Chinese New Year Celebration at Manila Hotel in Welcoming Year of The Wooden Horse 2014 ♥

Last Friday, January 31 we were treated to a Grand Chinese New Year Celebration at The Manila Hotel to welcome good health, prosperity and harmony for the Year of the Wooden Horse. 

I am not Chinese and this was my first time to really celebrate Chinese New Year tradition but I am a big fan of Feng Shui and it has become something I will be looking forward to attending yearly at Manila Hotel. 
The Grand Dame's chandeliers were lit in red and gold welcoming the Lunar New Year.  

The festivity began with the traditional performers of a special dragon and lion dance dancing to the vibrant beat of drums and a vivid display of colorful fabrics.

Did you know that Dragon is a symbol of strength, supernatural forces, goodness and good luck?
Chinese Imperial Horses adorned at the lobby. 
Chinese New Year Special Blessing Ceremony by Feng Shui Master Vittorio Chau. Guests also had the chance to consult him for free on how they can attract wealth and good fortune this New Year. 

Om Ma Ni Bei Mi Hong  
(Accept the Blessings) 

Hanging my wish card full of hopeful wishes to come true at the lucky peach tree in the grand lobby of Manila Hotel.

The Peach Tree with all our wish cards were blessed by Feng Shui Master Vittorio Chau.
A Prosperity Booth was set up 
where guests can choose from premium selection of nian gao (tikoy) that may be gifted to loved ones. 
 Guests were treated for a special New Year banquet and enjoyed delicious Cantonese Food at Mabuhay Palace 

It has been said that fish also has symbolic significance because the Chinese word for fish is yu sound like the word for riches or abundance and it is believed that eating fish will help your wishes come true in the year to come and my favorite tikoy that is considered good luck eat during this time. 

Mabuhay Palace will also feature some of their best dishes to Welcome the Year of the Wooden Horse with their special New Year set menu for Php 3,000 net per person until February 10.

Manila Hotel will continue to offer the Imperial Chinese New Year room package until February 9 for as low as PhP 10,408.00 per night (for a maximum of two adults and two children per room). 

Patrons can stay at a Superior Deluxe Room and enjoy a special complimentary buffet breakfast for two at the Cafe Ilang-Ilang and use vouchers worth Php 2,000.00 at the Mabuhay Palace in commemoration of this special holiday. 

Manila Hotel 
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For booking tables in any of the Grand Dame's restaurants, you may contact 527-0011 local 1261.

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Red Jumpsuit from Sammy dress
Heels from So! Fab 

 It is recommended to Dress in RED on Chinese New Year because Red is the color of joy and celebration in China and brings an auspicious start to the New Year. 

How about you? 
How did you celebrate Chinese New Year? 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Missed this event too. Did Glaiza go? We were in Boracay naman!

  2. Gusto ko rin makapanood ng mga dancing dragon! In my entire life, hindi pa talaga ako nakakanood nun. :) And it seems celebrating chinese new year is very cute at ibang iba sa nakalakihan na new year ng Filipinos. :)
    Anyways, I thought you are chinese Ms. Rochelle! You look like a chinese and somewhat korean. Because you have singkit eyes and very radiant skin similar to koreanas and chinese.Are you a pure Filipino? :)
    I love the ootd! It suits you're beauty perfectly! Ganyan yung mga sinusuot ng celebrities pag new year, bagay na bagay sayo! :)
    Thanks for sharing your experience! Nakakatuwa basahin, :)

  3. im not a 100% Chinese but i know that my grandmother's mom is a Chinese. and as part of my growing up we celebrated Chinese New Year too.kaya lng in a simple way of celebrating it.. my mom and i are Fan of Feng Shui too! i hope somedday mkpag celebrate den kmi ng ganyan pag Chinese New Year :)
    Happy Chinese New Year to you and your Family po.

  4. How I wish to be part of that ceremony ! I'm 1/4 chinese but I haven't attended any Chinese ceremonies :( Gusto ko rin mafeel yung feeling na makaattend at makatapos ka man lang ng holy ceremony ng ibang culture .
    Ang nagagawa lang namin ay ang KUMAIN ng TIKOY every Chinese New Year huhubels talaga ! Congrats pong muli for being there ! I hope na magrant po ang lahat ng wishes niyo sa wish card niyo sa lucky peach tree :) Parang napakagreatful ng feeling kapag nagsabit ka jan. Sa SM lang kasi ako nakakpagsabit ng mga ganyan e hehhe .

    Another thing po pala is ... WAAAAAAAA ! SUPER GANDA ng OUTFIT NIYO ! Walang halong biro o pambobola ! I really love it ! Napakasexy niyo pong tignan at bumagay pa sa heels na suot niyo from SO FAB ! What a good combination ! And tama lang po talaga na red ang outfit coz sa Chinese talagang RED ang pinakanangingibabaw na color for joy and celebration :)
    Thanks po for this blog ! More to come pa po Ms. Rochelle ! ♥

  5. Nice post and nice pictures Ms. Rochelle. My family have a tradition to wear red on our New Years Eve naman, hindi Chinese New Year. Anyway thanks sa Chinese New Year I ate Tikoy again. By the way, you look really lovely in your red suit Ms. Rochelle. =)

  6. First of all, I want to say that you're just soooo pretty and the jumpsuit fits you really great Ms Chelle, will definitely check out about this sammy dress. (whenever I see you dress, i am thinking of your bazaar ~i am really missing out a lot Y_Y too bad ~hopefully you'll have a blog sale .. pretty please♥)
    I am not also a chinese but I love reading feng shui, and knowing about good luck. I wonder what did you wish from the peach tree ehehehe. I am from year of the Dragon, and I think its really a good year for me. My coming angel would be year of the Horse~ hopefully good luck ~ I pray hehe. I just really want to have a good delivery for my angel this year and good health :)
    I failed to buy tikoy this year, but I was able to grab lumpiang tikoy from Savemore lol.. pde na din it taste good with milk on top. I think I should try making some too. happy chinese new year Ms Chelle! May you have a prosperous year!


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