papaya ♥ 
The BEST Chocolate! I wish I can take it home and enjoy it more. ♥ Truffles is LOVE ♥ 
Candy Bar ♥ 
Dessert Overload ♥ 

 Chocoholics Dream. The CHOCOLATE ROOM ♥ 
 Eiffel Tower Chocolates ♥ 
Cuteness overload chocolates ♥ 
My plates (Not even half of it, I was unable to take pictures of everything before I devour. Lol! ) 

Unlimited Foie gras. (Goose Liver) with caramelized pineapple and teriyaki sauce. Yummy! DO NOT MISS IT! ♥ 
It will make your money worth! ♥ 

Make sure to ask for the complimentary Green tea to prevent empacho for eating too much! 
 I ate so much, like I cannot breathe and walk because I was so full, my tummy was so heavy and happy! 

Everything was so good, yummy, delicious, oishi and tasteful. ♥  You won't able to taste all of the food, so choose wisely. Base your picks on the most loved dishes, your favorites or the high-priced items. 


1. Foie gras
2. Steak
3. Seafoods mainly the lobster
4. Chocolates
5. Japanese Rice

What about you what are your favorites?
What do you think of Spiral Buffet Restaurant at Sofitel?

Plaza Level, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard Pasay City, 1300, Metro Manila, Philippines
Official Website: 

SPIRAL’s Twitter: @SpiralManila
Telephone: +632 832-6988 or 551-555 Loc. 6988

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. I super love the food at Spiral ♥
    Thanks for sharing photos, dear! Havent visited since they newly renovated!

  2. I like the happy color of your blazer, Rochelle! Yellow = Happy. :) The desserts look so good! I want to try Pistachio Malacoff (correct spelling?) and the Eiffel Tower chocolates! - Anna

  3. Ohmygeeeee! Those desserts are extremely mouth-watering!!! Now, I have my cravings for desserts back. gee!

    1. Yummy! I want to go back too, Looking back at the photos.

  4. Drool on your posts again Ate Chelle! I love those chocolates and desserts , WHoaa >.<
    I envy you, you always look great! I love your skin, its not pale white but its glowing white.

    Loving it!

  5. yay! Food galore.. Nom NOm..Such a happy happy anniversary you ever had. Cheers

  6. Wow! Food galore! My family and I are adventurous when it comes to food! We really want to dine at spiral kaya lang namamamahalan kami! Although maraming reviews talaga ang nagsasabi na maganda ang spiral! Hopefully before the year ends we've got to try it! 😊


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