My Son Nikolas Riki's 13th Birthday

May 6- Today is a very special day  I can't believe it's been 13 years since I welcomed my first baby, Nikolas Riki Kawasaki-Rivera, into this world. It was one of the most amazing days of my life and not a day has gone by since that I'm not more amazed by and more in love with Niko. 
Dear Niko, 

From the moment I held you on the first day you were born. I felt an instant connection with you that can only be described as the purest form of love that exists. You have taught me so many things about myself and life in general: you have permanently changed me for the better. 

Always remember I will always be here when you need me. I won’t always get it right, but I’ll always be here and I’ll always try. You can't always get what you want but your Papa and I will always try to give you what you need.  I know life holds wonderful things for you and I hope you see the good that is in you and around you. Thank you being a good boy and most importantly for being a very understanding and patient Kuya to your little brothers Ethan and Elijah kahit na minsan sobra kulit nila. I love you with all my heart  Niko. 

Here are some of the fun things we did for his Birthday: 
Niko requested us to play paintball for his birthday celebration. We went to Global Gutz on the day before his birthday with his cousins. We had a lot of fun, it truly made his birthday super memorable. 
Please note that it can hurt when hit by a paintball and you are more likely to have some welts, so I highly recommend to wear jeans or coveralls, and loose fitting clothes beneath, bring a pair of gloves and wear adequate shoes which may get dirty. I am so sorry again Aaron for accidentally hitting your hand. :-( 

Sando boys 
We all got hungry after the wonderful experience of playing paintball for the first time. 
We had early dinner at Sentro 1771 

After our meal, the servers gave him a free dessert and sung him Happy Birthday which he appreciates. 

Happy Birthday Niko! 
After enjoying our dinner we strolled around High Street and window shop then grabbed yummy yogurt at White Hat. 

My husband bought him a Tiramisu cake from Honeybee Patisserie in Tokyo Bubble Tea in which I highly recommend their cakes. They didn't give this cake to us for FREE, we actually paid for it, but I am telling you their cakes is so good! The best thing about their cakes is how they taste as good as they look. These are the cakes you would love to give and share with the people who mean most to you
See more at: 
When the clock strikes at 12, we surprised him with his delicious cake and sung him a Happy Birthday. ♥ 

Thank you Aaron, Clarence, Czarina, Trisha, Pauline and Xedric for taking your time with us to celebrate Niko's Birthday.  

 Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. That's so sweet of you Ms. Rochelle. Who wouldn't enjoy the activities you just did? :) Congrats on having a grownup kid. :D And happy birthday to him. Oh, I love that cake too. I actually love cakes in TBT. :) And of course, their milk tea

  2. a very warm message! he's only 13 yet he's tall enough to look like a young man! nice physique!


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