Unboxing January-February 2014 BDJ Box ♥

Hi Bellas! I just want to share the surprise package I received from BDJ Box Team on Chinese New Year's Eve and this January-February Box definitely has all the items you will need to start your year right. 
I was thrilled to open it up! The first thing I saw when I opened the courier pouch was 2 boxes and that just added a little bit more surprises with these month's subscription box.  
The card says this box contains products that will Change it Up! This box's theme, It has everything you need to be a better and more beautiful version of yourself as you try out new products this New Year. 

WALK in BEAUTY   5 Stickers to stick it in the most favorite place of your home, give it to someone who needs a self-esteem boost, Stick it on a public place, Stick it on someone else's vanity table or kikay kit, Stick it on something you see everyday. 
As always the card mention about the BDJ BOX 7 Day Challenge by following the steps for a chance for 2 winners to win an Avon Gift Pack! Sounds like a great prizes to me!

Check out what's inside  

1. Beauty and BRIGHT Facial & Body Lightening Moringa Soap- 2x -130 g. full sized bars  
Value Php 114 each x 2 = Php 228

♥ The benefits of Moringa is a BIG LOVE for me plus knowing this an all natural formulated beauty soap to lighten your skin without the dryness in 4 weeks. 
2. My Amazing Blow Dry secret Shampoo, 15 ml sample sachet, 300 ml full sized bottle cost Php 1200. 
Value Php 60
3. My amazing Blow Dry secret Conditioner, 15 ml sample sachet, 300 ml full sized bottle cost Php 1200.
Value Php 60

4. Tony Moly Skin Revolution Kit 

It includes Sample sachets of Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack, Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream, Intense Care Live Snail Cream and a small sample sized bottle of Oriental Gyeol Emulsion.  
5. AVON CC Cream 30ml full sized tube 
Value Php 699

I was excited to try this new CC Cream from AVON and I will just do a separate post about my thoughts or review about it! 
6. Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara, 2.5 ml sample sized tube.
Value Php 180

♥ I've been hearing a lot of good reviews about this particular product and mascara is one of my makeup necessity. 

7. Ellana Minerals Lip & Cheek Tint, 30ml full sized bottle 
Value Php 220

I am a big fan of multipurpose products, I love that it combines uses of two of my favorite makeup products (Blushes and Lip products) this is my first time that I will have the chance to try a brand from Ellana Minerals but I was always curious about it upon reading from a lot of my favorite blogs. 
8. Revlon Nair Art in Laser Beam, 7.68 ml full sized 
Value Php 375

♥ I love wearing bright neon nail colors but I am not sure if I can unleash the inner artist in me. Oh, I am not creative when it comes to art but this one is very interesting to see. 
9. Garnier Color Naturals Cream in Darkest Brown, 100 ml Full sized package 
Value Php 199

I was buying this brand of hair color when I was in the States because it was very expensive to get your hair color done in the salons so I would color my own hair while I was there and it actually made my hair more silky, shiny and beautiful, I don't think I saw one in market here in the Philippines so this is definitely a good product included in the box but I will probably be giving this away to my Aunt because one box is not enough for me to color my hair. 
 I love Vouchers  
Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines 3 gift vouchers for Php 500 each. 

Applicable for facials and non-invasive slimming treatments only. 
Watch out for my blog about my experience on using the voucher for AIP Skin Brightening facial.
Value Php 1500
Browhaus The Brow Salon Free Brow Construction 
Value Php 598

My absolute favorite in this box because my eyebrows definitely needed a good grooming. 
Azta Urban Salon Php 600 discount coupon for Brazilian Keratin Treatment and Php 800 off for Cynos Nano Digital Perming
Value Php 1400
Overall I think that this box was pretty good. It contained a few things that I really want to try.

If you calculate the value of all these things, you'll find that it has an excellent value over Php 4,000, Amazing! That's more than 7x the Php 580 monthly subscription price!

