Throwback Thursday: My Baby is A Star ♥ Don't miss this opportunity to turn your Little One into the NEXT BIG STAR! ♥

As a mother we always dreamed that someday our baby will be a Star, well in our own eyes they are always our Shining Star ♥ Our inspiration in life, Pride and Joy ♥ Back when we were still in Alamogordo, New Mexico U.S.A. they posted a contest for babies who can have the chance to be the Cutest Baby in Wal-Mart Portrait Studio and so I decided to joined my first and oldest son Nikolas, he was only 4 months old at that time.

You know that feeling when I saw my son won the Cutest Baby and his picture was posted in the Wal-Mart Store. I want to shout to the world that "That's MY BABY,YeheY!" I was so proud, but of course even if he did not win I will always be proud of him and he will always be the STAR for me ♥ 

 He was really cute, always smiling, bubbly, bright child and friendly to everyone, all the good traits I can described him, he was my dream baby. The prizes he had won is just a bonus but that memorable experienced that you actually made your baby a Star for everyone is something will always be nice to look back and that my baby had that opportunity ♥ They will not be a baby forever but memories lasts forever ♥ 

Don't miss this opportunity to turn your Little One into the NEXT BIG STAR! 

BlueWater Day Spa launches its search for the first-ever BlueWater Babies ♥ 
   When it comes to wellness, BlueWater Day Spa never fails to come up with the most innovative and of course, most effective treatments for a sound mind and body.
   From men, women, and now even babies, BlueWater Day Spa has created a totally family-friendly environment, which is coupled by its exciting and effective roster of wellness treatments.
   Continuing on with its pursuit of offering clients some much deserved rest and relaxation to help them recharge their weary bodies, BlueWater Day Spa is proud to launch its signature Baby Massage Treatment.  This enables them to address the wellness needs even of young infants and toddlers, as they too, are prone to stress, which is usually caused by the environment and other outside factors.    
   Given the support that the treatment has received since it was first introduced, BlueWater Day Spa would like to further promote the benefits the Baby Massage Treatment (and also a way for thanking parents who have availed of the treatment for their babies) through its latest promotion, the first-ever search for BlueWater Baby Image Models.
   A modeling search targeting cute babies who will become BlueWater Day Spa’s image models for its signature Baby Massage, the contest will run from June 6 to August 6, 2013 and is open to all babies and toddlers ages 6 months – 2 years old (two winners:  boy and girl) and 2 years – 4 years (two winners:  boy & girl).
Prizes for the four winners include:
• One (1) Birthday Kiddie Spa Party Package for a maximum of 28 persons at BWDS-Ortigas Spa Theatre worth P20,000.00 (Terms and Conditions apply)
•  Complimentary Ten (10) Baby Massage Treatments valid for one year worth P3500.00
• To be featured in a BWDS Ad Campaign for Baby Massage (online, print, in-store ad collaterals) with photo shoot.

So for parents who want their kids to have their start in modeling and just avail of awesome prizes from the family’s favorite spa, check out this link for the full mechanics of the contest

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Thanks for the sweet comment! You have an adorable baby!

  2. your baby deserved to won that contest because of his age of 4 month old he interact very well,he is bubbly and smart.

  3. Thank you Shekinah, May God Bless you more! :-)

  4. Wow congrats! sooooo adorable pictures.
    Its pretty awesome that they capture that wonderful smile of your baby hehe.


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