Sentro 1771 First in Modern Filipino Cuisine ♥ Rediscover a Filipino First with New Menu ♥

Sentro 1771  
Sentro 1771 is definitely a comfort food for the Filipino soul! 
S.I.L.Y.A ROCKING CHAIRS are lovingly provided to the elderly. ♥ 
Sa Iyo Lolo at Lola Yantok Aming Alay often referred to as S.I.L.Y.A ♥ 
Set at the open waiting area of Sentro 1771, its elderly patrons no longer need to wait impatiently. Now they can enjoy TITO's Rocking chairs unmindful of the usual wait in this busy Serendra Restaurant. 

We were invited for a Blogger's lunch to Rediscover a Filipino First with Sentro 1771's New Menu ♥ 
It was a pleasure to be invited to a food-tasting opportunity with the first in modern filipino cuisine, Sentro 1771. We had a table that has been specially reserved for us and were pleasantly surprised by the wide range of food they offer on their menu!
I love the personalized Reserved table  
Sentro 1771 is committed not only to being the first in Modern Filipino Cuisine, but first in quality as well. The restaurants are built not around the cash register, but around the full-service kitchen. This means everything is guaranteed fresh and made à la minute - no commissary. Not only are the new offerings tantalizing, they are also healthier and diet-friendly, featuring naturally raised pork and brown rice or red rice as options. Whatever you are craving, there is something for you in Sentro 1771’s latest menu.
I love that the specialties are written in the board and that you can actually see the kitchen and chef making their magic on making or cooking well and clean food.
PRICE: Php 170
Peking pancakes filled with strips of native duck slow-cooked in beer, rhum vinegar, soy sauce and muscovado sugar are tucked into Chinese pancake pockets and served on soup spoons. 

A must-order when looking for an alternative to pork or beef. 

B2B Sticks (4 pcs.)
PRICE: Php 150
Skewered and grilled organic chicken gizzards cooked adobo-style. 

Another must-try. These grilled organic chicken gizzards cooked adobo-style are perfect for the curious foreigner or someone craving for street food that's safe yet full of flavor.
Macau Chorizo and Cheese Tidbits 
PRICE: Php 240
Mini spring rolls filled with Macau Chorizo, Shallots and Keso de bola. 

Two-egg Ampalaya Crepe
PRICE: Php 150
Sauteed bitter melon on an egg crepe, topped with salted duck egg. 

For those with an aversion to ampalaya, See if Sentro's version doesn't change your mind! Sure to delight ampalaya lovers and haters alike.

Fish of the Day Pandan 
PRICE: Php 220 per 100g
Whole fish stuffed with sauteed onions, tomatoes, miso and malunggay, tied with pandan.

If you're craving for inihaw, order the Fish of the Day- delivered fresh every morning and grilled to order. For the stuffing, you can choose between tomato-miso-malunggay (P220 per 100g) and kamis (P140 per 100g).

Camote Cups (4 pcs.)
PRICE: Php 240
Carved sweet potato filled with stir-fried cabbage,
Baguio beans and carrots with sauce.
Chicken Adobo sa Gata 
PRICE: Php 250
Still retains the vinegar-garlic-peppercorn balance but
thickened with coconut milk.
Lamb Caldereta 
PRICE: Php 480
Boneless lamb shoulder stewed with carrots, bell peppers, tomato sauce, and spices.
 You can choose to have it mild or spicy.

Everyone's favorite!  I don't really like Caldereta but this one is a winner! It was definitely the best dish for me. The meat was tender and cooked right to perfection and the sauce is perfectly seasoned.
Sugar Free Humba
PRICE: Php 320
Pork belly stewed in soy sauce, rhum vinegar, fermented black beans and coco sugar. 

I didn't have the chance to try and taste The Sugar Free humba but definitely looks like a satisfying choice which I heard has a Tender Pork Belly. 
Seafood Bagoong Rice 
PRICE: Php 530
Topped with grilled squid, garlic shrimps and hito flakes.
If brown rice or red rice, add: 45

 Sentro 1771's Seafood Bagoong Rice is so good! Eto yung"Kanin pa lang ulam na". Another winner for me! 
Sinigang na Corned Beef 
PRICE: Php 595
“You’ve got to try it to believe it!”
Corned beef short plate and boneless beef shanks
in tamarind broth with native vegetables.

People lined up outside to get a taste of the famous Corned Beef Sinigang by Executive Chef Vicky Pacheco. 

The good thing about Sentro 1771's Sinigang was that the sourness and if you want it salty or not can be adjust depending on your own taste. Before they serve this dish, they will offer a cup of Sinigang Soup to check your desired taste of the dish. That's a really great idea since some people don't want too much sourness or salty of the dish.

