PLDT Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour

PLDT Home Bro hosted its Panalo Mall tour last February 6-9 at SM North the Block!  
The PLDT Mall Tour is an amazing event and if you have a chance at your city, you should attend. Exciting activities and prizes await everyone!

Last February 9, 2014 I had the chance to witnessed a super fun at talagang panalong panalo na PLDT Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour. 

The game show started with panalong sexy opening dance number by 15k girls. 
Panalong Panalo na Game Master and Host Mr. Luis Manzano!!!

Speaking of panalo, here are the panalong featured PLDT Home Bro bundles:
Introducing from PLDT Home Bro with Unlimited internet + HP printer that is budget friendly with daily rate of P36 a day. Panalong PLDT Home Bro's Plan 1069!

Pinaka-panalong bundle: Unlimited internet! HP printer! PLUS HP Laptop! On a daily of P60 per day. PLDT Home Bro's Best Bundle Plan 1799.

Ms. Ava Espanola, AVP of PLDT Home Bro explained further and to understand more about Panalong plans and bundles ng PLDT Home Bro. 

Ms. Espanola said "The idea behind the new bundles-Plan 1069 and Plan 1799- is for us to be able to offer the market complete solution bundles to meet their school needs. 

Before, children have to go out of the house to go and spend P20 at the computer shop to access the internet and do school work. Sometimes, more than P20 pa, because they have to print, which will cost them at least P10 per page!

Sa Plan 1069, very affordable na P36 per day lang and you already have unlimited home internet and HP Printer. 
Sa Plan 1799, very affordable na P60 per day lang, you already have unlimited home internet, HP Printer AND HP laptop!
 So you won’t need to go out of the house. You enjoy your children’s company AND safety at home—more bonding time with your family!"

PLDT partnered with HP on the Home PLDT Home Bro bundles because HP shares stance on education so they have partnered to ensure better quality of the complete solution that they are providing the consumers but at affordable prices. 

HP Head Charles Lizares said that HP are thankful for PLDT Home Bro for allowing them to be partners in making educational tools such as the products and theirs more accessible to the market. Hoping that partnership continues!

 Ang Plan 999, may kasamang FREE earphones at mouse and mousepad!
Ang Plan 1069, may kasamang FREE portable speaker!
Ang Plan 1799, may kasamang FREE portable speaker at powerbank! 

Pag naka-timing ka sa hourly promos maari pa manalo ng bonus gift!

Kung Plan 1069, from 2 to 3 PM and from 5 to 6 PM, ang inyong FREE portable speaker, may kasama pang FREE PLDT Home Bro umbrella!

Kung Plan 1799, from 1 to 2 PM and from 6 to 7 PM, ang inyong FREE portable speaker at powerbank may kasama pang FREE USB!

And, you can claim all your freebies THERE at the FREEBIES CLAIM COUNTER.
Panalong panalo ng tinanong ako ni Luis kung ano daw sa tingin ko ang panalong surpresang andito? 

Kakatapos ko lang mag grocery kaya sagot ko groceries. Hahaha!!! Panalo kung nanalo nga ng libreng groceries pero ano nga ba ang laman ng surpresang nasa likod ng kurtina na ito? 

May computer table and chair, flatscreen TV, Refrigerator, Shopping cart para sa 1-minute shopping spree ng mananalo sa Panalo Raffle Promo! 

Sumali na sa PLDT Home Bro Panalo Raffle Promo at for every subscription is worth a number of raffle entries depending on the plan or bundle that you avail. 

Plan 999 = 1 entry!
Plan 1069 = 2 entries!!
Plan 1799 = 3 entries!!!

The better the plan or bundle, the better chances of winning sa Panalo Raffle Promo ng PLDT Home Bro! Panalo nga talaga! Kaya Subscribe na!

Mayroon dalawang pamilyang nagtunggali at ang first family ay ang Sta. Ana Family!
Ang second family naman ay ang Pamilyang Baral!
Ang elimination round ay ang Deal it to win it! 

Nagkaroon ng 3 1-minute challenges sa round na ito. Ang pamilyang nanalo ng 2 out 3 challenges, sila ang mag-a-advance sa jackpot round.

Isa para sa mommies
Isa para sa daddies

Isa para sa kiddies. 

Ang nanalo sa elimination round ay ang Pamilya Sta. Ana. Ang pamilya Baral naman ay hindi umuwi malungkot dahil panalo pa din sila ng HP Printer at special gift package bilang consolation prize!

