Happy Father's Day 2013 ♥

To all my readers, Happy Father's Day to all Fathers and Soon-To-Be Fathers!!! 

Happy Father's Day to your Daddy, Dad, Tatay, Papa, Lolo, Itay, Ama and anything you called that special man. ♥ 

This Father's Day, take your Superman out and give him a day he'll never forget. Buy him dearest gifts, pamper him and make him feel like the King of the World. He deserves it.

My husband, Euryd totally deserves to celebrate Father's Day. He loves his sons, he is a good provider for our family, he will protect his sons from anything, He protects him family at all costs, for spending quality time with his children and he shows unconditional love . 

Thank you so much for being a Good Papa to Nikolas Riki, Ethan Ryu and Elijah Joaquinn and at somehow you made me feel complete also, with that not having to really experienced having a Father, I actually felt like I was one of your daughter too. Lol! Thank you so much Papa, with all the pampering, making me finished nursing and how you really took good care of us, for all the love and that you're patience and understanding with all the trials we encountered that because for the love to your children, we stay together until the end of time. ♥ 

We Love you so much Papa Euryd! 

Later, we will go out to have a dinner. ♥ I will update post later! 


Father's Day Dinner at Sis Seafood Paluto
Julia Vargas avenue, Ortigas, by the Home Depot, at the back of Metro Walk. Tel. 6315966.
Happy Father's Day Cake from Estrels ♥ 

 Happy Birthday Kuya Lester!
Sobra sarap ng paluto sa Sis Seafood Ortigas. Lahat ng Daddy, Papa, and Tatay sobra nabusog including mga anak and Mommy, Mama and Nanay ♥ 

Blow the cake and make a wish ♥ 
 Happy Father's Day Papa Euryd ♥ 
 Happy Father's Day Papa Czardy "Putoy" ♥ 
 Happy Father's Day Daddy Gari ♥
 Happy Father's Day Papa Ashby ♥ 
 Happy Father's Day Daddy Marc ♥ 
 Happy Father's Day and Birthday Daddy Lester ♥ 
Happy Father's Day Daddy Jojo ♥ 
Happy Father's Day to all the SuperMan ♥ 
The Best Papa and Daddy in the World ♥ 

Happy Father's Day din to my Kuya Robert and my Brother in-law Kuya Adrian, My Cousin Roscoe and Uncles ♥ 

To everyone HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! 

*More Photos uploaded to my Personal Facebook Account ♥

"Anyone can be a Good Father, 
But it takes a Real Man to be a Daddy." 

"Some heroes, Don't have capes... They are called Papa." 

Have a Great, Blessed Father's Day Sunday ♥ 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. Belated Happy Father's Day to your husband =) you are indeed blessed. Estrels - drool =) Missed Estrels

    1. Thank you Pie. God Bless you too. Yes, Estrels so yummy I love that it is not too sweet.


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