Thank you so much BDJ Box Team!  


VISIT http://www.bdjbox.com/ to get your subscription box ♥ 

Did you get your own January-February BDJ Box? 
How do you like it?  

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. I always wanted to buy BDJ Box kaso laging ubos yung stock. I think they are offering now the april box? Ang bilis maubos talaga. Someday I will buy immediately to have their box full of goodies and kakiyans. Hihi. :)
    Anyways, I've heard a lot of good comments bout the ellana products. Some says that the product is really good quality and worth every penny spent! :) Will you have a separate review for that Ms. Rochelle? I would love to hear bout your opinion about ellana minerals, and Im pretty sure the other readers would also love it too. <3
    I also have the browhaus voucher. But I dont know how to use it and Im afraid if it would hurt my brow and wallet. :D haha. I'll just wait for your experience first before I use it. :) Hihi. Youre a trusted one Ms. Rochelle! :)
    And the cc cream of tony moly, they are pretty gorgeous in skin. giving you that koreana look kasi dewy ang finish :)
    Yay! love all the products. :) Thanks for sharing us Ms. Rochelle, enjoy your box! :) <3

  2. April is closed already and they are now offerring the May box. Fortunately for me, I was able to secure up to may but I missed this box. Although it was ok for me if I did, since I couldn't use some of the products included here.
    But I must say that I had a new attraction towards cc creams and I am really interested. I saw a lot of unboxing and each has different items from Avon and Revlon.
    I like the revlon color that you have. I might actually do an NOTD for you for this color... hahaha...

  3. i so like the jan-feb box! currently obsessed with the ellana tint, it's so long lasting :)

  4. Oh My ! BDJ is just so great ! Lagi nalang sila nanunurpresa and super the best talaga ng mga ibinibigay nila. I big congrats for all those products that you have receive Ms. Rochelle ! I also want to be a member of BDJ but I don't know how :( . Anyway, nakakatuwa po talaga yung mga vouchers in order for you to experience somethiong new na hindi na masyadong namomroblema because of discounts ! I love discounts and gift certificates pa naman ! Pinakanagustuhan ko po talaga dun sa mga products na nareceive niyo ay yung Ellana Minerals Lip & Cheek Tint because I really love putting lipstick, lip balm or lip gel as well as on my cheeks. And just like you I also love multi-purpose products. Super LIKE ko talaga siya ! I also like the Revlon Nail Art because nagandahan ako sa kulay and to think na neon color pa siya ,, talagang mangingibabaw yung kamay at paa mo everytime na gamit mo siya :). Super like ko talaga yung combination niya na White and Blue :)

    But ang pinakafavorite ko sa blog niyo pa ay 'yong "Walk in Beauty" Stick to Win it ! Why ? I love challenges and napakainteresting para sa akin yung paglalagay ng stickers dun sa mga lugar na gusto mo, sa pupuntahan mo palang, sa gamit mo pati na rin ang pagbibigay nito sa mga taong kailangan ng cheer ! Napakaenjoying para sa akin ang pagdidikit ng mga stickers kung saan saan pero yung may meaning and purpose. Gusto ko yung concept nila na yan ! Promise ! Lalo na yung pagdidikit ng isang WALK In BEAUTY sa public place. I was imagining, for sure, dun sa mga taong down na down sa buhay nila at hindi sinasadyang makita yung sticker, super mapapaisip sila. It's like "What was that for ?" and if ever masense nila ang meaning ng message niyan .. for sure mapapangiti talaga sila.
    Ok super THANKS po sa wonderful blog na ito. Sana makareceive din ako ng ganyang surprise package one day :)
    God Bless Ms. Rochelle ! ♥

    1. Hi Jevelyn :) You can subscribe in the BDJBOX community here: http://bdjbox.com/register or you can visit our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/bdjbox

  5. Wow, i love all the items included in your BDJ boxes. I am very impressed with the total value of stuffs you got, its really worth the subscription. One thing I dont like, it takes a long wait before you could receive the subscription youve paid for. Sold out na kasi until APRIL box and if I will pay for the May box, gosh ung tagal ng paghihintay nakakainip. I will definitely wait for your separate reviews on those two CC Creams that you got. The ANEW cc cream looks promising, i really love to know your thoughts about it. And that cheek and lip gel from ellana that I always wanna buy, hope to know your thoughts first before I proceed on buying it.