Habang pinagpahinga muna ang pamilyang Sta. Ana ay nagkaroon din ng isa pa game ang PLDT Home Bro Bring Me Panalo! Bring me item na kung sino ang mauna lumapit kay Luis ay nanalo ng special prizes. 


Ang pangalang ng jackpot round ay FUNDeal or No FUNDeal. 
Simple lang ang mechanics:
· Bawat family member ay dapat pumili ng isang briefcase, para sa total of 3 briefcases.
· Kapag 1-2 cases ay may lamang PLDT Home Bro bundles, sasagutin ng PLDT Home Bro ang FIRST 3 MONTHS ng inyong subscription!

· Pero kapag 3 cases ay may lamang PLDT Home Bro bundles, sasagutin ng PLDT Home BRO not 3, not 4, not 5, BUT 6 MONTHS ng inyong subscription!

Yes! 3 cases ay may lamang PLDT Home Bro bundles.
Ang Plan 1069, Plan 999 at Plan 1799. 
Congratulations! Sta. Ana Family for taking home the giant check for the free 6-months subscription. 
It was really an awesome prize to experience the fastest wireless internet plus HP laptop plus HP colored printed from PLDT Home. 


Panalong Photo Op with Luis Manzano  

Nagkaroon din ng chance ang mga PLDT Home subscribers ng photo op with Luis Manzano! Lucky! 

Visited the booth at SM The Block and it was really fun talagang panalong-panalong PLDT Home Bro Plans and Bundles na madaling i-take home. 
with Convenient and Hassle-free application process. 
Simple and fast installation process 48 hours upon payment. 
Enjoy and Play the exciting games- The Ultimate Bundling Experience and Family Dance Off and get a chance to win premium items from PLDT Home. 
Have fun with your family and friends with PLDT Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour. 

Free photo with the roving photo booth at PLDT Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour. 
Panalong freebies, panalong activities, panalong prizes at panalong prizes dito lamang sa PLDT Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour! 

It was very entertaining and everyone enjoyed the valuable bonding opportunity with their family. They have come up with a fun-filled interactive experience that truly offers something for everyone. 
Panalong Unlimited Internet
I-take home na ang unlimited sayang hatid ng PLDT Home Bro- Home's fastest wireless internet. 

Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour will have six more stops nationwide at the following dates and venues:
February 11-16
SM Bicutan, SM Dasmarinas
February 18-23
SM Pampanga
March 3-9
SM Baguio
March 4-10
SM Cebu
March 17-23
SM Davao

Get ready and don't miss out on this super fun filled day! Bring the whole family and friends at mag unli bonding na sa PLDT Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour. 

Having PLDT Home Bro Internet is convenient and provides immediate access to information, ability to enhance education, manage bank accounts and finances, communicate with friends and family and shop in a hassle free online shopping and many other more benefits.  

To learn more about PLDT Home Bro or to apply, simply visit 
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*This is a sponsored post for PLDT 

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  1. Ang daming activities ngayon ng PLDT! Nakakatuwa sila. Haha. They are very generous to their customers and followers. That event seems so fun to join with. Daming freebies and promos! I think everybody must subscribe to PLDT! mabilis ang connection nila unlike others at a very affordable subs fee. Like! Like! <3

  2. I can't wait for my PLDT DSL kakatawag lang nila sakin hehe since I applied for 3mbps speed DSL, di ko kinuha yung bundle since I need higher speed but good to know about their promos. Soooo lucky sa mga makakasali, I think walang uuwing walang bitbit na kahit ano sa mga participants. Looks really fun and exciting, you cannot only win prizes but also its a great bonding for your family and practice your teamwork hehe. Hopefully, I can also join family contest like this, I feel they were so happy while I am looking at the pictures.

    And whooa with the ladies, they're all pretty bawal ata pangit sa knila haha. I love their dresses, looking great hopefully sexy pa din ako pagkatapos delivery like you Ms Chelle , hehe.

    I am hoping na maapprove yung pldt dsl ko by this time, hindi kasi naapprove last time again siguro 2yrs ago, since wala daw malapit na post or pldt outlet samin huhuhu. I badly need this talaga. Keep it up PLDT!♥

  3. I like it that you compared the cost of using the Internet at home and at a computer shop. Surfing the Internet outside seems cheap but if you will compute the accumulated costs, it is actually quite expensive. I'm glad I could surf in the comfort of my own home because of my PLDT Net connection.

  4. congratulations to the Santa Ana Family. Grabe, super lucky. Sayang wala silang mall tour dito sa amin,.I love the activities they prepared for everyone. Its indeed a super fun filled day. Ang kulet ng roving photo booth. :)
    Ang pogi talaga ni Luis, winner din ang photo op :)


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