My Hello Kitty Party ♥

Hello to being 30's and Good Bye 20's, back then I was afraid to turned 30.  TICK TOCK TICK TOCK. What is that sound? It's the clock and I am almost out of the calendar number but I learned that age is just a number and it's up to you if you want to look old or feel old. As for me, I still feel young and refreshed. But I do need to start living my life more significant because life is short and you only lived once so live life like there is no tomorrow. Have a loads of fun and do what makes you happy and don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle.

We are all born to shine. How bright and how long is for us to decide and should never be determined by anyone's opinion. When you feel like your sparkle is dulling or the twinkle is getting too tough to maintain, remember that even the brightest of stars need a break now and then to recharge. 

A week before my birthday, I didn't want to throw a party or celebrate anymore because recently, God has handed me some big challenges. 

My grandmother who is very close to me and dearly love so much died last August 29, four days just before her birthday which is September 2nd and my son got confined in the hospital for six days and Ethan, Niko and my husband Euryd also got sick so celebrating my birthday was not something I want to do anymore. Thank God that everyone was feeling better on my birthday. 

I also asked for a sign and it was given to me four days before my birthday, that is when I really thought that there is always a rainbow after the storm and I would like to thank God, My Guardian Angel, "Nanay" for giving me the blessings and good luck to win in a lottery, She gave me a number in my dreams. 

NO! not the jackpot but how I wish I did hit the LOTTO JACKPOT, but enough money that I can spend for my birthday. ♥  

I will never forget each day thanking God for the blessings that he bestows on my life not about the money or what it can buy but the greatest blessings like the people who will always be there for me.

To celebrate my 30th Birthday, I decided to do a children's party because I was inspired by a gift I received a day before my birthday,  so my kids will enjoy as well, since they are the best thing that happened to my 30 years in life, they are my inspiration and gives more meaning to life.   


The Inspiration Gift: Hello Kitty Gift Basket filled with Hello Kitty Goodies.  

With no preparation, I just bought and decided to do everything in the day of my party. 

It was raining hard but I still managed to go to three different places in the morning to buy everything to make my HELLO KITTY PARTY possible. 

 Pinata from 1.6.8 Divisoria
 Hello Kitty Biscuits from SM Supermarket
 Hello Kitty Butter Cookies and BEN 10 Cookies from SM Supermarket
 Hello Kitty Mini Towels from Divisoria Streets in front of 1.6.8
 Hello Kitty Fruit Jelly Ace and Chocolate Coins from Sm Supermarket
For Game Prizes- Hello Kitty/Barbie tumblers and Hello Kitty Mirror and Comb Set ♥ 
Hello Kitty Watch for Game Prizes  
 Hello Kitty Polvoron from Double Delights bought at Lucky Chinatown Mall ♥ 
 Hello Kitty Banner from 1.6.8 Divisoria
My Hello Kitty THEMED PARTY 

More about my Birthday on my next post.  

Thank you everyone for coming!
Thank you for the Birthday Greetings on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, EMAIL and VIA SMS. ♥ 

See more photos of my #HelloKittyParty on INSTAGRAM #RochelleAt30

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. Again , Happy Bday! I'm super inlove with your hello kitty theme party! yey, No worries about being 30. You still look young Ate Chelle! May all you wish come true and many more birthdays and blessings to come! God bless you always and More power!

    1. Thank you so much Jo-An. God Bless and Stay Sweet ♥

  2. Happy Birthday Ms. Rochelle! Wow... I really love Hello kitty, I have my collections also even our bed is Hello kitty..Je,je,je! I really admire you Ms. Rochelle being strong woman. Stay Strong Ms. Rochelle...God Bless and More power to your blog...Many, Many, Many, Birthdays to come.! <3

  3. so cuuute! Happy Birthday Ms. Rochelle!! Stay happy and beautiful inside out..

  4. sarap talaga magdivisoria... :) at ang mga hello kitty biscuits hahanapin ko yan for my daughter.. happy birthday again Ms. Rochelle.

    1. Thank you Istin.

      Uu super sarap sa Divisoria mura na and dun halos lahat. Yung biscuits sa mga SM Supermarket lang. Share mo saken mga pictures of your daughter with your Hello Kitty finds. :)

  5. happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you

    happy birthday
    happy birthday

    happy birthday to you

    hihi kagabi ko pa po pinaraktis hhi!
    happy birthday po ulit!

  6. I so in love with your Hello Kitty birthday party miss Rochelle.. Wow.You are 30 now, but hey, you still pretty and looking young.. Congratulation for your winning.I hope I can also win in a

    1. Thank you Jocris :-) ♥ Yes buti nga swerte and sakto lang sa birthday.

  7. wow! i super love it! it makes me want to go! namiss ko tuloy mag shopping spree sa divisoria. ansipag mong maglibot libot sa 168. so excited to see more of the photos on my IG feed. :)

  8. Hi i know your feeling to loss someone who is special to you same as here last august 30. my uncle died so sad but life must go on..
    I am a year older than you but we both look young hehehe..#buhatsarilingupuan ang peg q..hehe..
    I miss shopping in divisoria..Love all the hello kitty stuff hope to hae that also..

  9. I agree, We only live once so we should live our life to the fullest. I really adore how you celebrated your birthday Miss Rochelle. With those cutie patootie Hello Kitty stuffs and all, I guess you really had so much fun on your special day. Enjoy and cherish each day of your life because every second counts and yes, you can never ever bring back same old times. God bless you Miss Rochelle. :)

  10. Katuwa naman itong Hello Kitty party mo. :)

  11. happy birthday po kahit late na..bata plang ako gusto ko na talaga si hello kitty kaya nman ang ang ganda at cute ng paty mo miss rochelle

  12. happy birthday po kahit late na..bata plang ako gusto ko na talaga si hello kitty kaya nman ang ang ganda at cute ng paty mo miss rochelle

  13. Cute! Good thing hindi mahirap maghanap ng Hello Kitty Items!

  14. hi can you help me, may i ask where did you purchase all those hello kitty stuffs?please? thanks

  15. Hi ms.Rochelle..i want to attend on your birthday..🎂🎂🎂
    Happy birthday!!

  16. Happy kaarawan! yes we can do anything with minimal budget just have to know san merong mas economical at affordable prizes...syempre Divi pa rin!

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  18. ma'am may cupcakes din po ba kayo na hello kitty at how much po ??

  19. ma'am may hello kitty cupcakes po ba kayo at magkano po ??


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