How to make your rebonding last

If you are tempted to get a hair rebond because your hair is dull, frizzy and unmanageable and you want that straight, sleek and shiny hair. 

However, Imagine the indignation when you get a bad rebond or a rebond that lasts only a month. Remember that rebonding is a chemical, thermal, and mechanical process that is sure to have side effects and adverse reactions. Hair rebonding should help you feel and look more beautiful. That is why getting good quality rebonds using the right products with the best hairstylist is very important.
Most people who get rebonds do not know how to properly take care and maintain their rebonded hair for the long term. Sometimes even the hairstylist is at a complete lost when a customer asks how they can make their rebonds last. Anyone would have second thoughts about getting a rebond in the first place if even the hairstylist does not know how to maintain.

The good thing about rebonds is it’s really not that complicated to care for. With the right product in very capable hands of really good hairstylist and your stanch commitment to maintain it in the long term, a rebond can last for close to a year!

This is why the hair and beauty experts of Ahglow created Kerafix.

Ahglow provides the answer when it formulated Kerafix, which is designed specifically for daily care and maintenance of rebounded hair,” said John Lansang, one of the founders and creator of Ahglow.
The chemicals used in hair rebonding and the high heat from the straightening iron can leave hair dull, dry, and damaged, which doesn’t bode well for hair especially in the long term. The products you use for shampooing, conditioning, protection, and keratin replacement are important.

After a rebond, a good hairstylist will tell you not to:
• Wet or shampoo your hair
• Wear clips, hairbands, hats, or any other headgears
• Tuck your hair behind your ear, ponytail it
• Use any styling products two to three days after the treatment 
lest you lose all effort that was put into making your hair beautifully rebounded. Make the mistake and you’ll live with the marked consequences in the long term.

A good hairstylist will also tell you to commit maintaining your hair and to use products that are up to his standards. For the daily treatment and maintenance of rebonded hair, you need shampoo, whole-day conditioning and shine, keratin replacement, and hair protection. Ahglow’s Kerafix just fits the bill. Here are reasons why:

Rebonds that Last 
Rebonded hair tends to be dry and dull. Shampooing that moisturize hair is just the thing to keep rebonded hair last long term. Shampoo should be formulated with keratin-protein as the active ingredient followed by a conditioner that supports the shampoo’s benefit. Just for that, Ahglow’s Kerafix offers the Deep Moisturizing Treatment Shampoo and Deep Moisturizing Treatment Conditioner.

  Aside from keeping hair from dying or becoming dull, you must also do whole day conditioning and shine. Hair will become soft, smooth and shiny the whole day if you use a leave-on conditioner with a gloss component like the Kerafix Leave-On Conditioning HairShine.

  When hair goes through heat and chemical treatment, it loses the keratin that keeps it health. Keratin-protein replacement must be done to return the proteins you lost to keep it health. The Kerafix rebonded maintenance products are ingeniously formulated with keratin to reinvigorate hair and give back the healthy aspect it lost.

  Ironing and blow-drying hair at home tends to make hair damaged; don’t ‘fry’ your hair at home. Protect hair from the damage brought by extreme heat. Use Kerafix Heat Protection Treatment, which can really shield hair from the extreme heat of iron and blow-dry while you enjoy the benefits of ironing and blow-drying.

At the end of the day, long-term maintenance also relies on the quality of the rebond that you got. Choose the right rebond by choosing Ahglow products. The Ahglow Rebonding System uses a five step system that ensures hair is healthy and beautiful even after the chemical, thermal, and mechanical treatments that when used with low-quality products can surely make hair terrible.

Other rebonding products use only two steps, which neglects the need to replenish the hair’s health. Ahglow’s five step system begins with the Straightening Cream, followed by the Keratin Hair Protek, the Neutralizer Cream, the Keratin Conditioner, and the HairKote.

Another great thing about Ahglow’s rebonding products is its use of a special ingredient imported all the way from Germany to ensure the quality of the rebond. The ingredient other products just didn’t make the cut for the experts of Ahglow. Ahglow also stands out because it doesn’t smell bad unlike other rebonding products. In fact, it smells pretty pleasant.
Of course, making sure the ingredients used were of top quality was not enough to make Ahglow just the best. Ahglow also made sure that it’s convenient and affordable so any Filipina can enjoy being beautiful with rebonded hair. 
They made the Stand-Up Pouches, which contain 165g each of Straightening Cream (No. 1) and Neutralizer Cream (No. 2) - great for single use.

Rebonds that Last      
To ensure that your daily maintenance and styling is also of top quality, Ahglow also came out with their Gold Titanium Straightening Iron that doesn’t snag or pull the hair. It even has a warranty to make sure that customers get the hair care that they want.

Ahglow also offers keratin based conditioners for hair repair and cuticle treatment products formulated for rebounded, relaxed, and even color-treated hair like the original Keratin Reconstructor Conditioner, Avocado Treatment Wax, and the Henna Treatment Wax.

You see, the misconception that hair rebonds last only three months is just that – a misconception. A good rebond can last a really long time if you use the right products and if you commit to maintaining rebonded hair in the long term using great products like Ahglow’s Kerafix

For more information and details, please visit Ahglow Professionnel on Facebook

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  1. Waah na-miss ko na magpa-rebond huhu! Well I agree that a rebonded hair can last if the person really knows to take care of the rebonded hair. I think Ahglow has met the good standards of the products needed on a rebonded hair. Kerafix is also proven maintain the good quality of rebonded hair! :)

  2. My mama needs to read this! Haha. Di kasi sya nakikinig sakin pag sinasabihan ko na alagaan ang hair nya. Kaya ayun, 3 months lang naabot ang rebond.
    Thank you for sharing about Ahglow products :)

  3. parang ako lang, ang tigas ng ulo ko, kahit alam kong bawal ginagawa ko,. kaya ng nangyari 2 months lang inabot ng hair rebond ko,. ang hirap kasi magmaintain minsan, sobrang init pa kaya napupusod ako ng buhok,. atleast now may idea na ko how to maintain my next rebond hair,. pag-iipunan ko muna,.
    thanks for sharing,. :-)

  4. article useful for all readers, I think this would be beneficial for me and many other readers
    thank you for sharing.
    Best Hair Rebonding Tips After Rebonding Hair

  5. im planning to rebond my hair, now I know how to make it last. sometimes tinatali ko parn hair ko dahil super init pero with these tips, for sure mas managable and mamemaintain ko na rebonded hair ko. :)

  6. im planning to rebond my hair, now I know how to make it last. sometimes tinatali ko parn hair ko dahil super init pero with these tips, for sure mas managable and mamemaintain ko na rebonded hair ko. :)

  7. where i can buy those products po?at affordable lng po ba yan?3weks plg kasi rebonding ko ang pangit at kumukulot nnmn..ei na retouch na rin to..hndi tumatalab yata gamot nla eh
    ..:< ..
    so nagpa plan po ako bumili na lng nang hair straightening iron..advisable po ba yun?

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