This woman means the whole world to me ♥

I have never been a fan of debts but I owe my whole life to someone; my mom. I am everything I am today because of her and I will forever be grateful for the sacrifices and struggles she endured just for us to live comfortably. Making our way to where we are now was bumpy and full of surprises but those things never affected her because of her great love for our family. She had to work abroad and did everything she could for my family. She is someone I look up to despite of all the flaws that comes with her great personality. 

So for Mother’s Day, I am dedicating this blogpost to my mom and just to keep it light and less drama, I’m going to share some of my embarrassing moments with her.

1.) I lived most of my life without her by my side but when we are together, she really made sure to make up with us. She would do normal mommy errands during her vacation here in the Philippines. She would cook for us and prepare our lunch boxes for school. And when she drops us to school before we even get to the gate, she would yell I love you in front of all our schoolmates and would even send out tons of flying kisses. I remember blushing and making a faint smile every time she did it.

  2.) My mom is known for being free spirited, outgoing and very sociable. She didn’t fear the unknown and tried everything that goes along her way. She is the kind of person who will talk to a random stranger at a bus station just to kill time. I remember my first day at school when I finally moved to the US. I was so frightened and nervous because everything for me was unfamiliar. I did not want to go to school and even felt like crying but my mom being the way she is told me that I can do it. That there is no reason for me to be afraid because I can do what the other kids can do or even be better than them. After that talk, she walked me to my classroom and talk to the nearest child there. She talked so highly of me and convinced her to make friends with me because I am such a good person and everything. She started telling unnecessarily stories about me and made noise that made the other kids come. All I can do then was smile and hoped that the teacher will come soon so she can go home.   

  3.) There was this one time when I was still a kid and we were on our way home from the market when I saw Jollibee. It is every Filipino child’s dream to eat there so I nagged her to buy me something from there. But that was just not a good time. We were short in money so she said no but as an inconsiderate child, I wept like the world was going to end. I threw tantrums everywhere hoping she would change her mind but she didn’t. She held her ground and watched me cry from a far. She even joked around telling passersby that I was for sale. I ended up embarrassing myself and accepting the fact that I was not going to get my chickenjoy that day.  

 These moments with my mom may have been uncomfortable for me but they all contributed to what I am today and directed me to valuable life lessons. She taught me the importance of being vocal about your feelings and to not be ashamed of it. She trained me to be brave and to face the world with my head held high. I started believing in myself because she sees the good in me even when I’m at my worst.
   And lastly, she taught me how to live. She helped me recognize the essence of contentment in happiness and that you should always be thankful for what you have regardless of how little it may be. 
  I truly wish to spend the day with her this coming Mother’s Day because every time I look at her, I see someone who is worthy of celebrating. It may not happen this year because she’s currently working back in the US but I know that it will be so fun if we can go out and get our hair and nails done, watch a movie together, shop in our favorite boutique and eat in our favorite fast food place, Jollibee. 
  I know how much she misses the food there and how much she would love to eat in Jollibee especially now that they currently have a promo with their famous chickenjoy.
  Jollibee’s 1-piece Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti SOLO are now on sale for only P99 (original price is P117) 
  1-piece Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti Value Meal  is now more affordable for P109 (original price is P122). 

  Me and my mom share a special bond over discounts  

How about you what are the things that make your   mom embarrassing yet endearing? 
Share your stories at the comment section below. 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Whenever we go to the wet market or grocery, my Mom always roam around to check the prices so as to know on what stall or product has the cheapest yet with a good quality. It is sometimes embarrassing because the vendor would put up that annoyed face. Then I asked her why does she always do that, she said, so that she can have some savings. ^^ Frugality at its finest. LOL! I love you Mama. ^^

  2. I love your post. ^^ It made me think of my mom today despite of my busy schedule. ^^

  3. i think your post is heart warming and you really remember all the things about your mom!
    i think the most embarrassing yet so endearing acts of my mom is 1.when she warn all of my Suitor to back off and let me finish studies first before courting me,i feel that my mother is so overprotecting me but now i know, she do it because she really loves me so much!
    2.she always there when me and friends go out for malling or school project, the last thing i remember she waited all night at the gate for me when i attend a debut.

