PLDT Home Bro Brunch Unli Bonding ♥

Last January 18, my kids Ethan and Elijah and I had Unli Bonding at the HOME BRO, (PLDT’s fastest wireless internet for unlimited family fun) Mommy Blogger's Brunch held at Borough in Podium.

Thank you so much to PLDT Home Bro and Nuffnang Philippines for making us feel like at home with the warm welcome and friendly smiles and chat. 
It was a very wonderful event with a lovely Orange and White theme and we were also encouraged to wear were these colors too! 
The gathering was set up beautifully with contemporary table settings that welcome guests with eye-catching centerpieces and elegant place settings.

They prepared fun social media games and to answer the contest question via Twitter “How does technology make your home more fun?”

For me: “It helps me be more connected to loved ones near or far, my kids can now play their games on their tablets and smart phone, additionally we can watch Youtube videos of our favorite comedy clips and sing along to our favorite music.”

 Best Instagram Photos with the hashtag #BOROUGHNYCOMFORTFOOD and most creative shot of the food won a GC from Borough!

Instagram posts with hashtag #homebrobrunch were printed for us and had the chance to take home as a souvenir.

We also played the game called Heads Up; is an acting game in which one player acts a word and the other players guess the word.

The food from Borough was delicious and amazing that was served in cute bite-size portions. Tomato soup served in shot glasses, my kids favorite which are the mini grilled cheese sandwiches and soft and chewy cookies and milk that it is best recommended to eat it while it’s hot and to dunk it in the cold combo fresh milk that was served to us in a bottle of milk in a bucket of ice and shot glasses. Delicious combo Fried Chicken and waffles, Rigatoni ala Vodka, Flavorful BBQ Pulled Pork and Decadent Old Fashioned Layered Cake, Yum!
They also prepared fun activity for the kids to nurture creativity and imagination to Design a Frame. 
Like HOME Bro, The event was truly about unlimited family bonding.
We had so much fun! 
Ms. Pelaine Mallari, Product Manager of Home Bro
Introducing Home Bro's newest Family Bundle. 

Ms. Mallari said “That it has become more relevant in our lives that we have seen that there is a shift in public access to private access. Basically we have observed that people prefer internet access at homes than at internet cafe, so this is what we want to address first then secondly, we have observed that there is natural shift from textbook learning to online, more people prefer to conduct research online and teachers prefer or suggest e-books for further reading in their schools. So this is also what we want to supplement with our offers.

Coming from the 5.9 million addressable household in the Philippines, We found out that only 20% of the populations have computers at home. For Moms of course what we want to provide for the children is best education and best host to achieve their dreams and the reason they don’t have internet at the house it is because it is quite expensive to get your own laptop at home.”

Introducing PLDT HOME BRO, Home’s Fastest Wireless Broadband for Unlimited Family Fun. It is the newest and latest addition to the PLDT Home Family of PLDT Home Fibr, PLDT Home Telpad and PLDT Home DSL.

PLDT HOME BRO is a provider of wireless broadband internet. Wireless meaning anywhere there’s signal PLDT Home Bro is available -- that is the benefit of getting wireless for your house.

It is more affordable, PLDT HOME BRO role is to provide affordable internet which starts as low as P499 initial cash out.

It will bring more enjoyment that brings closeness, connection within the family and education that makes learning and researching much more easily.”

If you don't already own a laptop or printer at home, consider the benefits of having a portable computer at your fingertips wherever you are and whenever you want and enjoy PLDT Home Bro's newest family bundles.

Subscribers can get their own laptop and printer for only P800 per month on top of their subscription. 

Unlimited internet with HP laptop and printer for only 60 pesos per day or P1799 a month subscribers can now get an unlimited 2 Mbps internet connection with a HP Laptop & Printer

For just P36 per day or P1069 a month subscribers can get the same internet connection with HP Printer.

The benefits of having laptop and printer at your home are unlimited family fun with Home’s fastest wireless internet. Children can continue their learning from home. They can also do their school projects easily and have access to numerous resources to do their research with. 

Parents can also do their errands such as online banking from the comforts of their own home!

