Wa-Ichigo Strawberry KIT KAT ♥

I miss Japan and how I wish I would be given a chance to go on a vacation again in the Land of The Rising Sun and filled with kawaii goodness

When my Mom went home to the Philippines for my grandmother's funeral and had a stop over in Narita Airport, she bought me my favorite KitKat Made in Japan Strawberry Flavored.
Ichigo means a japanese word for Strawberry.

Thank you so much Mommy! 
 Nestle KitKat Strawberry mini 3pack

 Kawaii Ichigo KitKat Packaging 
 Each box comes with 3 packs 
 You can even put a Message to give to someone. 
 It's Pretty with my Favorite Color Pink and Smells so Yummy Strawberry Scented Flavoring. 
 It taste like Strawberry Yogurt with a really delicious strawberry flavor, it has a tangy taste to it that is perfect white chocolate.

 Mouth watering that has almost melt-in-the-mouth texture and the middle of the wafers are coated with strawberry goodness, making it one extremely strawberry-licious Kit Kat. 
Mini Kit Kat is truly a taste sensation, an amazing snack for break time from minds of Nestle Japan that you will love. 

What do you think of Kit Kat Strawberry?

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. I rarely eat strawberry, but I love kitkat. I think its yummy one but I want to stick with just chocolate instead. I wonder if we have it here in Philippines.

    Welcome home to your Mom! God bless you and your family!

  2. Wow, It is so tempting to try.. Really looks delicious.Wish i could try taste that ^_^

  3. looks delicious


  4. mouth watering sweet goodness! i want to try them and also the green tea ones! i heard they're delish! sana magkaroon ng diff. flavors din dto.

  5. Gusto ko din nyan...sa Japan lang ba available ito? how about in Italy? will ask sana for pasalubong din hihihi.. I'm sure wala dito sa atin nito??? favorite namin ng anak ko ito KitKat.. :)

  6. I LOVE THIS! It's my favorite! Also, the green tea ones! ^^

  7. Gee. They look so yummy! Strawberry!!!! :))))

  8. wow! strawberry! how i wish may ganito sa mga supermarkets dito sa Pinas..

  9. All that you posted sis looks so yummy. (on my bucket list ) pa din. Are these vailan aba dito satin?

  10. favorite ko talaga strawberry lalo na kasama pa sa chocolate..m,asarap

  11. looks yummy,can i have some ms.rochelle,hahaha,is this available here in philippines

  12. I love this strawberry kitkats. i hope that the makers of kitkat here in the philippines think of producing or making them too.


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