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John Robert Powers invited members of Mommy Bloggers of the Philippines to a free program orientation seminar in JRP Training Center in Makati City.  
The topics discussed to us was Multi-Level Personality Development Program, English Language Program, Future Leaders Program and Dynamic Parent Workshop. 

Multi-Level Personality Development Program has FIVE Multi-Level Curriculum System
LEVEL I: Basic Personality Development Program
To create an awareness of the need for greater self-improvement by understanding the basics of the foundational modules namely: Personal, Transformation, Effective Communication, Image and Social and Business Etiquette.
LEVEL II: Integrated Image Enhancement
To increase awareness of oneself, to further improve one's communication skills and the enhancement of one's image by integrating the elements of image. 
LEVEL III: Skills Integration & Development
To integrate one's skills using the self in relation to the bigger community, advancing one's communication skills via assertive communication, an introduction to the concept of Power Dressing and how to develop one's style. 
LEVEL IV: Skills Advancement & Career Application
To further advance one's skills that are useful in one's career, such as effective high-impact presentation skills, negotiation skills, travel and trans-cultural etiquette and photo shoot to further enhance and improve one's visual image. 
LEVEL V: Lifetime, Executive & Celebrity Program
To further sharpen one's communication skills including high impact presentation skills, advanced negotiations, business protocol, food and wine appreciation, portraiture- All these aims to bring the highest level one's communication and negotiation skills, impressive visual image and poise, social graces and refined lifestyle. 

English Language Program (ELP) is an integrated program that aims to address problems in grammar and usage and to further enhance the four macro skills- listening, speaking, reading and writing-of the students. It recognizes the need of the Filipinos to brush up on their English. 
Prior to enrollment each student is assessed by the English Learning Program Director to determine his/her proficiency level. There are six stages in the core program; each stage has three levels. Each level has 48 hours: 16 hours of Teacher-led class, 16 hours of Online Grammar Cafe and 16 hours of Conversation Club or ESP task. 
• Primary Beginner
• Beginner
• Upper Beginner
• Intermediate
• Upper Intermediate
• Advanced

Once enrolled, each student receives a student workbook and a pin code to access their online exercises on the internet. Additional materials and handouts are also given. 

Future Leaders Program is a 60-hour that is inclusive of an all year round refresher course.  The program aims to properly nurture this potential by developing the child's leadership values and skills that are not only vital in success of children in school but also for the future in work and instrumental in living a happy and fulfilling life. The program is carefully structured with the intent of creating fun classes for children that will help them develop a positive sense of self, confidence and independence. 

Dynamic Parenting Workshop is designed to empower parents who seek to improve their sense of personality in general and parenting in particular. The program consists of ten different topics relevant to the formation of more constructive and responsive parenting approach. Through a series of lectures, focus group discussions, and other interactive activities and strives to provide parents with an alternative and proactive learning experience. 

With the John Robert Powers Advantage. For 90 years, they have trained countless graduates for success include Powers models or graduates of famous personalities and celebrities local and International. 
Thank you John Robert Powers for giving Mommy Bloggers Philippines the opportunity to share this to our dear readers.  

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THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. I really love to enroll myself to their english language program! But too bad mahal yung rates hehe! :) buti pa kayo may free program orientation seminar!

  2. wow,. ang ganda ng program nila para madevelop yung english language ng isang tao. cguradong maganda talaga ang program nila kasi natrained pala nila si Jessica Sanchez,.


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