Being at home is more about safety and the connections that can strengthen family bonds. Unlike when you are away from home and in internet, there is no need to worry about the supervision given to your children when accessing the internet. No need to worry about rules not matching those which you implement in your own homes.

Having a printer and a laptop at home makes it easy, not just for kids to excel in academics, but it also makes it easier for families to spend time together and grow closer. Download and print online coloring book pages, fun puzzles, crafts, and games for you and your kids!

Home Bro’s Family Bundles- Everything a family needs for entertainment, enjoyment and education all in one bundle! Kumpletuhin ang family fun at home. I-take home na and Home Bro Family Bundles na  mae-enjoy ng buong pamilya!

Speaking of great internet activities that kids can do with their Parents, PLDT Home Bro recently launched a Facebook App called Harana Yo Mama! Kids can now use this app to convince their parents to get connected!

Log on to PLDT Home on Facebook and check out Harana Yo Mama. It isan application that allows kids to encourage their parents to have internet at home while at the same time highlighting the benefits! Harana Yo Mama creatively helps kids serenade their parents by creating an animated song and dance number.which they can share with their parents either by e-mail or by posting it on their parent’s Facebook wall.

Just simply upload your photo or take a picture using your webcam at Magpa-cute then it will redirect you to singing and dancing of your face that will change to a little boy, girl or twins. 

You can share it to your family, parents and post on the Facebook wall. Something fun those kids can do. This is just so cute!  

Maintaining a strong bond with your kids will help them feel secure in your relationship, equip them to succeed in school and social relationships and increase their willingness to cooperate with you on a day-to-day basis. Make sure that you're continually nurturing that bonding connection.


To learn more about PLDT Home Bro or to apply, simply visit 
PLDT Home Bro is hosting its Panalo Mall Tour this February 6-9 at SM North the Block! Tell all your friends about the spectacular mall event filled with fun family activities. On Feb. 9, watch Luiz Manzano host the Home Bro Panalo Gameshow from 3-5pm! 
Get great deals, join fun activities, and get a chance to win big raffle prizes – including a 1-minute grocery shopping spree! That’s what I like Home Bro, it gives families opportunities to bond, and enjoy together!
For those of you who won’t be able to catch the Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour this weekend, don’t worry the mall tour will have six more stops nationwide at the following dates and venues:
February 11-16
SM Bicutan, SM Dasmarinas
February 18-23
SM Pampanga
March 3-9
SM Baguio
March 4-10
SM Cebu
March 17-23
SM Davao

*This is a sponsored post for PLDT 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Internet connection today really helps in making the family stronger. very true. :)
    I remember how we bond through internet - chatting. playing games, watching videos, and skype.. :) kahit malayo sa isa't isa, the families can now feel that they are near from each other. thanks to our technology, and of course PLDT for having fast connection. :) Plus, it is really affordable. Like na like! :D
    You three, look cute. very cute! Magkakamukha kayong tatlo nina ethan Ms. Rochelle. :) stay happy and connected. Love to meet your chikitings too. popogi nila. :)

    1. Thank you Aegeane! We are very excited to meet you too!

      Yes PLDT has the fastest connection and that helps so much on staying connected with a very sweet reader/friend like you :-)

  2. PLDT is just so great ! Sana makapunta rin sila sa SM Fairview I want to jioin their fun activities. I'm happy for you po Ms. Rochelle ! Kasama niyo nanaman ang mga kids niyo sa blog na ito :) I agree po sa answer niyo about dun sa question nila sa twitter. Yun naman po talaga ng nagpapasaya sa atin for having fast internet, ang laging maging updated sa happenings sa ating loved ones. It also gives bonds para sa family :)
    Nakakatuwa na super active ng kids niyo and looks like na nagenjoy din sila. Nakakatuwa rin po na may inihandang activities ang PLDT Home Bro for kids aside from having seminars and infos. Usually po kasi ganun sa mga event pero dito, mukhang naging interesting pa ang pagnunurture sa mga talents ng kids :) Yan din sana ang effect ng internet sa lahat ng family in all homes. Ang magkaroon ng time for bonding and it's UNLIMITED :)
    I'm happy for you po. Continue this wonderful blogs Ms. Rochelle ! ♥