  4. I love your post, it is very genuine and it makes me realize that every mom in this world has their own fun and weird side :) I can totally relate to this blog post because I got some of my mom's funny treats listed on my mind as well haha
    Here are the things that make my moms embarrassing yet endearing:
    1. My mom composes her own songs which consists of her terms of endearment for us esp. when we were still babies haha up until now she sings those tunes loudly sometimes even outside the house haha where everyone can hear

    2. She calls me cheez whiz hahaha or or cheese or chisca no Visayan pun intended I dont know why she calls me that wherever we are haha

    3. She tends to act more childish and bubbly than I am haha, one summer vacation my younger sister for being a scholar was offered a PHP200.00 worth computer workshop consisting of 14 sundays, my younger sister wasn't able to avail the said workshop due to having so many organizations in line to attend even during non-school days so my mom availed it then she also found out that she can avail for two slots so she enrolled me as well... me and my mom are classmates now haha!
    During our first day of school my mom (as usual because she has that bubbly personality) claps her hands and says yehey as the first subject teacher arrives then was able to talk that easy to our seatmates compared to me who is just quiet and sitting in the corner hahaha and asked her to calm and stop clapping and saying yehey because it doesn't fit her age of 44... then during our next subject wherein we transfer on the computer lab... the professor asked us to type a document describing and introducing ourselves which consists of 200 words, the girl sitting next to my mom was sort of looking on my mom's desktop then she jokingly said "bawal mangopya" but with a smiling face and her seatmates was surprised and laughed a bit I was doing a facepalm hahahah because she can throw a joke like that to people she just met hahaha

    4. She made another song for this unusual product we bought at Robinson's easymart called chomps, it looks like mini brown hotdogs/longganisa... my mom loved the taste of chomps and keep on singing chom chom chom whenever she wants to buy chomps or is finding the chomps inside the easymart store hahaha

    5. my mom is younger at heart than i am... she takes photos of our food whenever we eat outside the house or whenever she cooks an unusual dish hahaha

    6. my mom acquires a very good taste when it comes to fashion, in fact she serves as our stylist to me and my younger sister because she dresses fashionably and nowhere near the "manang" style

    7. she is very conservative when it comes to watching tv, I call her MTRCB whenever there are obscene, violently dramatic, explicit scenes on tv... sometimes it irritates me because there are times where my mom just assumes that the couple on tv hugging and/or kissing will do torrid kisses and hugs later that will lead to sex making my mom find the remote or ask us to go to a different channel or when there are sexy ladies dancing on tv and my brother and father are watching with us she'll find the remote and press on a different channel *sighs

    8. My mom is very straightforward when it comes to salespersons... she always opt for cheap prices, much better discounts and always targets for products on sale

    9. My mom tends to always say "ang mahal naman" with products she wants to buy but is pricey for her and I always keep on telling her to keep that opinion inside her mind because some salespersons looked insulted or pissed hahaha

    10. My mom always want her family to keep intact resulting to... when my dad's just taking a bath and my mom can't see or find or don't know where our dad is... she has this manner of saying "nasaan si papa niyo, Ruben (my dad's name) nasaan ka" even though she is fully aware that my dad's just inside the house hahaha

    I act more like a mom than my mom hahaha

  5. alam mo im so much inggit with your post with your mommy kasi 5 yrs na wala na ang nanay ko masaya ako para sayo na hangang ngayon is andiyan pa rin xa sa tabi mo at nasasabihan mo ng problema mo i miss my nanay so much minsan naiiyak nalang ako pag naalala ko siya ... sobrang bait kasi ng nanay ko kahit kapos sa budget gumagawa talaga siya ng paraan mabilhan lang kami ng gusto namin ngayon may asawat anak na k0 hindi man lang niya nakita ang mga apo niya.ito yung ang pinaka embarass kasi iniwan niya kami agad pero may pumalit naman dito ang aking byenan sobrang maalaga siya lalo sa mga apo niya tinuring ko na siyang 2nd mother ko nagiisa lang din kasi anak ang asawa ko ... kaya wala rin ako kaagaw sa pansin lalo sa mga apo niya minsan napapangiti ako kasi mas pumapanig pa siya sa sa akin kesa asawa ko minsan nagseselos na nga siya eh hehhe so happy ako kahit wala na si nanay may pumalit naman ang aking byenan mgakasundo nga kami sa mga damit na sinusot namin nagsasabi kami kung bagay ba sa amin ung damit hehee nakkatuwa talaga kahit minsan may mga tampuhan kami pero iniintindi ko na rin siya kasi 66 na rin siya at ako naman una lage nagsosorry kasi mas matanda siya... mahal na mhala ko siya tulad ng pagmamahal ko sa namatay kong nanay thanks god bngyan niya ako ng pangalawang nanay ko na nasa tabi ko lage at ng aking asawat anak im so blessed pa rin pala hahah :)

    and one of my wish this coming mothers day ma i treat ko man lang siya or maregalohan para maipadama k0 sa kanya na thankful ako at siya ang naging byenan ko ang my second mother na khit n wala na si nanay nararamdaman ko pa rin may isang ina sa tabi ko na mapagsasabihan ko ng problema ko :) ....
    HAPPY MOTHERS to you Mam Rochelle and xempre to your MOM :)
    THANKS FOR SHARING YOU STORIES WITH YOUR MOM kakatuwa talaga kayo hehhee ...

