Make your move with your Passion for Fashion ♥


MODESS® and Julia Barretto prove that girls can make a meaningful through the means we love best-- FASHION! 

Last February 12, 2014 In the Skye Lounge atop the W Building in BGC, FASHION has found a purpose. 

#MakeYourMove with Modess ♥ 

There was a mini-bazaar featuring fashion brands that have a social purpose. 

Various fashion brands selling clothes, accessories, bags and shoes that carried moving stories of how fashion can make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

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MODESS® The #1 feminine pad in the Philippines launched Julia Barretto as its newest endorser through a fashion soul event called Style with a Soul

During that time of the month, MODESS is the brand that millions of Filipinas depend on to allow them to keep on moving. 

It was hosted by Karen Pamintuan, TV and Events Host. 
"We believe that whether or not it is your red day, you can and should keep moving, especially if it is to help the people around you, We want to encourage teens to continue making meaningful differences in the lives of the people around them because we know that there is so much more to teens than what most people initially see. That's why we encourage her to #MakeYourMove."  says Tina Sabarre, Marketing Director of Johnson & Johnson.  

There is no other girl who best embodies this empowered teen than Julia Barretto. 
A beautiful and fun-loving teenager that has proven there is more to teens than just a pretty face. When Typhoon Yolanda struck, Julia quickly organized a successful garage sale, where she donated and sold her own clothes. With the help of her friends and family, she managed to raise a whopping PhP135,000. Not bad for a 16 year-old. 

Beyond her quick response to Yolanda, Julia holds another advocacy close to her heart- 
Anti-bullying-"Bullying can really ruin your self-esteem and I don't like it when I see girls who lack self-confidence and don't love themselves. 
My personal dream is to encourage every Filipina to be confident and proud of who she is so that no amount of bullying can bring her down." says Julia. 


MODESS® acknowledges that there just as many advocacies as there are Filipinas, and the brand is fully supportive of each girl acting on what she believes in. This is why MODESS also invited three young and accomplished women to Style with a Soul. 
Arriane Serafico, the founder of the blog spoke about her personal advocacy of using creativity and design to spark social change. 
Noreen Bautista, the founder of social enterprise Jacinto & Lirio and one of the youngest representatives at the World Economic Forum, spoke about her belief that social enterprises can uplift the impoverished.  

Tata Garcia, Ateneo varsity football player turned coach, spoke passionately about sports as a means to improve lives. 

This gathering of fashion for a cause and to empowered women will hopefully inspire other Filipinas to make a difference through their own passion areas. 

            To learn more about MODESS® and Julia’s movement to encourage teens to act, visit #MakeYourMove.

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. I love how julia baretto smiles! she really has an angelic face. :) I think moddess got right in choosing her as new endorser. Since dati kasi, ang pinipili nila is yung mga medyo at 20s na.
    Ang cute ng mini bazaar. And the cupcakes looks yummy! :)
    I love how moddess act on every girls situation.. tama yun, no to bullying! sa school kasi naman, medyo uso yun. kaya kung di ka matatag, talo ka talaga. It is nice to help others diba. Specially, kung nakakababae na at for community purposes naman. It inspires me a lot to move and make a change. I love it!

    1. Yes Julia Barretto is so pretty :-) Ako din back in highschool I was bullied and good thing that they have this kind of advocacy to make a big difference to the world.

  2. Julia is so pretty! Sayang I wasn't able to attend this event it looks fun pa naman and ang daming cool stuff. :)

    1. Yes it was really fun :-) Julia as so nice and pretty din. The whole Barretto family was there too to support her.

  3. Team Modess did a great job that they thrive to encourage teens to make good use of their time, and push and share their passion. Bullying could really make a person's self esteem drop down but they can always step out of that, its all about making their own choice. But it is always helpful that they find encouragement since they are in their teenage years,one of the toughest and most challenging phases of a person's life. Julia at a very young age has made a lot of achievements already. I admire her generosity when she helped the typhoon victims. I like this young lady, she is so sweet, simple and humble.
    Anyways, I have spotted a lot of great stuffs on that Bazzaar. the flats and the bulky purse were adorable.

    1. Yes there were a lot of nice stuffs at the bazaar, too bad I did not bring money with me to shop. It was a great event with a good cause.

  4. Cookies please? I want those cookies!!! hehe ;) Great event "Style with a soul". How fashion could make a difference in the lives of others and to keep moving. During my red days, I feel lazy and I'm stuck in my bed. It's so hard to move and do what I need to do. So I like this #makeyourmove campaign by Modess. It's nice that Modess got Julia. She has the pretty face and a good heart. So kind of her to donate to Yolanda victims and for her advocacy to anti-bullying. And nice event huh! They have a mini bazaar! Oh cute stuffs ♥

    1. Yes it was a really great and fun event :-) It was one of the best I've been to.

  5. Wooow... I so hate myself for missing those events!!! And oooh.. I love Modess' new tvc and glad they got Julia B. now :) She's really really pretty and deserves to be the endorser.. plus she's an inspiration to all of the teens out there. :)

    1. Yes very inspiring. I would love to see you too soon! I hope to bump into you in one of the events.

  6. Gaya ng kasabihan, ang kabataan ay pag asa ng bayan. I think its sooo true, its really good when good things are done when young. I think Modess just did a great job for encouraging teens to make their move. Julia Baretto is a perfect endorser and I think she can really encourages most of our teens now a days. It only shows how beautiful she is inside and out. I think I would go crazy with that mini-bazaar. I can really see a lot of cute stuff and girly ones which is I really like ^_^ oh well, I hope you'll do another blog sale once after your bazaar this march. Too bad, I cannot go meet and greet with you-- I badly love to see you as well. I know you'll be selling great stuff with very reasonable prices. Soo lucky costumers once they get into your boutique.. hehe.

    Btw, I love those cookies, cupcakes, and the straw looks sooo cute!

    1. Indeed! it was a really fun event, shopping on the side while talking about a great campaign. Yes the cookies and cupcakes were sooo good. :-) I hope to meet you soon! Take care.

  7. I'm looking forward for that day Ms Chelle, you also take care :) God bless you and your family ..


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