    1. Yes we had so much fun! PLDT and Nuffnang did a great job! Just like the PLDT Home Bro enjoy ang family :-)

  3. What an amazing services PLDT really offers to it's subscribers. Aside from having a very dependable home connection, they seemed to be a very family oriented company which aims different ways just to make families always connected. And they are even getting stronger as much as they wanted our families to go more stronger too. :) What a really great job! :) Yeah, I agree with Ms. Aegeane, the three of you looks so cute on this photo and you seemed had a great time at the event too.:)

    1. Thank you April Rose :-) PLDT connecting homes ♥

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The kids really enjoyed the experience. PLDT doesn't only connect people but also bonds the family together :)

    1. Yes they had so much fun. PLDT always bring so much in everyone's home :-) Keeping us connected and unlimited bonding time.

  6. wow kasama nanaman mga chikiting. This seems like it was a great event for the whole family, you got to also get more connected by bonding while you are covering this event, i like that they also included activities for the kids. PLDT has been doing a great job with their services. Yes, before people just go to internet cafe to do some online stuff but as time goes by they preferred to have their own internet connection at home which is more convenient and practical. I can see how PLDT adjust their services just to cater more Filipinos that they even provide more affordable services that could fit the budget. These days kasi internet connection is one of the important things na talaga. Just like at home, I use internet for work while my son also use it for learning. Aside from that, this is the most reliable way to connect with our family and friends. I personally no longer use my cellphone to text or call them, we use chat services, skype and fb. Its great how this kind of technology could make our lives easier. I am thankful to the effort and creative minds of everyone behind it.

    1. Yes it was so much fun that gives us more bonding time just like the services from PLDT.

  7. Yay! Another bonding time with your kids! ♥ Thanks to PLDT and Nuffnang for such an awesome event! You really had fun with their activities.. ang galing naman ng kids mag design ng frames ^_^
    PLDT is truly has the fastest internet connection which help us to bond with our families within and outside Philippines.. We are able to chat, play, surf and also read blogs.. like your blog Ms. Rochelle ♥ Love the theme and food as well *nakakagutom na naman* :D

    1. Thank you Rhea! PLDT and Nuffnang truly made the day unforgettable for us. :-)

  8. Smart bro became Home Bro when PLDT bought it from Smart. I really love their service, but what I don't like is the fair usage policy their implementing now a days. My subscription is already expired so wala na kong contract sa kanila, they were offering me laptab if im not mistaken to get another 2 yrs subscription. I know its a great deal, pero its something I cannot really use if they still have these fair usage policy. Ang nangyayari kasi bumabagal sya in the middle of the month. I am a freelancer and I have homebased job, I really need a good stable connection. I think its good for those who own 1 computer at home and few gadgets since its really an affordable deal. Thats what I love, they offer good deals siguro it doesn't matches what I need kaya I really need to switch. Probably and hopefully I can switch to PLDT DSL sooner, they offer good mbps which is really great.
    Events like this is really great! I'd been their subscriber for more than 4 years and I can say they satisfy my needs and just happen to be unsubscribing cos of the fair usage policy they just implemented. I hope fair usage policy will not be implemented so i dont need to unsubscribe soon. Keep it up PLDT~

    1. PLDT gives me the fastest internet connection that gives me faster time to post in my blog and connects with my family and more. I also love the promo that you can get a laptop, printer and win so much stuffs like refrigerator and my dream to have 1 minute shopping :-)

    2. Hopefully, I can switch to PLDT DSL sooner medyo matagal lang sila magrespond sa application ko. It has been 3 weeks na ata since their last email. Sabi checheck lang nla availability sa area namin. Whooa.. refrigerator? meron din pala hehe havent heard about it.

  9. Hi Shekinah! Yes you should inquire about it and hurry join now as they are also having great promos that can let you win so much and freebies that you can take home. You can also get free laptop and printer with your subscription. Just inquire about it with PLDT Home Bro.


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