  6. My mama is the best for me kahit minsan di ko ma gets ung trip ni mama.
    Nung bata pa kmi palaging ang daming tao s bahay namin puro pinsan ko kasi mahilig sa bata si mama.Nagrereklamo n kmi pero sabi nya mas masaya kasama ang mga bata masayang kausap kaya pati ako ngayon feeling young at heart.
    Tuwing brownout noong bata pa kami hilig mag kwento ng life experience nua sa province nila...kay sa anak ko pag kinukwento ko ung buhay nya natatawa di makapaniwala na lola ung makulit na bata na kinukwento ko.
    Si mama super bilib sa aming magkakapatid...minsan kami na nga nahihiya dahil s sobrang build up s amin.
    Sa palengke kilala na kmi ng suki nya kasi sinasabi nya anak ko ro ha bigyan mo to ng tawad pag works naman ung pagiging friendly ni mama nagbebenefit kming mga anak nya...
    Sa bunso namin pinagmamalaki nya na maganda ang boses kaya tiwala dyang nagiging singer ang bunso namin.
    Masarap kausap si mama madami syang experince s buhay na kakapulutan mo ng aral. Minsan kahit magkasama na kami makikipagkwentuhan pa din sya sa katabi nya feeling close nya...
    Gusto nya ding isulat ang buhay nya sa MMK diba ibrodcast sa buong mundo ang life story nya sabi ko sa libro na lang mama pero gusto nya daw kasi pipili sya ng artista na bibida sa buhay nya..buti wala p syang napipili kila vilma or nora...
    Mama Yullie, I Love You from the bottom of my heart. Araw natin to. Salamat at tinututruan mo pa din ako pano maging mabuting ina sa apo mo...Proud ako sa pagpapalaki mo s aming magkakapatid...Godbless mama and Godhealth always...hugs and kisses. KristineCasten

  7. Wow, you really love your mom. And I so love this blog post. So insightful.

    As for my mom naman, she always brags about my achievements to almost anyone. I almost wanted to sink as I don't want people knowing that I'm from UP and all. :/ But I love it because I know she's just really proud of me. :) I love her from the bottom of my heart.

    Also when I was in high school, di niya ko sinasamahan mag-enroll. Matuto daw akong mag-isa para kapag college na, di na rin ako sasamahan. I'm really thankful she did that. When I was in UP na, I was ashamed of those who went with their parents to enroll. Di pa nila kayang mag-isa. Now that I'm working, I still see newly hired employees na hinahatid ng parents. So childish. :)

  8. Hi Mommy Rochelle!
    First of all, i want to greet you and your Mom a HAPPY, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!
    Grabe! Parang di manlang kayo mukhang mommy lalo na yung mom mo. hehe :)

    Hmm, Loving this post of yours by the way. Sobrang nakakarelate lalo na pag isang INA narin tayo.
    so here are my embarrassing moments with my MAMA too. :D

    1. Mabunganga po ang aking Ina, naalala ko pa dati kailangan talaga naming gumising ng maaga para maglinis at maligo ng maaga. Hindi talaga yan hihinto hanggat hindi kami bumangon ng mga kapatid ko.
    Pero nagpapasalamat talaga ako sa kanya kasi ngayon sanay na akong bumangon ng maaga at gumawa ng gawaing bahay dahil lumaki naman kaming walang katulong kaya kayang-kaya ko!
    2. Kuripot - Sobrang matipid talaga Mama ko, kahit piso na yung sukli kelangan parin namin yun ibigay sa kanya kasi nga di madali maghanap ng pera. Kahit nga nakakakita sya ng 25 cents sa daan eh pupulutin parin nya kasi magagamit din nya yun pag naggro-grocery sya. haha
    3. Siya po yung tipong hindi nagsasabi ng I LOVE YOU sa amin pero dun ko po napatunyan sa kanya na ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. OO nga naman! kasi nararamdaman naman po namin yung mga sakripisyong ginawa nya sa amin, pag-iintindi, at pagmamahal na walang kapantay.

    Ngayon, isa na rin po akong INA at baon-baon ko po yung mga pangaral nya sa akin noon. :)

  9. we have our own story to tell when it comes to our irreplaceable "mom", i find yours cute and straight! each of us we're drawn to be more focus whenever the subject is our mother, and it only defind who we are!

  10. I really admire this post of yours. Enjoy reading this one☺ kami ng mommy doesn't have a perfect relationship but i really love her. And 2years ago when I became a Mom, i understand her passion for protecting me when I was younger:)


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