Flawless Body Scrub to Keep you Flawless All Summer!

The unbearable heat of summer, air pollution and stress nowadays, makes it feels so good to treat myself to a body scrub this afternoon at Flawless in SM Makati. 

Body scrubs are essential this summer, perfect to do it after your beach getaway. It works to slough off dead skin and is a great way to keep your skin young and healthy. 

Treating yourself with body scrub once or twice a week will help you achieve smooth, glowing and flawless skin. 

The procedure done at Flawless is first you wet yourself in the shower. You will be provided with disposable undies, hair cap, towel and flip flops that you can even take home. Then you will lie down the bed while the aesthetician scrub you that feels like you are just getting a relaxing body massage. It feels so good that someone else is doing the scrub for you because you really get the scrubbing you need even to the hard to reach part of our body and it just feels amazing to just relax. 
Flawless uses a sea salt that is an excellent scrub to exfoliate your way to super-soft skin. Unlike other scrub, the sea salt at Flawless doesn't sting and doesn't dry out the skin. It has a aromatic floral scent without overpowering that will leave you smelling great and feeling refreshed. When I emerged from the shower, my skin were silky-smooth. 

After getting body scrub, you will also get a bleaching/lightening body wrap that during that session I actually fell asleep while letting the bleaching cream to dry on my skin then after rinsing and towel dry the skin, you will be finished off with the aesthetician applying whitening lotion. It will make you feel like a baby that someone else is applying everything for you and also for having the baby like soft and smooth skin. Overall, I am very satisfied and it is something that I will indulge myself again. I love that I noticed immediately that my skin was glowing after the session. I also highly recommend Marian, the friendly and nice aesthetician who did the body scrub for me.  
Thank you so much Flawless Face and Body Clinic!


Get the best out of life, treat yourself and take advantage of Flawless Summer Promo valid until May 31, 2015. Get 25% discount on their Body Scrub, Back Cleaning, Underarm Whitening and Shape & Sculpt services. 

Visit a Flawless Clinic near you to avail any of these services today! 

Contact Flawless SM Makati now to make an appointment (02)553-0007

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  1. Nice promo. :) I also want scrubs occasionally done to me too. Nakakarelax talaga. :) Will visit flawless soon. Reward ko naman to myself

  2. Omg! I really want to try this because I really want to be relax and want scrubs once in a while ❤❤❤

  3. I've never tried this, what a loser of me lol But it's on my bucketlist haha babaw :) thanks for sharing this!

    Drop by my blog too if you got time ^_^



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