I DO IT TWICE A WEEK! It's a Sexy Clean Revolution!

Recently, I attended the BETADINE® Feminine Wash, I do it twice a week campaign event in partnership with Flawless Face & Body Clinic and Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa held at Intercontinental Manila. 
It was an evening of fun and pampering with lots of surprises await! 

We were asked to wear a light and breezy summer outfit and to wear sandals or flats. 
My Outfit of the Day
Dress: Seventh Street 
Sandals: Jelly Nelly 
Always remember Be someone else's SUNSHINE. Be the reason someone SMILES today :-) 
I wish attending an event like this happens twice a week. Lol! :-) It was a very refreshing event! 
During the event, I had so much fun taking lots of photos with my gorgeous fashion blogger friend Charlene.  
There was a lot of exciting activities like at the Flawless Face and Body Clinic Booth, guests can play a mini golf game, and win some prizes.  There was also free skin care consultation.

Relax and be pampered at the Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa with a foot and hand massage, back massage and two tone nail treatment. 
I learned so much from the guest speakers, an OB-GYNE gave a lecture about feminine hygiene, Flawless and Posh Nails talked about skin care and nail care tips.  
BETADINE® Feminine Wash, the doctor-trusted antiseptic feminine wash, promotes a new feminine hygiene routine that may be a foundation of confidence and sexiness for women.

Every day, women are prone to itchiness and irritation in their intimate area.  This feminine discomfort makes for a more self-conscious, distracted and simply un-sexy feeling, affecting their day-to-day performance. That’s why BETADINE® Feminine Wash’s new campaign “I DO IT TWICE A WEEK” focuses on the importance of a proper feminine hygiene habit.  That sexy confident feeling may be achieved just by using BETADINE® Feminine Wash TWICE a week.

Modern Filipinas want to be everything: corporate leaders, caring mothers, community advocates, and sports enthusiasts, just to name a few. And we all want these while staying sassy and sexy. But our hot, humid weather plus wearing tight jeans or body hugging outfits can leave us more susceptible to irritation in the intimate area. Dark, humid places are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi.  Using BETADINE® Feminine Wash TWICE a week can help us stay clean and protected. It contains PVP-Iodine that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi – the common causes of irritation, itchiness and odor in our intimate area.

With BETADINE® Feminine Wash, feminine hygiene is of the utmost importance. Because by being clean, you may have that sexy feeling even beyond red days. This is the movement that BETADINE® Feminine Wash hopes to bring to life.  It’s a Sexy Clean Revolution! And it just takes a TWICE a week feminine hygiene habit to be part of it.  Feel cleaner, sexier and more protected with BETADINE® Feminine Wash

How to use BETADINE® Feminine Wash?
Pour 2-3 small drops of BETADINE® Feminine Wash
Dilute with a palmful of water. Wash on the external genital for 15 sec. or less. Rinse thoroughly with water. Use only TWICE A WEEK for regular wash protection. 

BETADINE® Feminine Wash 
To further encourage Filipinas to get into the twice a week habit, BETADINE® Feminine Wash partners up with like-minded brands in the Be Sexy Clean promo.  With this partnership, they hope to continue to alleviate women from feminine discomfort and keep women feeling Sexy Clean.

Join the Sexy Clean Revolution! with the hashtag: 
#Idoittwiceaweek #BETADINEFeminineWash

Visit BETADINE® Feminine Wash Official website for more details. 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Love your outfit! Summer na summer. Wow, that's a lot of activities and it sure looks fun. I'll but Betadine na din. Will grab the promo as well. :) Big savings

  2. as always, luminous ang beauty mo Mam Rochelle, nice dress, tried this na, and i felt so clean and fresh!

  3. My mother-in-law already used Betadine Feminine Wash. And because of your review, Ms. Rochelle will try this out.

    Thank you for bringing a good review.

    PS: I like your outfit! Bagay na bagay sa'yo. Ang seksi nyo po.


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