  6. Wow! You already got your January-February box ♥ I didn't subscribe pa eh, pero I want sana.. March and April boxes are now out of stock.. ang tagal pa ng May. hahaha. XD I hope I can subscribe na. Super worth it to subscribe for BDJ box. All products and also the vouchers are great. Bet ko dito yung Ellana Minerals Lip & Cheek Tint. Mahilig kasi ako sa Lip & Cheek Tint plus it's Ellana pa. So looking forward for your reviews on these products and your experiences for that vouchers! Enjoy your BDJ box Ms. Rochelle~ ♥♥♥

  7. I always wanted to try their beauty boxes. Kasi lahat ng products na nakalagay sa boxes nila ay magaganda talaga. I already tried Beauty and Bright Soap. Maganda sya balat, moisturizing. At 100% na walang chemicals. Hindi lang sya mabula talaga. Pero ganun pa man. Gusto ko pa rin sya para sa balat ko. I love all the products included in your box. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a good day ahead. And more power to your blog. <3

    Ricalyn Abrahan

  8. Wow.. those are good loots. And also the Vouchers awesome.. I will wait for the reviews.. ^^

  9. I am not really happy with this month's BDJ Box parang di na sya kagaya ng previous boxes. :(
    Anyway, I am really torn now between BDJ and Glamourbox but I promised my hubby to just order one box every month so I really have to decide which one to order. Sana Ms. Rochelle, you get to post or feature all the different boxes and have a side by side comparison. (demanding ba ako? hihi! i just want to her opinions from the expert like you.)

  10. Wow, thanks to your post, I get to know about the BDJ Box. I'm not really into kikay-ness since I was a teen, but now that I'm a mom that I get to appreciate these things. Maybe I'm a late bloomer haha. Anyways, the BDJ box is quite awesome. It's got everything a girl needs to fix herself up. I subscribed to their website right away and hoping to buy some of their boxes soon. Yay to beauty and more power to your blog! :)

  11. One day I will try to subscribe to BDJ Box. Thanks for sharing the contents of your January/February box Ms. Rochelle. =) The products looks promising. I will be waiting for your reviews about it, especially the CC Cream from Avon. I'm an Avon member and I'm really curious on this one when I saw it on the brochure. Of course before I buy it I'll be checking reviews about it first and I'll definitely be checking out your review Ms. Rochelle. =).

  12. I think we girls really love surprises, which is really good for BDJ BOX subscribers. How I wish I can also share my first ever box soon hehe. Kaso lagi na lang ako nauubusan ng box, its not yet April pero May boxes na nila yung available. Anyways, there's a sampleroom naman kaso I want to be surprised like you do. Anew is one of the best line from Avon, I think you would really love it. For the vouchers, medyo nakakapanghinayang kung hindi rin magagamit minsan.. I think I haven't used any voucher before.. Sometimes kasi meron lang branch na pwedeng mag accept non and sometimes malayo pa.. I think the sample sizes were great, especially when the products were new to you.. getting a sample is worth it para malaman mo kung tlagang ipupurchase mo o hindi. I can't really wait to read your reviews for the products you have tried from you BDJ boxes. :D thanks for sharing Ms Chelle!

  13. Hi Jevelyn Nuñal, you can subscribe for BDJBOX here: http://bdjbox.com/register. :) You can also visit our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/bdjbox

    Hope you can be part of our community!!


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