My Great Food App Launch to make life easier and happier with cooking time!

Fact: Making your own meal at home is less expensive than eating out. Not only does it save you money but you can also make it healthier with no added preservatives by choosing your own ingredients. You are able to ensure the ingredients that go into your food are clean and free of contaminants. However, many people simply don't do it because it's inconvenient, it takes time to prepare and they often have no idea how to prepare a good family meal. 

Here's great news for everyone! Now there's an app to help you, as San Miguel Pure Foods launches their My Great Food App.  


San Miguel Pure Foods (SMPFC) cooks up something big as they launch a consumer portal designed to provide food lovers with new and interesting recipes that can be easily done at home. Aside from the usual cooking demos and lifestyle culinary workshops, SMPFC aims to reach out to Filipino households and strengthen digital presence to parallel today’s growing online community.

The My Great Food (MGF) website ( will serve as a recipe hub for everyone who has a heart for cooking. With over 1,000 tested recipes, one will never run out of menu ideas for special occasions, weekend getaways, or even everyday meals.

If you prefer watching then you will really love this useful app with useful video that delivers handy hints from chefs and food enthusiasts. 

The site displays multiple features such as cooking video gallery, menu planner, and personalized recipe page. It also has a social networking feature that allows its members to interact and share their culinary experiences.

My Great Food comes in a mobile app which can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play. 

Download the app today or visit and register as a member to enjoy its exciting features.

MGF members will receive updates on special events, kitchen tips, recipe ideas, and latest trends in the food and dining scene. 


I was invited to the My Great Food App Launch last March 28, 2014 held at Marmalade Kitchen at Forum South Global, Bonifacio Global City.
Gorgeous Mommy Christine Jacob-Sandeja hosted the My Great Food App Launch.

We were treated with a cooking demonstration by Chef Aileen Anastacio and taught us how to make Eggs Benedict.  

The Foolproof Hollandaise sauce is simply put together in a blender- no double boiling necessary. 

Eggs Benedict and Foolproof Hollandaise  by Chef Aileen Anastacio  

This is a no-fuss easy recipe.  

You can find this recipe on the The My Great Food (MGF) app or website

Chef Aileen Anastacio also demonstrated on how to make Almond Roca Frappucino. 
Frappuccino’s are my favorite! I LOVE them! These recipes are easy to make and easy on the budget. Learn how to make a Frappuccino using one of the amazing recipes that can be found on The My Great Food app. 
 I like the simple, home-cooked goodness of the food prepared by the chef. 
Can't wait to try this at home! 

It was a lucky day for me and I won both of their contest giveaways. Yey! The first one was, Guess the Ingredients and we had the most number of correct ingredients. The other contest that they have was the Best Instagram photo with the Hashtag #MyGreatFoodLaunch

Last Sunday, I tried out the Corned Beef Pasta for my kids, a recipe that I found at My Great Food App. There’s a step by step instruction that made this cooking very easy to follow.
You can click “Add to Grocery List” that will help you save time at the grocery store (and we all need that, right?) Instead of using your classic pen and paper, the grocery list offers built-in databases so you can quickly add items to your list. 

The verdict: The whole family loved it! This will definitely be one of my go to specialty. I’m looking forward on cooking so much more delicious meals using My Great Food App. 

My Great Food App has changed my relationship to cooking. I used to find cooking such a stressful and overwhelming experience. After using My Great Food App, I now started to love cooking. 

The recipes are delicious and easy. I am now looking forward to cooking because I know what I am going to make and I'm confident that my family will love it!

Thank you so much San Miguel Pure Foods My Great Food App! 

My Great Food App is a must-have for any kitchen.
What are you waiting for? 
Make your life easier and happier with cooking time and Download the My Great Food App now!

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Looks like Ethan (Am I right?) enjoyed your corned beef spaghetti! Can't wait to try the great food app! I really don't cook but with that app I think it will be easier for me to cook na! Great App!!

  2. thumbs up for My Great Food App,.!!!!
    thanks for sharing this info,.
    this will help me everytime i cook,. mahilig kasi akong magluto pero kadalasan nakakalimutan ko yung ibang ingredients,.


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