Can Glutathione injectable be even more effective than oral or topical whitening? I tests out the Beauoxiwhite Plus 1200 Glutathione Injectable from New Zealand to see if it works better. Read my review below   

WHAT IS BEAUOXIWHITE PLUS 1200mg GLUTATHIONE Injectable? Whitens the skin all over, reduces acne, pimples and other skin blemishes- resulting to flawless, radiant and youthful-looking skin. Glutathione slows down aging process, detoxifies the liver and improves its performance, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, increases energy level, increases your concentration, increases recuperation and recovery from exercise. This is body's master antioxidant.  

Each box contains 5 vials 1200mg Reduced Glutathione and 5 vials of 10ml water for injection. 
PRICE: Php2,000
DIRECTION: Dilute powder glutathione by solvent and administer intramuscular or intravenous push slowly. 

Do not administer the solution if: 
• There's presence of particles or precipitates.
• An abnormal color or turbidity of the solution is noted. 

Administration is 1 vial, once or twice a week. 

For skin whitening sessions, it should be every 3 days or twice a week and to administer via IV. 
FOR FASTER RESULT: use double dose or 2 vials of glutathione and 1 ampoule of Vit. C per session. 

Why is there a need to take Vitamin C while taking Glutathione?
This is to keep L-Glutathione in its absorbable or reduced form. This will release the potential of vitamin C’s derivatives’ whitening properties. That is why a person taking L-Glutathione should take 2-3 times more than the dose of L-Glutathione.
NOTE: This product should be administered by a registered nurse, IV therapist or doctor via IV or IM route. 

I highly recommend the nurse at Magic Potions Main Office in Makati for GLUTATHIONE IV administration for only P250 per session for the nurse fee inclusive of shots and materials. She was friendly and made sure that I was comfortable and not in pain at all. I love how gentle she did the procedure. 
WHAT I THINK? I have naturally fair skin and just out of curiosity I tried Glutathione Injectable. I already finished one box, administering via IV using double dose once a week. I already have three sessions (To achieve optimal results depending on your original skin tone the recommended is 5-10 sessionsI haven't really notice changes when it comes to whitening effect as it might be too early to see, but it did made my skin glow. To be honest, I cannot attest if it is safe and more effective than oral or supplements but based on the people I know who has been administering Glutathione injectables regularly are very satisfied with the results. 

NOTE: I am also taking other supplements, whitening soap and creams. 

TIP: It's a general knowledge that when you wanted to be whiter you should avoid sun exposure as much as possible. 
Glutathione, aside from it's antioxidant function, has been proved by many users to whiten and smoothen skin however results varies from one person to another. It depends on your body reaction. 
Avoid alcoholic drinks, stress, pollution and smoking. These make GLUTATHIONE works more as an antioxidant than whitening. 

WILL I BUY THIS AGAIN? Yes, I am planning to buy another box and do it every 3 days for skin whitening effect. I will try to do a follow up review. 
WILL I RECOMMEND THIS? Yes but please consult your doctor in case of hypersensitivity or any unwanted effects not expected. 


For best results use other BEAUOXIWHITE Products. 

Other Recommended Whitening Products: 
• Nano Whitening Glycolic Cream
• Beauoxi White Plus 12 in 1 capsules 
• Kojic products

Stay tuned for my review on BEAUOXIWHITE Whitening and Anti-Aging Moisturizing Soap and Complexion Control (CC) Whitening Cream

LINE: MagicPotions
SMS: 0917 888 2999

About Magic Potions:
Magic Potions has been in the business since 2004. 11 years as an online beauty shop that offers Wellness, Skin Care, Weight Loss products, etc. It is one of the pioneers in selling affordable Glutathione in the Philippine market and worldwide. Fast and discreet shipping worldwide. You can pay securely thru their website. Magic Potions also help other online sellers because they are available for distribution and reselling. 

Shop Locations
1.     Magic Potions Main Office, MAKATI
Unit 3 G/F Eight One Eight Bldg., 818 A. Arnaiz Avenue
(former Pasay Road) San Lorenzo, Makati City
(Beside BPI Family Bank & Kashmir Restaurant and across Prudential Life Bldg.)
9am – 6pm (Monday – Friday)

2.     Magic Potions St. Francis Square Mall, ORTIGAS
G/F St. Francis Square Mall
(Near LBC, Western Union and Mall entrance along Julia Vargas)
Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Metro Manila
Mall hours (Monday – Sunday)

3.     Magic Potions St. Thomas Square Mall, SAMPALOC
2/F St. Thomas Square
1150 España Blvd, cor. Padre Campa St., (Morayta)
Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines
Mall hours (Monday – Sunday)

4.     Magic Potions Metropolis Starmall, ALABANG
2/F, Right Wing Metropolis Starmall Alabang, Muntinlupa City
(Near Netopia Internet Café and Beside Dodolon Amusement Center)
Mall hours (Monday – Sunday)
PRICE: Php2,000

*BEAUOXIWHITE PLUS 1200 GLUTATHIONE Injectable  was sponsored for review. This is not a paid advertorial. All opinions are my own.

 Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Would want to try it. as per my former colleague, She tried to inject one, and it was really effective, she showed her before pics to us and I was really surprised with the resualt.. However she told us that it is kinda a bit painful daw during the shot is it true?

  2. I've been wanting to try Gluta Injectables! Probably after consuming all my oral glutathiones! Like you, I'm already fair but out of curiosity or idk I just wanna see results and find out if I can still get fairer skin, I use glutathione! Hehe. I'm gonna add this to my already long list of gluta injectables to research. You look gorgeous btw! :)

  3. My co-nurses are also selling gluta injectable products! It is really very effective! But of course, precaution must always take place! Not bad for the price! :)

  4. Medyo takot ako magtry ng injectables. :/ Feeling ko kasi may side effects sakin. Medyo sensitive kasi ako sa ganyan eh. Pati yung mga iniinom. So yun. And okay naman na ko sa pagkaputi ko. :)

  5. I'am tempted to try injectable gluta because I do have uneven skin tone which I didn't pay attention before. I heard injectables are more effective. Thanks for this posts.

  6. Ask ko lang po sa alabang branch po ba nila may nurse din Na available kung mag Papa inject ka Na after bumili po ? Thankyou

    1. Wala Po pero yung friend ko nurse sa osmon siya nag iinject Sakin. Message moko ko sa messenger jho ganda ibigay ko number niya para mkontak mo siya.

    2. Wala pong nurse sila sa alabang imesag mo Po ako jho ganda sa messenger ibigay ko number ng nurse ko. Sa osmon. Siya nagiinject sakin

  7. available paba to sa starmall alabang?

  8. available paba ang promo sa alabang starmall?


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