Happy ONE Month to rochellerivera.com ♥ Cupcake Anyone?

Today I celebrated exactly ONE month since my first post, so officially every 10th of the month is the monthsary of rochellerivera.com. 

I am so thankful for all the new followers, new friends and readers I had since the first day I decided to do a new blog and had my own domain name. 

I am very delighted to be invited to a bloggers event, for receiving gifts to share and I am really looking forward for more on what the blog has to offer and the perks of blogging. 

It was truly special that I also have a special customized cupcakes from TWINKLE'S HOMEBAKED GOODIES 

Yummy, Smells really good and Irresistible 
Home made cupcakes

Each cute cupcake design describe my blog ♥ 
Graduation Cap because my first post is about 
My Graduation Day and one the most memorable and special day of my life ♥ 
♥ Nurse's Stethoscope ♥ I love being a Nurse ♥ 
♥ When you're a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours. ♥ 
Hello Kitty ♥ I LOVE HELLO KITTY ♥ 
Shoe ♥ I LOVE collecting shoes ♥ I will share you my collection soon! I will try do a VLOG (video blog) or just blog photos. 
Lipstick ♥ I love makeup ♥ 
Bag ♥ I love collecting bags and also to travel, staying in a hotel and making reviews about where we stay♥ 
Laptop, the most useful to do my blogging and social media. 
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IN MY HEART ♥ My Pride and Joy ♥ 
♥ Niko ♥ 
♥ Ethan ♥
♥ Elijah ♥
♥ Euryd ♥ 
Cupcakes anyone?

You can order TWINKLE HOMEBAKED GOODIES, She makes customized cakes, lollicakes, cupcakes and so much more goodies ♥ Just fill out the contact form on my sidebar and  please do include your mobile number and that you want to order from TWINKLE HOMEBAKED GOODIES so I can refer you and she can contact you with your order. 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. Happy one month sis :) Cheers to more blogging post and more events (these are all fun, i missed doing it !!! ) Glad I came across to this blog of yours =)
    Take Care, all the best!


    1. Thank you Pie. Hope to see u soon! ♥
      God bless. ♥

  2. Great post! I'm your new follower! I hope to see you in my blog sometimes. Thanks! :) Kisses from VV!!

  3. First congrats for your 1st month iam very happy for you,everyday as much as possible i want to read all your blogs because its very interesting and i learned from you.hoping that iam passionate like you do,wish i can be a blogger someday...Happy ONE Month.More blogs,more months,years and more giveaways!!!!!!!!yay!!

  4. congradulations on making your blog official, and getting your name set in stone in this crazy blogosphere,
    can i ask, what made you decide to turn it into an official domain?
    i have been considering it for awhile but still not sure.
    && how was the process?

    ps absolutly in love with your cuppycakes! the facebook twitter and insta are soooo damn awsome!! serious props to the creator<3

    xoxo bb

    1. Hi BeautyBehaved

      Thank you! Actually my own domain name was a gift for my graduation and it took me awhile what to name it but then I just decided to put my own name and I really love it, so much better to have your own than having blogspot or because its easier to share your url and a domain name gives you credibility. Well... that is just my opinion :-)

      Good Luck! and yes the cupcakes are sooo cute and yummy! and the creator is so creative.

    2. how do you go about getting it? and does everything u did with blogspot dissapear

    3. No it won't disappear, it was my decision to start a new one. You can link your old blogspot link then it automatically link to your new one. My old Url was actually rochellerivera.blogspot.com and moved it here but changed my old one to kawaiiandcolorfulworld.blogspot.com so I notice too that sometimes I will still get search for the post I had before but since I changed they won't able to find, so if you want you can still link your blog now if you decide to get your own domain name.

  5. you can also email me your response, if youd like since blogger doesnt let us know when ppl respond.
    my email is beautybehaved@gmail.com

  6. Thank you Shekinah. ♥
    May God Bless you ♥

  7. Happy ONE Month Anniversary to you rochellerivera.com!
    ang cute ng mga cupcakes it's really made perfectly right just for you ikaw na ikaw! congrats...:)

    1. Thank you Mayla! Yes ang galing nga ako na ako. hehehe...

  8. Wow! I love the designs. Parang ayaw ko na lang kainin pag ganyan sila kagaganda.
    More months to come, I'll be here supporting this reader friendly blog of yours.
    I really enjoy everything. I wonder, bat po malaki ang font size? hehe. Minsan kasi gusto ko makita buong post kaso need to scroll down pa para madami akong mabasang text.

  9. Wow, ang cute ng mga cupcakes! I really love desserts and sweets! Who can't resist? Haha!


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