NIDO FORTIFIED Wear Your Love- Mother's Day Surprise!

NIDO FORTIFIED went the extra mile to make the celebration of the World's #1Moms extra special. They worked together with dads and kids to set up a relaxing and exciting surprise for their moms.  
Anchored on NIDO FORTIFIED’s “Wear Your Love” Mother’s Day initiative this year, the special gathering showcased how powerful and moving the collaboration between family members and kids can be to honour moms as #1MOM.

Denise Chua, Nestle Philippines Consumer Marketing Manager said, “Mother’s Day is a great way to make wives and mothers feel how much they are loved and appreciated by her friends and family. Beyond simply being unexpected, surprising a loved one has a long-lasting impact that leads to tighter emotional bonds with her whole family.”

Last May 3, NIDO FORTIFIED gave us the spotlight as the World's #1 Moms, with a pampering day at Blue Water Day Spa in celebration of Mother's Day. 
We had a relaxing foot pampering delight package that includes foot spa, foot reflexology and massage while watching a movie titled Friends with kids at the Blue Water Day Spa's Theater.  

The NIDO FORTIFIED team has another surprise for us. We were blindfolded after our relaxing day of pampering and a movie from the spa theater. They ushered us into a van for the next activity that they have planned for us. They were just making sure that we get the full surprise experience.

While we were at the van blindfolded, my phone vibrated so I took a peek, my husband texted me and he said he was already at his work and asked me what time I will be going home. 

I replied that I don't know yet because we are here in the van and they told us that they are taking us to another place as they have a Mother's Day surprise waiting for us, I even told him that maybe that was the reason why they want me to take my kids with me. Awww... Sayang! 

After a few minutes, we were escorted out of the van and walk to the place where our surprise was waiting. While I felt I was at the entrance door, I just heard this is Mommy Rochelle! 
Then they lined us up and asked us to remove our blindfolds. I was so surprise that my oldest son Niko standing in front of me holding a yellow rose and a customized shirt with their message on what makes mom#1 and it was a special moment, we were showered with confetti and I asked him who dropped him off, I turned around it was my husband. I thought he was already at his work and he said he cancelled it because he wants to be there for the surprise that NIDO FORTIFIED orchestrated for me.    

I really feel like the World's #1 Mom. How I wish my son Ethan and Elijah was here too but with summer vacation they had been sleeping late and he didn't want to wake them up anymore. 
Best Mother's Day Gift! 
Our family was also treated lunch at Uncle Cheffy. 
The first 2,000 statements submitted to the campaign website were transformed into unique shirts produced by local clothing brand Bench Lifestyle. Capping off this creative tribute to moms, each personalized statement shirt was placed in NIDO FORTIFIED-inspired cans and delivered to moms as surprise packages during Mother's Day week. 
Surprise your #1MOM Wear Your Love shirts that can be availed by purchasing specially marked packs of NIDO FORTIFIED or NIDO 3+ and redeemed at select Bench branches in Metro Manila.
Redemption period is from May 3-31, 2014.

Thank you so much 

Nestlé Philippines-NIDO FORTIFIED, Ogilvy, 

My sweetest husband Euryd and my kids for this Mother's Day wonderful surprise. 
NIDO FORTIFIED Wear Your Love- Mother's Day Surprise ♥ 
Watch the video and see how #1MOMS reacted to the personalized shirts created by their loved ones. 

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THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Wow! Happy Mother's Day Ms. Rochelle. Ang ganda pong tingnan ang masaya ninyong pamilya.. How sweet naman po ng anak mo Ms. Rochelle.

    1. Thank you Flor Ann! :-) It was really a sweet family moment ♥

      Happy Mother's Day to all!

  2. Despite of all the efforts you made to inspire us with your blog posts, I think you deserved it! The best gift is not really material things but the sweet memories and how your husband and sun made you feel special! Don't mind about all the photos you have lost in your laptop! I'll support you all the way anyway hehe! Belated Happy Mother's day!

  3. The best gifts in life are not really the material things but the memories and happiness you shared from your family and for us readers. Don't you worry about the photos deleted on your laptop! I'll support you all the way anyway! Happy Mother's day!

  4. aw. belated happy mother's day, rochelle :)

  5. happy family,. kitang kita sa mukha nyo kung gaano kaya kasaya,. :-)


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