It was really a great and delicious meal that is unforgettable. 
Keso Flan 
PRICE: Php 220
a baked but light, no crust cheesecake served with quezo de bola and red egg. 
A Perfect Combination- The flan tastes like cheesecake and eat them together to enjoy more, adding itlog na maalat and quezo de bola, it feels like an awesome gift you received for Christmas.  

It is definitely a must try! 
Fried Suman and Mangoes
PRICE: Php 180
Rolled-out suman fried to a light crisp & topped with ripe mangoes and served with sweet coco jam.

This is so yummy! Definitely another favorite of mine. 
Banana Tart 
PRICE: Php 150
puff pastry with a light custard topped with caramelized saba banana slices.

With Executive Chef Vicky Pacheco
 She brought Filipino cuisine to the next level by presenting local dishes in a chic and elegant setting, combining Swiss and French techniques with familiar Filipino flavors.

Sentro 1771's Modern Filipino cuisine fired up the imaginations of chefs around the country and started a new trend in contemporary Filipino restaurants. 

Today, Chef Vicky continues to innovate with Sentro 1771's new menu. The items are classified not as fish, meat, or appetizers, but according to every guest's needs. First-time diners must try the Sentro Signature Dishes. Foodies looking for something new and exciting will be delighted with the A la Sentro offerings. Busy professionals with no time to cook can indulge in comfort food from the Home Cooking and Filipino Favorites section. The Vegetables and Salads section is sure to satisfy vegetarians and healthy eaters. The Rice section celebrates the Filipino staple with creative offerings that are meals in themselves. The extensive menu includes compelling choices from its Pica Pica, Spring Rolls, Inihaw and Iba't Ibang Adobo. This goes to show how Chef Vicky keeps the customers' best interests at heart.

I love the restroom at Sentro 1771 it is so clean and beautiful! 
Rediscover a Filipino First — first in Modern Filipino cuisine, and first in delivering the dining experience the guests deserve. .A sure hit with family, friends, balikbayans and expats, Sentro 1771’s combination of classic and creative riffs will surely outshine any old favorite.

We definitely had a pleasant lunch experience and cannot wait to go back here again. 

Serendra Piazza, McKinley Parkway
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
OPEN from 
7:00 am to 10:00 pm (SUNDAY TO THURSDAY)
7:00 am to 11:00 pm (FRIDAY TO SATURDAY)

Greenbelt 3
 2/L Ayala Center, Makati City
OPEN from 
11:00 am to 11:00 pm (Monday to Sunday)

For inquiries and reservations, call 
Sentro Serendra (02) 856-0581
Sentro Greenbelt 3 (02) 757-3941

For more updates from SENTRO 1771, Connect with them online!-

What do you think of Sentro 1771?
What are your favorite(s)?

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. I love the foods, as well as the ambiance of this restaurant. The foods looks so yummy! ^^

  2. WOW. That's a lot of food! Eyeing the Sinigang na Corned Beef and Banana Tart! :)


  3. Maganda yung place. Love the rest room also it so girly... I love pink kasi. Yung food parang masarap. Nagutom tuloy ako. :) :) :)

  4. Their food presentation is really great! I love to try all especially their desserts !!
    I am thrilled to know how they tastes! haha, I miss suman!!! which I can rarely eat lol.
    Hoping to visit their place sometime :D

  5. The Duck Pancakes look so adorably yummy and the concept of using something like that of a newspaper customized for Sentro 1771. I've tried Sentro a lot and it never failed to comfort me with Filipino fusion cuisine!

  6. Sheeeeytttt! These are delectable! <3<3<3

  7. Waaaahhh the food photos make me feel hungry right now and take note, I've just eaten my midnight snack -_______- I would love to visit their resto too with le bf of course as it's our hobby to explore new places to eat. Nice food shots btw. :)

  8. the place is very attracting. andami mong winners for the food. hehe ang cute naman nung "reserved for bloggers" and nung mga rocking chairs. itsura palang nung mga food, talagang maganda. nakaka-inggit maging blogger. :) you look really pretty nga pala here.

  9. I was really amused with the different cuisine presented. Wow. I mean, really, the presentations are superb considering that the dishes are more of Pinoy recipes like the suman and bagoong. The plating looks great! I was really surprised with the sinigang na corned beef! Hihi. :)

  10. wow super love ko ung mga foods ha lalo na ung humba & the fish of the day pandan kaloka my belt pa I love inihaw hmmm sarap..., medyo parang expensive nga lang pero tingin palang sa picture parang worth it nmn... the best tlga ang Filipino food...

  11. the food looks delicious, and place looks cozy!

  12. Such a great place plus delicious foods.. so perfect. :3 I want to go there.. maybe someday :) btw, you go to really nice places Miss Rochelle. thanks for blogging!

  13. nagutom ako bigla dun...heheheh..mukhang masarap ang food jan lalo n ung lamb caldereta

  14. wow ang ganda ng place very romantic


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